"Smiles" says we'll love it!

Giant Bomb had a chance recently to sit down with Cammie Dunaway (Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Nintendo) and brought up a very interesting topic: with all the focus lately on introducing new players to Nintendo products, who exactly was the new Zelda made for? Was it designed to bring in new players, or was it designed for the core Zelda fans?

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Cammie Dunaway explained that while her job is to introduce new people to the Zelda franchise, Skyward Sword was made for the core fans and said “this is something that the Zelda fan will absolutely love!”

Game design, however, is what matters most in a Zelda game, so she went on to say, “In terms of game design, this is absolutely something that the Zelda fan is going to have fun with.”

While that’s not a whole lot to go off of, it’s certainly reassuring to hear.

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Source: Giant Bomb