After the storm of information that was Nintendo’s E3 press conference, we learned about as much of the new Zelda title as we could have hoped. Everything from the graphics to the music to the basics of the story! There was such a wealth of information made available so quickly that it was tough for even us to process it all in one go.

As such, we felt it would be a good idea to collect everything (yes, everything) we now know about Skyward Sword into one simple, easy-to-read list. Be warned, however: there may be spoilers in this post! So read at your own risk.

Here’s a list of everything that we know so far:

2010 is so last year. Skyward Sword will be released in 2011 (possibly early on).

Yes, you heard right. During Nintendo’s E3 media event, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the Zelda team needed more time to work hard on Skyward Sword to “create a few more dungeons, and create some more challenging bosses.” He said that they were in the “final stretch” and that they could “put it together relatively quickly.”  He then announced that the release date would be sometime during 2011. In an E3 interview with GameSpot, Mr. Aonuma said that they expect Skyward Sword to be released pretty early on in 2011.

The game utilizes an Impressionistic art style rather than the cel-shaded style of The Wind Waker or the “realism” style of Twilight Princess.

Moving painting

Originally Aonuma had intended to reuse Twilight Princess‘s graphics, but Miyamoto upended the tea table early on and demanded they try something new. Miyamoto himself was a huge fan of The Wind Waker’s cel-shaded art style, and was apparently so enthused with the proposal of an Impressionistic style for Skyward Sword that the approval process took but a single step. Described as a “moving painting,” Skyward Sword introduces an entirely new art direction to the Zelda franchise. But don’t be too quick to judge–they still may polish the graphics slightly before the game’s release.

The game features 1:1 sword battles and item controls, but that wasn’t always the case.

At one point in development Aonuma had decided 1:1 sword battle with Wii MotionPlus wasn’t really working and had Zelda Team remove that feature. Miyamoto was an advocate for 1:1 swordplay and asked the director for Wii Sports Resort to convince Aonuma that 1-to-1 motion control was the right way to go. Since then, 1-to-1 motion has been re-added to Skyward Sword, and all of the new and old items in Link’s arsenal have received MotionPlus control upgrades, enabling players to use them as if they were the real thing. Specifically the bow, which is held more like a real bow rather than pointing and firing.

The whip from Spirit Tracks makes a return.

Whip it! Whip it good!

When work on Spirit Tracks ended, some of the team who worked with Aonuma on that handheld title moved over to join him on Skyward Sword, and as a result the Whip weapon was brought over as well. It seems to work identically to the Spirit Track version with the ability to hit enemies, retrieve items, and swing Link over pits and other obstacles.

Accessing the inventory has been streamlined.

Is that an item in your pocket?

The Wii controller acts as a mouse which you use to select your item by pressing “B” and selecting the item from the circle of items, called the Item Pocket. Rather than having to point and click, you simply move the Wii controller to the general area on your body corresponding with the inventory circle.

The Nunchuck is used for the shield as well as moving Link.

While the Nunchuck does control Link, thanks to the addition of Wii MotionPlus, now you can thrust forward with it causing the shield to bounce projectiles back towards enemies. You can also shield bash enemies with this technique.

Link’s sword charges up with a sword beam when you hold it towards the sky.

Making a return to console Zelda not seen since A Link to the Past, the sword beam returns! This idea came from a desire to streamline the gameplay and avoid button presses, and also from an iconic image Miyamoto had in his head of Link holding his sword high above his head while riding Epona.

The Skyward Sword can seek treasure. (added 8/14/10)

While he wouldn’t go into specifics, Aonuma dropped the bomb that somehow we can use the Skyward Sword to find treasure. Whether the blade glows brighter and brighter the closer we get, or the personification girl says “cold, colder, warm, warmer! Hot! Dun dun dun dun!” remains to be seen.

Zelda gets orchestrated – for the first time ever.

Seeming to answer the outcry of fans, Skyward Sword will feature orchestral music rather than the MIDI and sampled instrument fare we’ve experienced before. Miyamoto felt that after Super Mario Galaxy introducing orchestral music in a Nintendo franchise, Zelda would have to follow suit.

The “demo area” seen in the E3 trailer is a field in the game. . . and is Hyrule! (added 8/14/10)

While many thought it was simply a “sandbox” created for the E3 demo and trailer, Aonuma explained that it was an actual section of the final game, but would be changed around a bit and that the bosses and some other enemies seen there would be in different places within the final game.

Potions can be used on the go (no need to stop while running!).

Also in effort to streamline the gameplay, Mr. Aonuma made sure that using items such as potions could be done without Link having to stop. He feels this is much more natural and keeps the energetic pace of the adventuresome Skyward Sword.

Link can now run and jump up walls.

Link can finally run! And without the need for Pegasus Boots, it would seem! Also, when you are close to a wall with a ledge within your reach, you will be able to run and jump up it, rather than slowly pull yourself up like in past games. This change is also due to Aonuma wanting Skyward Sword to have a quicker, more action-packed pace. However, you can’t make Link just run forever, because…

Hang on for your life! Link’s climbing and running abilities are limited.

Tick tock... don't fall, Link!

If you liked all of the vine-climbing in Twilight Princess, don’t get used to the way it works – in Skyward Sword Link no longer has the ability to endlessly cling to vines and walls. As Link climbs onto vines, a circular meter appears showing Link’s remaining strength. After the meter runs out, Link will lose his grip on the vines and plummet to the ground. This applies to any of Link’s usual tricks that consume a bunch of stamina. In the final game, this may not be limited to just running and climbing.  (Thanks to Corey for this one!)

The Beetle makes its first appearance.

Beetle mania

Sure to be a reappearing item in future Zelda games, the adorable Beetle item is introduced in Skyward Sword. Similar to the Hyoi Pear/Seagull combo in The Wind Waker and the blade of grass/falcon combo in Twilight Princess, Link now will have the ability to send a Beetle off to unseen areas and heights as a scout and as a way of retrieving items and activating switches. Controlling the Beetle takes advantage of Wii MotionPlus with easy-to-use, accurate control.

Swordless dungeons and weaponless puzzle solving.

The structure of modern Zelda games has become a bit predictable, and to break out of that, Aonuma promises that the structure has been shaken up quite a bit. There will be field areas that operate like dungeons with puzzles and bosses and such, and there will be dungeons where you go in and you lose your sword and you have to flee from the enemies and solve puzzles.

No voice acting. (added 8/14/10)

Sorry, voice acting fans. Aonuma confirmed that there will be no voice acting in Skyward Sword. He feels that since Link has always been (and will always be) “silent” (to us, not to the in-game characters) it would create a strange combination if we never heard Link speak, but we could hear others speaking to Link.

Skyward Sword’s story takes us high above the clouds… and down below them.

Skyward Sword‘s story is among the most intriguing of any Zelda game ever produced. Link begins his journey as a young boy living in a floating land high above the clouds called Skyloft. Unbeknownst to Link, and everyone else living in Skyloft, there is a land below the clouds ruled by evil forces – also known as Hyrule. The Skyward Sword, which Link finds in Skyloft, calls him to plunge below the clouds – that’s the scene were Link jumps off the cliff in the trailer – in order to vanquish the evil forces inhabiting Hyrule. Which brings us to our next point. . .

The Skyward Sword is actually the young lady from the concept art of 2009’s Roundtable.

The Skyward Girl

Yes, it’s true! Many speculated that the woman in the concept art was the personification of the Master Sword (see our point below for information about that), and it has been confirmed that she is the physical form of the Skyward Sword, which Link retrieves in Skyloft. She will accompany Link on his journey “searching for a lost or valuable friend.

At some point in the game, the Skyward Sword… becomes the Master Sword!

The Skyward Sword is the Master Sword, and at some point during the game it will make the full transition. We don’t know how this will happen, or if it will simply receive a new name instead of a physical transformation. But for those of you speculating that the woman in the concept art was the spirit or incarnation of the Master Sword, you were indeed correct!

