Missing: your Vitality

After the litany of big announcements from Nintendo at E3, it is easy to forget the things we were promised (or at least strongly hinted at) but that did not materialize. Official Nintendo Magazine has published a list of the things we were not shown after all.

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The two things that stick out in our mind would be the Vitality Sensor and The Last Story for Wii. Miyamoto did a decent job of explaining why the Vitality Sensor was not revealed (not an appropriate venue for an already crowded E3). Why The Last Story wasn’t shown remains a mystery. Nintendo themselves are the publishers after all. Not to mention what a high profile RPG it is, being created by the original Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi at his newer game developing studio Mistwalker.

Strangely, one of the things Official Nintendo Magazine listed was the identity of the mysterious “blue girl” from E3 2009’s Ā Zelda Wii artwork. While it is true that this was not revealed during Miyamoto’s presentation at E3, it certainly was at the Roundtable. How such an official magazine managed to miss this baffles us.

Have a look at the rest of the list at their site.

  • Jack

    Another thing I was hoping to see at E3 was the announcement of Elder Scrolls V. It was promised, yet not presented.

    Also, the Vitality Sensor looks really interesting. I want to look into that.

  • Thareous33

    What the hay? The Vitality Sensor is a mouse your finger slides into, connected to the Wiimote? Where are you supposed to set? On your lap? Hmmm, well that puts a bit of a damper on things… Maybe there'll be an ability that you can trade the Nunchuk out for it. I've been honing my Nunchuk skills (gah!) on Mario Kart Wii, so I'd pretty much be a pro at SS, even though it isn't Mario. ;-P

    • Psywing

      No, the Vitality Sensor is supposed to monitor your vitals (hence the name) Much like the Wii Balance board can be used to weigh yourself, I assume the VS will keep track of your pulse while playing certain games.

  • kidicarus

    Actually can this thing stay missing? Because I certainly don't want it found…

  • Lilcross

    I’m hoping thier saving Xenoblade and The Last Story for E3 2011.

  • The Vitality Sensor is a stupid gimmick that should stay hidden. Nobody was interested in it back then, and nobody is now.

    Anyway, as far as the identity of the blue girl, I don't think that's quite what they mean. Sure, she was revealed (confirmed?) to be the Master/Skyword Sword, but that's about it. I know that was pretty much to be expected, and I know more of us were expecting to actually see her, as a character. We understand WHAT she is, but we don't understand who she is, what her name is, what she looks like, what role she plays, how she'll affect gameplay, and so on. Essentially, we didn't get her identity at all.

    Seeing as how long they've been working on the game (as opposed to Twilight Princess, which was a pretty new project when it was unveiled), it's unfortunate that we didn't see anything except for the contained demo area, which tells us little to nothing about the game.

  • guest

    Man, people knocking the vitality sensor sure dont have imaginations of any kind. The possibilities are limitless to use it on games. Imagine a puzzle in a Resident Evil game that startles you but you have to remain calm to keep the doors from locking or a trying to navigate through a temple where sand fills a room more the faster your pulse gets. These are just two of many many many possible applications. Once again the general public FAILS at posessing an imagination, and is proud to display that ignorance in forums without any shame at all.

    • Charles

      I'm sorry, but does your pulse really increase when stuck in a trap in a GAME?
      I know mine doesn't.

      • Jason

        I think a better example might be fighting a boss that you can't beat. I know my pulse goes up in that situation even if it is a game.

        • Goro

          Many people I talked to say the Vitality Sensor could be used in rail shooter horror games like Resident Evil Chronicles or medical simulator games like Trauma Center. Some even say the Ace Attorney series could benefit from the Vitality Sensor.

  • They listed what didn't appear at the E3 show, not including the roundtable. ONM never fails, I say! And I don't really care for the vitality sensor lol I guess showing it at E3 would kill the…mood of the conference? I mean, so many awesome stuff, then "now we'll talk about the vitaly sensor".

  • manga ninja