The Princess makes an appearance! (added 8/14/10)

But she is definitely not the personification of the Master Sword. Aonuma was quick to clarify that. He joked that the series is named after her, so she would have to make an appearance.

This game takes place before Ocarina of Time! (added 8/14/10)

Being that we knew right from the get-go that Skyward Sword was about the origin of the Master Sword, this seemed obvious, but to abate any possible timeline confusion, Aonuma made it clear that this game absolutely takes place before Ocarina of Time. . . which brings us to. . .

“No comment” on Ganon. (added 8/14/10)

Rather than simply replying: “How could he be in this game? It takes place prior to his first appearance in Ocarina of Time.” Mr. Aonuma would only say that he had no comment on whether or not Ganon would be in Skyward Sword. We will just have to wait and see. . .

News & Articles about Skyward Sword from Zelda Universe

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And more that we don’t know…

As we eagerly await more info from Nintendo, we at least have this list of things to ponder over. This should keep us busy for a while!

  • ZoraMikau

    I think they have the roundtable disscussion from a few days ago up on the E3 website, Ihaven't watched it, so I didn't want to submit that as news, it may not be the same one at all. There are a lot of people complaining about the enemies in SS, mostly because if the graphics, I remember, I used to have a TP poster with some enemies on it, and they looked completly different that they were in the game. This was before the game had a rating, so it was probably when the first trailer was released.

    • Ronne Cook

      I beat SS and the enemies and graphics were just fine to me

      • Ronne Cook

        Oops my bad, I misread and thought you said ST……..sorry

      • poooo

        hes talking about skyward sword it hasnt been released yet

  • Ashmic

    is her name confirmed as adelle or is it just skyward sword? and what about voice acting?

    • skyward sword

      I seriously doubt that there would be voice acting.They would probably mention that at E3.

      • Goronlove7

        Why not? Miyamoto was asked if there would be voice acting as well as orchestrated music and the same answer was given and there's ALOT of things they probably should have mention that they didn't such as the new formula and other characters.

    • D é r k o m a i

      I also seriously doubt they'd incorporate voice actors.

    • I also also seriously doubt that voice acting will be present.

    • Shadow Darkman

      I agree with skyward sword, they would have mentioned that at E3 if they were going to do that.

    • You sould agree with Jason b/c hes right AND all powerful

    • TLoZmastr

      why everybody wants voice acting?

    • i hope not onestly i hate when theres voice acting ….. i heard it was malena but i dont know if its true or not

    • Tyli

      How would they have voice acting? I mean, you name your character, don't you? Therefore, what would they do when your name came up?

      • Sav

        the same thing they do in Final Fantasy X. Young hero or young man or something.

    • zeldalover

      voice acting is not comfirmed and niether is the name, and i hope it will be adelle

    • Molly

      Her name is Anouma

    • Sav

      its probably going to be like Skyla or something.

    • april

      Zelda called her Zordiana

    • ZeldaNoDensetsu

      The spirit's name has actually been confirmed as Phi. And there won't be any voice acting.

      • Ultimate OOT Fan

        Actually they changed it from Phi to Fi.

  • Lazy gorgon

    I hope we have the option of using a gcn or classic controller like in brawl and Mario kart
    some of us do not want a motion controlled Zelda…

    • Ashmic

      I think i read that they're notdoing it and the only way 2 play is with the wiimore sorry :[ , i think it might be on here too

      • Lazy gorgon

        doesnt say anything about having or not having non-motion controls

        only thing talked about is how they removed motion plus controls but ended up re-added them

        • Bendi

          they announced that u haf to use wii motion plus soooo…

          • Kokoro The Dragon

            Suck it up Mr. Lazy Goron and get of your tail and dance!
            It is most unwise to judge something before you have tried it.

      • Bendi

        anyways the problem with gaming today (not to complain) is just this, fans don't like what is being done allowing no room for imagination, sony and microsoft are predictable, if it's not the new halo or cod or some kind of sports game people think it's gay it's so closed minded, nintendo on the other hand is the console where they think okay let's do something people haven't done before!!! imagination and creativity is the key if you have none you have not lived… no offence 😀

        • TrustMe

          @Bendi YES! THANK YOU! That is why I love Nintendo too. They're not afraid to confuse their customers with complicated stories and make them think a little bit. And they don't make me feel like, "Okay whatever. I just killed the last boss, so I guess I'm done with the game." But instead, I'm like, "YES! I just kicked your trash Ganondorf! AHAHAH! Now, watch me kill you again…"

    • ZoraMikau

      that's how I first felt, but nintendo looks like they pulled it off very well, so I'm happy.

      • TheMaverickk

        There's no need to really mention this since the 1:1 use of motion plus is mandatory in order to use practically all the items in the game, including the sword.

        They'd have to change a lot of elements in the game if they made an option for for GCN/Classic control… they'd have to figure out how to allow for sword swipes at every angle with out motion plus. Since I bought my version of TP for the Wii (I had the GCN but choose Wii over it) I'm guessing it will be a nice extension of how I'm already used to playing Zelda.

    • i didnt like tp

      too bad for the 5% of you who don't want it. aonuma said that a controller based zelda wont be returning, because it would seem like regression

      • Say Bay

        I think that a wii based zelda game would be cool but i will miss the controller a little bit

      • twilian

        That's too bad, really. I would like to see another controller based Zelda return. It's the kind of Zelda we all grew up with. And although I respect and enjoy the Wii, I still prefer to play Zelda on my Gamecube and N64 regularly. Still, I cannot wait to get my hands on Skyward Sword! It just keeps sounding better and better!

      • Won't be returning? That's a bunch of redbull. I'd far more rather wear out my thumb on an analog stick than cramp up my arm swinging a portable remote, however cooler that may seem. I will laugh with joy the day that Nintendo sees regression is far better than innovation for this series. I'm sure that those who found Phantom Hourglass' and Spirit Tracks' technology repulsive agree with me.

        • Kraz435

          If there was no innovation, that means humanity never progresses. So if you don't like innovation, you shouldn't like any game at all because they where all innovation at first.

    • Neon

      They don't call him Lazy gorgon for nothing!

    • Vyo


    • Jason

      I totally agree…I want a classic Zelda game, to be honest, idk if I'm gunna get the game if you can only use the wii remote.

      • puddy713

        So your not going to get the new ZELDA game just because of the controller? it is a "classic" Zelda game even without the sit-on-your-ass and-play controller. please don't be lazy and post a stupid comment like that.

      • gsgs

        It's like TP how u sit on ur ass and shake the wii remote SLIGHTLY XD calm down a wii controll system should'nt be enough to not buy the zelda game, sheesh!

    • Ted

      Yea I totally agree with you.

    • coot

      in case you didnt notice, the game is being specificly designed for the motion plus

    • Joe

      We probably won't, seeing as it is exclusive to the Wii specificly for a motion controlled Zelda.

    • Lazygorgonisadumbass

      no…….we have to have motion controlled zelda.
      thats one of the biggest reasons this game was made, dumbass
      go play wind waker if u wanna use the classic controller


      wait… u don't like TP!__

    • recordGDC4me

      its the point of it

    • Molly

      Personally, I prefer hand-held controls as well!

    • Seb^H

      Dear Dipshit, If you want no Motion controls, tough luck, The game was made on the purpose of 1 to 1 Sword Play, A normal Controller doesnt work in that sense, so suck it up Faggot

  • swizzles

    Erm…in one of your points, you seem to mention that the Skyward Sword calls Link down below the clouds to retrieve the sword. What Miyamoto said, however, was that Link finds the Skyward Sword already in Skyloft, not down below.

    Just something I thought I'd point out. Did you mean something else?

    • swizzles

      *Excuse me, I meant Aonuma. He said that, in the interview with Gamespot.

    • Oops! We thought we'd corrected this. That was leftover from a draft of this post written before Miyamoto made that clarification. Thanks for reminding us to fix it! 😀 you're a lifesaver.

    • Molly

      Didn't Link use the sword to break the barrier between Hyrule and Skyloft? So it HAD to be up there (unless I'm wrong).

  • Alkunkunka

    It gives me goosebumps yo think that when the Skyward turns into the Master Sword, Link would be able to travel through time (to the future apparently), actually meeting his other incarnations from the other Zelda games, like the ones shown at the beginning of the trailer.

    • D é r k o m a i

      The final question of the roundtable answered this, I think; that, no, those other links have nothing to do with SS.

    • Duffy

      Actually, the Master Sword only propelled Young Link 7 years into the future in OoT is because he was too young to be the hero of time that they needed (as explained by the "old man sage.") SS's Link is clearly older than Young Link of OoT and thus does not need to travel to the future.

    • Link

      Actually no, they were just pointing out that all the other Zelda games game play wise led up to this advancing little by little until you controlled Link's sword with precision. And the Master Sword Only time traveled in oot because Link was too young. Although it would be cool and I could see how you could misinterpret that.

    • annbe1l

      That's sound super special awesome.

    • Joshie

      That could expain how Ganon could make an appearance if link could go into the future.

    • gward

      The master sword doesn't exactly time travel in that sense.
      It trapped links spirit, thus aging him. If it just took him 7 years into the future he was still be young link, and that would be pointless.

  • Thareous33

    Holy Triforce! Sword beams…? Oh, man–I am so totally stoked! It is going to be amazing at seeing what they come up with.

    • skyward sword

      you sound like a douche

      • No – You sound like a douche

        • Thareous33

          Indeed, you are a lifesaver! I only wish I knew what a douche actually is, in human terms, as I've never been called that before.

      • Listen here, Skyward, YOU are the douche! What does it matter how a person expresses his joy? You should just stop judging innocent people and watch over your own pitiful self. That commenter above did nothing to offend you–he was just stating his ecstatic opinion! So get your head out of your backside and learn to see without all that refuse on your eyes.

    • Cameron

      i adree 100 percent

  • kane

    It's set in Hyrule again? Fabulous news! New settings are the worst.
    The Master Sword returns again? Oh, thank God. I was almost concerned they might be trying something new.

    I am a Zelda fan, and will probably love this game like most of the others in the franchise. but I was hoping for something… fresh. Another Majora's Mask. Something new, something innovative. Not Ocarina of Time again.

    • TheMaverickk

      I don't think it will be Ocarina of Time again. Everything they've been saying so far sounds like they don't want it to be like OoT. I remember during the development of TP that all they kept talking about was how OoT was the inspiration and base for developing that game.

      This game they haven't mentioned such a thing. It also sounds like Hyrule is a completely different place to be… like uncivilized and kind of corrupt or something. Also I wonder how much land is located above Hyrule to explore. Since it talks about the process of traveling from the lands above the clouds to those below them (Hyrule). This is all enough new stuff for my liking… not to mention origin for the Master Sword.

    • D é r k o m a i

      I wonder how many people here won't actually pick up on your sarcasm. Hm.

      • Goronlove7

        I really don't thnk anyone is that dense. I mean he says in the second paragraph how he wants something fresh

    • Nepho

      I agree ninty percent with you, since as TheMaverickk pointed out, they probably DON'T WANT it to be another OoT Wannabe Sequel. This game looks pretty new idea-wise, but I'm not sure if they actually follow-up with these ideas since I thought TP would be an original game as well, and look how THAT turned out.
      Again true; many here will probably be a Zelda franchise fans and love this game as much as any other…maybe even more since they've waited so long for it to come out. The main thing I think we can hope for is that it won't be obsessed with Fan-girls (probably will) and be taken over with fan-art, fan-stories, etc…etc.. since I know there will be people who are skeptical to this and other Zelda games who'll get rather sick of them very quickly.


      P.S. By the way; you might've wanted to mention you were being sarcastic in the first bit (maybe like this) since it's rather hard to pick up sarcasm in writing unless pointed out in some way.

      • Goronlove7

        "since it's rather hard to pick up sarcasm in writing unless pointed out in some way. " You mean like how he later states how he wants something fresh.

    • TLoZmastr

      well, there will be ocarina of time 3d for the 3ds

    • staples

      your a fucking faggot

    • Heine

      Majora's Mask was one of the worst Zelda games made. =|

    • Agreed. Majoras mask rulez!

    • Your name

      Yay for innovation!

    • SebTH1

      Dear Faggot #2, You want something fresh eh? Here it is: Skyloft and the Sky Field

      now shut up.

    • MrsLinkMrZelda

      its boring to try the old things

  • Goro

    If this tells the tale of the creation of the Master Sword. Will we meet the two sages from Windwaker again? Because their jobs were to play the melodies that kept the sword powered. Also, in Twilight Princess, if Shad was right, then this game will also tell us the creation of Hyrule. Because he said Hyrule was created by the sky people.

    • TheMaverickk

      I don't think the Oocca created Hyrule if I'm not mistaked. They apparently created the "Hylians" (choice of words suggest that it's just an interpretation and speculation by Shad) though. What I think they are known for though besides that is first off being closer with the Triforce gods then any of Hyrules races, and for having ties to the Royal Family of Hyrule (communicating with them mainly).

      What I'm curious about is whether or not the form they take in Twilight Princess was their original form… it could've been an adapted form as they segregated themselves from the world below. At one time I assume they were more human like. In either case what we could see is the creation of "the Hylian race"… and who knows maybe it's thanks to this Link that we have Hylians came to populate and bring order to the evil world below.

      Lots to speculate with all this new information.

      • TheMaverickk

        Oh wait I just saw on the Zelda Wiki that it was a mistranslation that they created Hylians. That it was Hyrule they created…

        Although perhaps they didn't create the "land" Hyrule… but created the society of Hyrule… of a place for the Hylians to live on the land that Din had created. There's lots of discrepancies between Zelda's, lol.

        • Goro

          They probably created language, culture, laws, and even Hylians. Who knows, the three Goddesses of Hyrule could have been the rulers of the sky world and the Link of this game is like an enforcer of peace on the corrupt world below. Maybe this game takes place during the Great War over the Triforce.

          Look at us, the game hasn't even came out yet and we are already theorizing. That's the power of Zelda for ya.

      • zelda lover

        i think they have taken a more humain form in the past and i think the people that stay in the skyloft once some of it falls into hyrule (just a speculation) the people who stay in skyloft A.K.A city in the sky will take the form of oocca

    • D é r k o m a i

      It may be too much to hope that this one shows the creation of the Blade of Evils Bane as well as the creation of Hyrule (assuming they collectively care about a timeline at all), but we can. Hope, I mean.

    • nessa

      oh, good memory.

    • Dur0maxim

      windwaker is a split timeline from twilight princess so they may not need the two sages like windwaker

    • zelda lover

      thats a really good point about the sages. the ones in windwaker that where ghosts….maybe will meet in skyward sword. plus i think the skyloft will fall into hyrule to create the islands in windwaker and some of the land will stay in the sky (like the city in the sky in twili princess) i just noticed that;P

    • Molly

      SHAD?! I ALWAYS get stuck (on Twilight princess) at the part with "Shad" and Midna says that Lila has "The key to the sky."I personally think that Lila is in SKYward sword.Maybe…….

    • mrniceguy

      dude your a flipping genious i love you, now im even more excited!! I think this is why he wants to make it the ''best'' because its where it all began

    • gsgs

      According to Shad being right my theory is city in the sky is actually the remains of skyloft. Skyward sword COULD infact be the first game in the legend of zelda series! (NOT the first game to be released, the first.. episode in the legend of zelda) get what i'm saying.

  • crazyguy

    i sure hope they dont screw up the creation of the master sword deal. we better be seeing something about the ancient sages in there. cuz according to OoT and TP the ancient sages made the master sword. and nintendo has a history of screwing up timeline stuff soo… im really hoping they dont.

    • TheMaverickk

      Interestingly to think… maybe a portion of the game involves finding people to make the sword of evil's bane. In Ocarina of Time you were re-awakening the 7 sages… well 5 considering that there was two already accounted for… and then in Wind Waker you had to re-awaken the two who maintained the blades power.

      So with this in mind, perhaps the game will be about finding those who will be able to transform the Skyward Sword into the Master Sword. Perhaps you will meet them one by one, or in groups, but it would be a cool element to see done. Meaning a total of 9 sages would be need rounding up. That would be one interesting task.

      There's one interesting bit said by Shiek about the Master Sword that I think was cool in OoT. Which was that the Master Sword was a vessel of sorts… being able to transport Link through time. In this game the Skyword sword give Link the power to travel between the world above and the world below. It's likely that it is this girls power is that of transportation. This is what allows those who use the sword to travel between worlds and time even when it's possible. As well she serves as the literal body of the sword.

      Meh speculating is fun what can I say.

  • arkazain

    I think they mentioned in their Zelda SS presentation that you can still roll by shaking the nunchuck while dashing. Can anyone confirm this?

    • ZoraMikau

      yeah, they did.

  • DAMN IT ZU! I was JUST making a video with ALL info on SS for the Zelda Wiki YouTube channel.

    Well screw you guys. I'm still making it. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Like the fact that you can shoot a recovery heart and stick it to a fence. So EVERYTHING.

    • That's just the motionplus controls for the bow and arrow 😛

    • TLoZmastr


    • Well, somebody needs to chill…

  • frank

    the music gets orchestrated? they not try to put ZREO out of bisnis don't they?

    • c0rolaid

      ZREO will never go out of business, because I sure as hell don't see Nintendo releasing every single previous track in orchestrated form.

    • TrustMe

      To be honest, I'd rather have a REAL orchestra than really good quality MIDI…

    • Molly

      I LOVE Zelda music I'll list the music that I like:
      Spirit tracks:Demon train theme,Inside Tower of Spirits,Final Battle etc.
      Twilight Princess:Hyrule Field(Day),Blizetta,Morpheel(other dragon),Zant's theme. If you haven't played these zelda games,then I would suggest (if you're a Zelda fan) YOU MUST OWN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linkdude101

    Still no antagonist. I want Vaati.

    • The Fuzz

      Vaati would be epic 😀 All doubts about this game would fly away if Vaati were in it 😀

      • apexman13

        i highly doubt that, but its good that you are optimistic!

        • linkdude101

          Vaati 4Ever! Seeing him on a console would make SS best Zelda yet! Plus, his style kinda fits in with what we've sen so far.

      • antivaati

        vaati is the lamest excuse of an antagonist. he sucks

    • nessa

      I would love that

  • Xenithar

    Hehe. I can imagine Link running away from some horrible, ugly monster while trying to drink his bottle of milk. It's neat, though, that you can do things while battling and such!

    • Rachell

      ahahhahhah besttt visual image 🙂

    • Molly

      I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad that Link can climb FASTER! In TP he was VERY SLOW!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Nothing gets by mr Myamoto, I wouldve loved to see those awesome Twilight princess graphics, but maybe someday they will return…..

    • TheMaverickk

      They will likely return in the next console Zelda. Which will be released 3 to 5 years from the release of Skyward Sword.

      It's inevitable.

      • Yay. 3 to 5 years. Im so stoked. woot. haha. yay. yawn.

        • QueenxLink

          Lol ikr? sucks…

      • Dekanaz

        Haha. 3 to 5 years…
        With new information, it may be 1/2 to 1 year. Of waiting.
        But when you posted this… we had NO information on the console… funny how unexpected the news came up.

    • Vyo

      Goddammit, Miyamoto. >:V Always such a shit-disturber.

      • DEKU-BABA

        Dissing Miyamoto?!
        Thats like dissing Chuck Norris.
        NO… it's worse.

    • dude

      ive beaten tp 7 times already. but yes, they prbly will give one of their games tp graphics. that would be awesome!

    • Molly

      I thought that there was going to be ANOTHER zelda game AFTER Skyward Sword (on ps3) called "The Dark Sage". I've seen the trailer…the graphics are AMAZING!!!!!After all it is rated MA15+

      • DEKU-BABA

        Zelda… on PS3?
        Sorry, but it's Nintendo exclusive.

    • Guest

      I don't know, TP graphics weren't really my thing. I think those graphics would be perfect for a MM remake.

  • MegaLinkX

    Sword beams not since ALTTP? What about the Fierce Deity mask in Majoras Mask? He could shoot sword beams then….

    • Yeah, but it wasn't a significant part of the main game. You kinda had to jump through hoops to be able to get that ability in Majora's Mask ;)… it's there by default from the start in Skyward Sword.

      • Nepho

        Wait…What about the first two Zelda games!? They could use a sword slash as well. >.< The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II – The Adventure of Link I think they're called. Both games I specifically remember also having the 'sword beams'.

        • lifesavers2

          He meant ALTTP was the LAST zelda game to use it.
          Does anyone think that typing ALTTP feels weird? No? OK.

          • Your name

            I do.

      • lifesavers2

        We know its there by default? We do?

    • Mongrel

      They also included the sword beams in phantom hourglass, if you collected 10 courage gems and then present it in spirit island. It's optional though.

      • Toni

        the article said it hasn't been seen in CONSOLE games since ALTTP.

    • link22

      ALTTP came before MM

    • ???

      phantom hourglass had em too. or are we just looking past that.

      • KamenRiderLink

        they mean in the console games

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  • Wolfer-2

    Four Swords Adventures and Four Swords in the ALttP remake for GBA had the sword beam.. Then again, considering it was packaged with a remake of ALttP, I suppose it wasn't as significant.

    In any case, I'm thinking it might include the Occa somehwere along those lines of Skyloft. Seeing as they lived in the 'City in the Sky' and supposedly had something to do with Hyrule's creation.
    Only time will tell, though

    • Molly

      I thought that too! Oocoo is ANNOYING!!! I call "City In The Sky","Oocoo World!" I THINK that it might return too…maby even Midna as well….

    • Molly

      Me and my family HATE Oocoo! But I think that you're right! Maby it IS Ooca?!

    • Your name

      Maybe the Skyloftians (if that's what were gonna call 'em) can keep Occa as pets.

  • I'm loving the graphics style. You need a certain eye for it to notice it isn't cel shaded, while not so realistic; more like what previous game were like. Now with a touch of art~

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it is cel-shaded, just in a different manner than in Wind Waker.

  • ChaseDarkness

    Ok, so apparently there is no timeline, but ss is how the master sword was created, set before oot…ya that makes sense….definatly no timeline

    • I'm pretty sure Nintendo has no planned formal timeline, however a "rough relation" between each game is most likely intended. I mean, when you go far enough into the future or past it becomes obvious what comes before what – the creation of the master sword is clearly first.

      Beyond that, though, I'm quite sure even Miyamoto would agree that a bunch of the order is open to interpretation and scrutiny. I doubt that they've thought of a placement for every game, and I'm sure it's well accepted that some are simply ambiguous or can fit in multiple places.

      • ChaseDarkness

        I do realize that. Games like the oracle games or link to the past are hard to place. But to say there's no time line what so ever…wind waker mentions oot, tp mentions oot. So oot came before them. Split timeline or not.

        Now ss is before oot. So that means there is a timeline. Wether it be as basic as this came first then this…there is one. The fact i'm trying to point out is that i forget who said it Miyamoto? said that there is no timeline at all. This means no order.

        When you have a bunch of games like zelda i believe to make the story better a timeline should be put in place. This is what ss is trying to do. A prequel to all we know and love. Now just say there's a timeline and i'll be happy.

  • Frank

    Just a quick correction; you state that "While the Nunchuck does control Link, thanks to the addition of Wii MotionPlus, now you can thrust forward with it…", but motion plus has no bearing on any functionality of the nunchuck. Also, I wouldn't swaer to it, because it's been a while since I played it, but I think you could shove the nunchuck forward to do a shield attack in TP.

    • Frank

      Oops, I can honestly spell swear *stupidfingers*

    • Duffy

      Actually, you can do that shield thing in TP.

    • Tom

      you do trust the nunchuck forward to do a sheild attack on twilight princess
      just to back up your comment 🙂

    • guest

      ya you could shield thrust after you get the hidden skill for you know what I mean .

  • Michelle

    I really wish they would've used the awesome graphics like in TP, *sigh* oh well…

    • anonymous

      me 2

    • Concurred. I definitely don't want to get stuck with impressionistic graphs too long. The last two games focused on cel-shaded graphics, and personally, I'm getting tired of them. Besides, if Nintendo keeps up these bright colors we're liable to get epilepsy.

    • Molly

      The graphics do kind of make it look a little babyish(no ofense! I love zelda myself) even though I DO like the "Art Style" for a different view of Zelda.They ARE "Moving Paintings" after all……

    • Curtis

      The reason they chose that graphics style is so that you would be recognizing the patterns of the enemies. Not the graphics.

    • Eddy

      I have to agree. I rather have the more realistic feel to it than the wind wakerish feeling. In my opinion, I feel that zelda should be more of a realistic graphic than a cartoonish even though a lot of people will disagree with me.

      • Molly

        I think you're ABSOLLOUTLY RIGHT!!! Zelda should be a "Dark,creepy,Teeny ,Heroic,Adventure,Action sort of game (Like Twilight Pricess ,God of War 1,2,3 and American McGee's Alice 1 and 2!)

    • april

      they wanted to use a more artistic style, it's supposed to be like a painting come to life

    • Molly

      Me 2!(ooooooooh!)

  • Gil

    The way I heard it was that the girl could talk to Link, through the sword. But she's not the sword itself. It'd be a bit stupid if she was the sword and then nobody would ever hear about her in the many games that come after in the timeline.

    • Nathaniel

      It could be how in every other game with the master sword it says it chooses you. So she could speak to him indirectly or just be the spirit of the sword.

    • There's also the possibility that she dies at the end or relieves herself of her humanoid form, making her just a sword. Then nobody would ever have to know about her.

    • Your name

      What? You wouldn't enjoy hitting her head against a rock countless time just to hear her scream? Ok, maybe I'm being a bit too cruel. Oh well.

    • happyface231

      to me it just could be another navi or something tats less annoying personally i don't think shes annoying

  • Juliannabells

    Wait, so TP wasn't orchestrated? I could have sworn it was. I guess it was a really really high quality MIDI?

    Either way, that's awesome. I loved the SMG music, so this should be good.

    • Tom

      it was orchestrated who said it wasnt

      • Pineconn

        TP is NOT orchestrated. It is, as put above, a really really high quality MIDI.

    • Molly

      Hey Juliannabells! I LOVE the Demon Train soundtrack on Spirit tracks! I played the WHOLE game just to listen to that COOL music! I know it sounds crazy! But I just LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  • Reyser

    Wow this is great. But it says nothing about Zelda. Is she in the game?

    • I would die if zelda is not in the game.

      What? The legend of : Skyward Sword?

    • BlackBird

      I'm sure Zelda is in the game. Otherwise it was called Legend of Link or something

    • Dan

      If there is a Princess Zelda, I hope she is the "first" Zelda that was mentioned in AoL. The one that was put to sleep hundreds of years ago and the reason for why all Hyrulian princesses must be named "Zelda". I suppose it wouldn't be necessary but it would be a cool nod to the classics.

    • annbe1l

      Good question after all the game is called legend of ZELDA. I mean come on they can't have a game without her right?

    • Molly

      I ALWAYS wonder why Zelda isn't in most games(like PH). Why does Wimpy-Woo In Green have to be the main charater?! Even though he's wimpy (also HOT) he's a WOOS!!!

  • Also, "the young lady" from the 2009 teaser? From what I can tell, it's neuter. I mean, it's a sword, and they never said it was a girl.

    • Molly

      (LOL) I thought that the Skyward Girl's name was Anouma!!!! Now I realize that it's not! PLEASE just tell me her REAL name!

  • zeldas lover

    I'm all for the SS heck im happy mr mayamoto gave us a new game but if that girl is the SS/master sword he is going to have to explain alot for the game to be as great as the others but yeah im lovin the new look too many may not agree with it but really go with the art man and plus they're adding the story of the master sword really if you weren't asking about the history of the master sword you are so not a zelda fan.

    • Indeed! I really can't wait for the MS's unveiling…

    • Molly

      I don't really know about the "Master Sword". But still….I LOVE ZELDA!!!!!

  • Pink

    I hope we get to see some Kokiri and Gerudo's, we haven't had seen them in a while (Except for Ganondorf, of course).

  • ben

    voice acting will just ruin zelda forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not the link grunting i like that 🙂

    • wtf why the hate

      why does everyone hate voice acting. seriously whats so bad about it. would you rather have to read 5 hours of text or just sit back and listen. and come on mario sunshines va was really good what is so bad about the voice ating in sunshine?

      • TrustMe

        I just like the text better than the VA because I can understand things better when I read. When I listen, I can't remember things as good.

      • Because,

        1) Mario is not Link.

        2) Link is a silent hero, and hopefully will always be.

        3) Voice acting would wreck the franchise, even if used on the minor characters.

    • Molly

      I agree with you Ben! I think that voice-acting will TOTALLY RUIN ZELDA'S traditional "Reading Techniques". Even though it might be a little harder for the kiddies who play Zelda…unless adults could help them read EVERY SINGLE LINE!!!!! How frustratting would that be?! But on the other hand It does save actor's time and money.Actyually you DO get an idea on what thier voices sound like,because, say Cole or Midna for instance make…you know…

    • Molly

      Oh! He's SOOo ANNOYING when he grunts(LOL)! Ummm…

  • SarahxZelda

    "At some point in the game, the Skyward Sword… becomes the Master Sword!"
    I always thought this was stupid.
    The master sword was created to be a sword. It never mentioned ANYTHING about having a "being" or spirit. The only magic it had is when the sages or maidens or medallions or whatever were supposed to power it up. This makes things WAAAAYYY to complicated so it better have a fucking good background to it.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually there has never been any explanation to who or how the Master Sword came into being. All they say is it was created to be the "Sword of Evil's Bane". The medallions and maidens were never used to power up the Master Sword.

      In the Wind Waker though the sword had lost the power to repel evil though. Which is why two sages were needed to revive this power. Although it's never stated if these sages had always been needed to maintain this power.

      The only factual piece of info given on the creation of the Master Sword is that the Goddesses instructed the creation of a sword with the ability to defeat someone who misuses the power of the Triforce. Wonder if that aspect will factor into this new game.

    • I hope that the sword gets tempered or whatever by the "gods" and not just turns into the master sword or whatever.

      • woot

        I hope that the sword gets tempered or whatever by the "gods

        badass way of saying what i was thinking

  • Legend of Zelda Fan

    I can't wait for this new game! i've been waiting forever for nintendo to make a legend of zelda wii game that works like this. im definitely buying this one and beating it in a week, or maby a month depending on how much i play.

    • Legend of Zelda Fan

      oh, i forgot, itl also be cool to play a sort of prologue to the other games, and who knows, maby theyl include a little time travel or make link have visions of other games, well also be cool to see the original zelda 🙂

    • enjoy a game

      why speed throw this magnificent game. im going to go through this game very slow. whats the fun of beating a game in a day.. that takes all the fun out of it

      • Molly

        "Enjoy A Game"! For me it's VERY HARD for me to play games SLOWWWWWWWLY! Just as I said to Legend Of Zelda Fan I've played Twilight Princess 4 times in a ROW for over 90 HOURS!!!!! How's that for doing the games very slooooooowly?!!!!!! Even though I really DO enjoy games! But its SO HARD not to play fast!!!!!!

    • Molly

      You know, I've played Zelda Twilight Princess for over 90 HOURS!!!!!! And played it 4 times in a ROW seen I'm waiting for the new zelda game…So,BEAT THAT Legend of Zelda FAN!!!!!

  • nessa

    I dont care what everyone says, no matter what, I will buy the game because I love loz

  • Anonymous

    This looks awful. I'm sorry.

    I'm a huge Zelda fan. I always have been. But this is too much. I'm not impressed.

    • BlackBird

      What do you mean? 😮

    • I'm sure you'll grow into it. This took awhile for me to adjust to as well. I was hoping for another TP-based graphical, but maybe not this time.

    • Molly

      Then you're NOT a TRUE Zelda fan!!! Sorry, but I HATE the look of the arcade zeldas!I must admit that I thought that the Skyward Sword didn't look too…well GOOD. But as soon as I read all about it………I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!So why don't you try and READ more about it and THEN you may change your mind!And then THANK ME!!!!!!!!

    • Molly


  • Omg, so she IS his sword!! its a little akward, you know, seeing Link hold a girl in his hands like that —- i know she'll probably normally be in sword form, but still, the idea…… O.o

    • TheMaverickk

      Imagine the feminists who might have issues with this concept… a man literally objectifying a woman. Well a fairy or spirit.. or something.

      Mind you I'd probably argue that she is a heroine herself as she is a lethal weapon capable of destroying evil… and it is her strength that is needed to fight.

      Or more so that it is a team effort between both man and woman… a sort of relationship you know.

      • Molly

        But…Link LOVES Zelda! Not some Sky..Girl..Sword thing!

    • Molly

      Ha,Ha! Holding a GIRL by her LEGS!!! It'll be SOOO funny to see a picture of Link holding the girl like that!!!You actually CAN if you go onto Google Images…..Just type in Zelda Skywar Sword…….And you will laugh your HEAD OFF!!!!!!

  • TheMaverickk

    It just dawned on me why they must be using the Hylian Crest is the icon behind the Zelda logo.

    I'm willing to bet there will be an explanation to the Hylian race in the game. That linked with the Ooccaa… if they in fact created the Hylians specifically. Basically the Hylians originated from the sky I'm guessing hence the symbol of the bird.

    In either case I'm sure it's no coincidence that the crest serves as the symbol associated with this game and the sky plays a prominent role.

    More speculation I've had is simply that the game's villain could possibly be the dark interlopers mentioned in Twilight Princess. I mean a definite possibility since it could've only occurred either before Ocarina of Time or between OoT and TP. With the time before OoT being the most likely. It would give us a new villain who wasn't Ganondorf.

  • link608

    im totally excited but nintendo is getting carried away with a new kid icarus cause why would link live in heaven he never died

    • TrustMe

      Um…It never said that Link lived in heaven. Where the crap did you get that idea??

    • Stuck in the yard

      I know I get your point nigga lol

  • Darlyn


    • Darlyn

      And I think they should keep the graphics realistic like in Twilight Princess… and make Link not such a "kiddish" game. I still love Zelda though.

      • TrustMe

        What makes Skyward Sword look "kiddish"? The art style? The bright colors? Last time I checked, bright colors didn't make anything kiddish, the mood of the game did. I don't mean to sound rude, but I just don't get where you're coming from…

      • Molly


    • guest

      I have been wishing for that to happen for a long time 🙂 but nintendo almost always seem to avoid romantic relationships between Link and a girl, except at the end of Zelda II. Everything romantic is for our interpretation…. But I think they're getting closer to an actual relationship, case Midna almost told Link she loved at the end of Twilight Princess (in my opinion at least).

      • Molly

        I thought that aswell….I REEEEEALLY want to see Link get s**y with a girl one day! 🙂

    • BlackBird

      Link is epic. But I don't think Link is 'epic' enough to kiss a girl

      • Katie

        haha when you used "epic" and "kiss" in the same sentence, all I can think of is this commercial

      • Molly

        one day he might. I know I would if he was real!

    • Katie

      seriously! I agree…I'm not saying he should go out and get Zelda pregnant, I'm just saying that guy seriously needs some lip action once in a while…

      • Molly

        why can't Zelda get pregnat?! Anyway…MORE KISSY,SEXY ACTION!!!!

    • Molly

      I do understand tha little kids should be able to play Zelda aswell as grown-ups..But they should make half of the zelda games Kiddish and half of the Zelda games Sexy,Heroic etc.

    • Molly

      Well…he's certainly HOT enough!!!!!

  • Default158

    i thought the Master sword was created by the gods, or sages or something, not by some ghost chick

    • Joshy V

      Never has the lore ever said the Master Sword was created by the gods

    • Molly

      I half hope and half dread Adelle being a little,Tarty,chick with attitude. It would be coolish and uncoolish at the same time. If she WAS TARTY…she would be the TOATAL OPPISITE to Link1 she would give him HELL!!!LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Shoe

    So, about the inventory, does that mean we press the button, then, for example, reach behind our back to select the bow? I can't help but smile at such a quirky thought.

  • Siaarn

    Ahgawd why did I read the whole thing? D: I prolly just spoiled it for myself.. Well, maybe not, hopefully that's just the basic outline of the story.. EITHER WAY, I can't wait.

    • TrustMe

      Yeah, I'm being careful not to spoil it too. But this stuff makes me excited, so it's tempting to read every detail available.

  • Kurt

    I'm hoping ganon doesn't make a return. This game presumably takes place before ocarina of time, so it wouldn't make any sense if they made him the villain.. AGAIN. Unless they involve time travel some how.

    • guest

      Maybe it'll take place around the time Ganon is born. There is one Gerudo man born every 100 years, right? But we won't fight him, we will just see how he came about.

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  • TaffyPool

    People keep saying that this is the first time since Aol/LttP that Link has a sword beam — well that’s just not true!

    In Phantom Hourglass, after you collect all the Force Gems or whatever for…Power, I think?…you get a sword beam.

    Where’s all this “first time since…” nonsense coming from? It’s only been three years!

    • ThatOneGuy

      Actually, the sword beam is in Spirit tracks too, if you collect all the rabbits, so its only been about 1 year since the sword beam was last used in a Zelda game.

    • If you read 13 Things you Probably Didnt Know about Skyward Sword, and scroll wayy down (right above my comment!) Youll see Jason's comment about how they meant it was integrated in the game from the beginning.

    • mearf

      It's courage gems.

    • dsghhhhhhhb

      its courage

  • ZeLdAfAn-_-SKYWARD

    i kinda wish they used graphics simalar to the art released before the trailer, but i lve this art too:D

  • Zain

    well i mean the graphics are okay but personally im more comfortable with TP graphics and the story is good, a little better than TP.
    i guess i'll see how it is.

  • Liam

    this game looks awsome and i cant wait for it to come out. in the info you said he starts as a young boy soooooo does this mean the oot returns and so does the aging thing… maybe when your a young boy you have the skyward sword and when your older you have the master sword

  • TaffyPool

    ThatOneGuy —

    yeah, I haven’t played Spirit Tracks, but I kind of assumed that upgrade would be in there somewhere. So yeah — it’s only been one year, people!!!!

    Of course, you don’t get it until you essentially beat the game (in PH, anyway), but still… It’s completely similar to the Skyward Swords take on the beam sword (wide, curved swath rather than a glowing sword shot).

    Still not happy about the games look, but more than happy to get convinced, Nintendo!

    By the way, ZU…for some reason, writing this on my iPhone doesn’t register apostrophes. See, I just hit the button six times and nothin!

    • Molly

      I've played Spirit tracks before….I think that Cole might RETURN……I have NO IDEA though…

  • BlackBird

    Do you have to buy a wii motion plus if you want to play the game? or is it something commercial?

    • mearf

      Yep, you have to.

    • Byron123

      Nintendo is going to run a bundle that includes this game and Wii Motion Plus… for about $60 I assume.

  • Ally

    Wait a minute! Does the jumping thing means you press a button and you automatically jump? I hope so because what sucked about the Zelda games is that you can't jump. If Miyomoto can make Mario and Donkey Kong Jump, why not Link?

  • Li S.

    Yeah. I sincerely hope that they polish up the graphics more. That half-cel-shaded whatever you call it needs it or it will look like crap when the game does come out.

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  • zelda geek 2000

    up at the top, is it true that this is the last zelda game?? it says "In the final game"

    • Guest

      No it means that it is the final draft of all the rough drafts of the game

  • Matt Aran

    Here's something I want to know about this game: In the series, Link's left-handed, so why is he right-handed? Is there an option for him to be left or right, because he looks more cooler left handed. And we don't see many left-handed heros out there nowadays. If he's meant to be right-handed on this, it ruins much of the game. Been a HUGE fan of the Zelda series since I was little and it'll be a let down to see the coolest character suddenly changing hands.

    • awdsada

      theres an option. and really boohoo hes not a lefty why is everyone so depressed about that?? you can thank wii for the damn motion. if it wasnt for motion in games link would still be left

    • Molly

      Well on Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass…he's Left-Handed…But on Twilight Princesss….He's RIGHT HANDED I'm LEFT-HANDEd myself! I actually liked it when he was LEFT-HANDED too!!!!!

    • Molly

      How is Link COOL?! He's definetly sexy in TP! But still he IS a WIMP!

  • windmaster45

    I hope Vaati is in this game. Vaati is the only villain left alive. Vaati escaped from link when the others were killed by link. Also the game has to do wind. Vaati is the wind sorcerer, and the game is called Skyward sword. Key word “sky”. The sky is wind magic writen all over it. GO, VAATI!

    • Guest 1

      I hope majora's mask, vaati, ganondorf, and zant are all in it and then at the end after they are all defeated by link, they take a form in which they all fuse together and make one true evil being and that's when the real fight begins for link.

      • Kev12

        Dude, that would just totally ruin the franchice seriously

        • I heared the main villain will be Bowser…or Baby Bowser! Rar!

  • Guest

    Is it just me, or is anyone else upset about Link being right-handed instead of being left-handed? I see how it's necessary for the motion controls, but personally I prefer a GC styled controller. My real problem is that being left-handed my self, I always had that to personally relate to Link and its was always a big factor in him being my favorite hero of all time. I didn't realize it mattered so much to me until the made him right-handed for Twilight Princess on the Wii, but at least then I could play the GC version. Any thoughts?

  • I'm not all exited, ^.^ Link isn't as hansom as he used to be.

    • meow

      well to be fair not all the descendants of Link weren't all handsome looking if u think about lol, the Cell shaded Links are more cute and no where near sexy 8P I think he looks pretty good in this one but does his hotness rate matter? WW, ST, PH were still good games and Link wasn't sexy at all. *cute but not drop dead hot*

    • TrustMe

      Sure, his face looks a little funny (I hope they fix that up) but that doesn't mean the game will suck.

    • Molly

      On Twilight Princess he's HOT!!! But on Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass he know….WIMPY and also cute…….

  • Elriowiel Aranel

    this should be good burt when i saw the trailor i was a bit bummed out about the graphics. i liked the dark graphics of TP though

    • Kev12

      Why does everything have to be dark nowadays?

      • meow

        agreed! thank you! gotta remember everyone, Nintendo is known to be shown as colorful

  • Aaron

    I think the new graphics is a bad idea…I would have the new graphics just like TP OR even better because I believe that was one of the things that made TP…I'm just saying

    • Phil

      Yes I think they should change it up to TP graphics as well that wouold make the game much more playable

      • Chris

        I totally agree with both of you guys

        • Byron123

          I coudn't disagree more; this game looks absolutely beautiful.

          • Tom

            I think you're stupid so hows about that

          • lawliliCious



            t up.

    • Graphics may have been a key element of Twilight Princess for some, but this is a completely different game. Keep that in mind.

    • BlackBird

      I agree, I thought it would look (to my opinion) more realistic than TP.

  • Liam

    im just saying the people talking about him being left and right handed you can probably pick since you completely control the sword. i love these new graphics guys stop complaining about them they are pretty similar to tp. BRING BACK THE OOT IT WAS THE BEST INSTRUMENT IN ANY OF THE GAMES!!!!

  • josh

    this game is going to rock! finally link can run!

    • Molly

      YEAH!!! He can also climb up vines FASTER and drink potions while RUNNING!!!

  • Scott Walker

    In OOT, the Hylians said they had long ears to hear the gods above, Link is living in skyloft ABOVE, IS LINK A GOD, AND HIS DECENDENTS DEMI-GODS?

    • Chris

      Shut up like seriously don't make an awesome game so gay with stuff like that

    • TrustMe

      That's a bit far fetched…I think you're trying to make this sound more complicated than it's supposed to be.

  • Byron123

    People are saying that voice acting would ruin the Zelda series, because Link doesn't talk… but what about everyone else? You see, there's this game called Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it was the first Metroid game to include voice acting ( I mean almost every character talks), but the catch is that Samus herself doesn't talk. Why couldn't they do this for this game? Any thoughts?

    • why not va

      i love voice acting mario sunhines acting was fine and mario didnt talk same with metroid (even though i hated that game) but seriosuly would people rather want to read 5 hours of text. or just listen to voice acting. id rather have va

    • Molly

      I like voice acting…but as everyone says it will probably ruin the zelda series….

  • CET23

    skyloft seems alot like the sky temple area from twilight princess
    who esle agrees

    • Molly


  • Shadowknight1

    To all of you saying "OMG, TP graphics pwn SS graphics rofl"….for god's sakes, that kind of thinking is ignorant. I actually watched the trailer for this on my PS3, then plugged in the Wii and booted up Twilight Princess…and I found my self groaning a little. Realistic does NOT EQUAL BROWN!! TP felt really…dead after watching Skyward Sword. There seems to be little life to the world compared to the vibrant colors in SS.

    Also, I recall reading that the graphics aren't quite finalized yet, nor is the game that they showed at E3. Recall that most of the stuff shown in the very first Twilight Princess trailer didn't make it in, as well as a few other graphical changes by the time the final game rolled around. For example, the Twilight Realm. In the trailer it was revealed in, it was a gray, desaturated world. In the final game, the Twilight Realm was oversaturated, with bloom everywhere. And in my opinion, that was more interesting. We might even see two "worlds" in Skyward Sword, possibly represented by separate art styles.

    • Uh… Nicely put there. But we all have to remember that TP was a gamecube game so we shouldnt be comparing it that much

    • Kev12

      Yeah, separate art styles would've kicked butt!
      I mean it's a combination between TP and Wind waker graphics, so why not?
      Well put bro!

    • TrustMe

      I agree completely. I love all the bright colors, makes it more lively.

    • If this is the case, bro, then your brains are "brown."

      TP has the best graphics; WW, MC, FS(A), PH, ST, SS…when will the manics ever end? Cel-shaded games should just be pardoned from existence. We've seen too much of them; they are already too bright. So to call something like Twilight Princess "dead" would entail that you simply want to stay up late and get headaches on Wind Waker, like I did. I might also suffer from some epilepsy, but really that's personal.

  • Shelink

    I agree about Vaati, but then I’d like to see all the old games on the vc. And a comprehensive timeline.
    Loving the fact that you go into your pockets for items, but…
    WHY can’t I play left handed?!?!?
    Surely Nintendo are clever enough to let me swing my sword leftly, after all Link means left in German. It’s the only thing that really bugs me about TP, and now SS – that and not being able to get the castle street cats to Louise – but I’m getting really picky with that one.

    • WHY…NOT?!?

    • Molly

      I didn't know that "Link" meant "Left" in German!

  • mario_master

    Wow….. you people are forgetting why we all love zelda in the first place it is because it is so fun
    who honestly cares about the graphics its the gameplay that matters ex: wind waker

    also who wouldn’t love swinging link’s sword around that would be fun

    lastly you people are too concerned about the timeline just go with the flow

  • Name

    Why do I still think Aonuma was joking when he said that it would become the Master Sword? That's a pretty big spoiler, and he laughed right after he suggested it.

  • mario_master

    exactly what i am saying honestly wind waker was a good game from what i hear from pretty much anyone the only reason people hated it was only and only the graphics that was it

    hopefully people won’t be too quick to judge this game also from the looks of the poll about ss 40% are happy 6% are mad and 44% are WAITING!!!!!!!! TO JUDGE THE GAME AFTER IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! which proves some people are not cry babies and are actually sensible sheesh.!

    also tp was not a bad game and had nice graphics but the game was waaayyyyy too short (considering the fact it normally only takes me about 40 hours or less to finish it) finishes and the fact that after you defeat the game there is nothing to do also after defeating the game 4 or 5 times it got boring and another fact from what i hear from everyone compared to any other zelda tp was too easy yes every site i saw said tp was easy and i agree

    by the way don’t complain i mearly tell the truth also hopefully yahoo was right about holiday release.

    also all those people who hate right handed link just switch the setting to left handed and play that way i am sure they will do this because the ds games will do this also they were not able to make it left handed in tp because they ran out of time i’m sure they will add this in ss because of common sense

    • Molly

      TP IS easy eccept for the "Wagon Part"! (where you have to save the Prince)
      I've done it 4 times,but it IS STILL kind of hard..ish

  • mario_master

    also people bug the heck out of nintendo to put a skyward sword demo on the nintendo chanel or wii shop

    email twitter i honestly dont care just convince them to do it and say what they respond here

  • Eliina

    Thank you so much for this article! I really appreciate it!

  • mario_master

    i know i am being a stickler but another fact graphics that would be better or same as tp would either shorten the game as beforehand mentioned for tp is not good and/or make the full pf bugs, have a slow frame rate crash the wii because the wii in no way what so evercould handle the graphics
    people just have to wait for the next gen nintendo console or the fabled wii hd

    which would you have a fast paced impressionist style zelda game or a realistic slow buggy game obviously nintendo chose to do the better choice because imagine you finish a super frustrating dungeon and your game freezes NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY WANTS THAT but still you decide

    • Molly

      I hope that a zelda game comes out on the ps3…but I know that it's NOT going to happen…But American McGee's Alice Madness Returns is!(if you know what I'm talking about. If you do PLEASE let me know and I'll give you MORE INFO!)

  • Looks like a ton of fun! This game seems promising. However, I am still wondering something—What is Princess Zelda going to look like, and what will her role in the game be?

    • Molly

      Well one of her roles is MOST LIKELY her KISSING LINK!

  • I hope Zelda is in the game I mean no Zelda? Srsly? Id cry… twice…

    • Molly

      I think that she's going to MARY LINK! (Kissy-Kiss)!

  • MrROB515

    Can you email me each time you even get a small bit of information about skyward sword by the way MrROB515 is my youtube name if anyone was wondering

  • kevinsano

    It's not a new thing for Smash. All cartoony characters are given a bit of a redesign to not look out of place alongside the more realistic characters.

  • Mikael

    Zelda Skyward Sword seans to be asum.
    but it have not come to Sweden 🙁 so I have to wait…
    mail me if you know when it is come to Sweden…
    [email protected]
    bye bye

    • Mikael

      obs. write a "e-mail"…

  • ShadowHero31

    After reading a bunch of stuff and speculation about "Adelle" and how the Master Sword was created by the Ancient Sages. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE!
    Before the events of Skyward Sword, the Ancient Sages create a spirit being to become the Skyward Sword, which will become the Master Sword. The Ancient Sages create the Skyward Sword which a hero (Link :-D) will someday turn into the Master Sword. So technically, the Sages create create a spirit, to become the Skyward Sword, to become the Master Sword. If this is correct, this will perfectly fit into the timeline! But this is just my speculation.

    • Shadow Darkman

      You made my head spin.

      In any case, what happens to our friend when it* becomes the Master Sword?

      *Aonuma claims the friend is genderless.

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  • anon

    the tp graphics may be more *ahem* "awesome" than SS but they are not as sophisticated,so having tp graphics would NOT crash the game
    P.S use better grammar. I can't read some of the comments.

  • dont read my name

    the vine climbing isnt limited, the meter [and i saw the trailer] was because he was running and then kinda jump , when you run you have a meter but not when climbing

  • I want it and the Ocarina Of Time3DS

  • Kait

    😀 cant wait

  • MilkCartenHead

    It looks awesome…I wanted the graphics to be like Twilight Princess though.But the whip looks awesome and the graphics do too.

  • linktastic

    I like the way there making this game look,,,i mean if you notice previous zelda games almost all of them look different graphic wise and what i guess there trying to do in this game is make a more artistic experiance for the player.

  • Robert Siegfried

    seems like it could be ok except for the DAMN WIND WAKER GRAPHICS. havent they noticed that OOT, MM, and TP were the highest rated games they made. wind waker was a cockmaster of a zelda game which basically meant it was ok compared to most games but no game will ever beat ocarina. they need to realize that and make a new CONSOLE VERSION of OOT… without wind waker graphics cause that would kill it.

  • Guest

    I wonder how transportation will be in skyward sword?

    In the begining of the E3 trailer there was all the major ways of transportation from the other 3-D zelda's ,minus majora's mask which only had the song of soaring as a warp system, i personaly think flying but that would mean tons of boundries,bau it's my best guess. 🙂

    • Adelle will be able to transform into into a flying carpet so that we can travel between Skyloft and "Hyrule." There, that covers transportation.

  • Every Zelda game has been orchestrated. In fact, the original Zelda game for NES was the first video game to actually have a soundtrack composed specifically for it.

    I'm glad they're focusing on gameplay more than graphics, but I really hope they put a lot more thought into a good story again for once. I hate for them to make something that's too short, and with little to no meat on it's bones.

  • Skulltula hunter

    i just wondered, will a fairy be a main character like in zelda: ocarina of time?

    • whati've heard

      they say that adelle(SS) isnt always with you but she talks to you sometimes through the SS (kinda like how tetra and king of red lions tslked to link

  • DakoLink

    Most of mah friends have been complaining about the new graphics. They say it looks too cartoony and should've been more "realistic" like Twilight Princess. Let me just say this… since when was Zelda supposed to be realistic? It's a game about exploring monster-inhabited dungeons in order to find magical items needed to defeat some sort of evil, dark being that is sometimes a man (Ganondorf) who likes to play magic ball tennis, and can turn into a huge boar. All to save the beautiful Princess Zelda who has the Triforce of Wisdom, even though she's not wise enough to prevent from getting Zeldanapped in almost every game. I'm not seeing much realism there, but that's what makes the game awesome.

    I liked Wind Wakers graphics, and this Impressionistic style looks really interesting. The WHOLE game looks/sounds interesting. I wanna play it soo bad…

    • Molly

      YEAH! Zelda ALWAYS gets caught up into trouble somehow! Poor Link has to save her!(and YES I DO know what you mean by " Magic Ball Tennis!")

  • Woww. Im suprised people are still posting.

    • Same here.

    • Molly

      Well it is VERY POPULAR! I just LOVE sharing my Zelda ideas! Maby I could even start up a Cheat,Info,Music Page!

  • Dzzy123

    I hope Zelda is in the game, and plays a vital role in the game. I also hope that Ganondorf somehow steals the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda, and then finds the Triforce of Courage somewhere in Hyrule, (Link doesn't live in Hyrule so maybe the Triforce of Courage is scattered randomly somewhere in Hyrule. This is just speculation though) he finally achieves the true power he's always talking about. He then takes over Hyrule with Zelda imprisoned deep in his tower. I really hope Ganondorf takes on a sidekick-like role like Zant did in Twilight Princess, and after Link defeats Ganon at some point in the game, he faces off with the true threat to Hyrule. After that though the true evil to Hyrule takes the whole Triforce from Ganon's body, wishing that Link's home, Skyloft falls onto Hyrule, and that he may be stronger than the Goddesses. Link defeats him one last time, and Hyrule, and Skyloft drift off away from each other just like the Goddesses intended for it to be.

    P.S. I really hope Zelda, and Link kiss at some point in the game, their whole friendship thing is a bit traditional, and can get bland.

    P.P.S. I'm so excited for this game!

    • ZanBatu

      well i guess this can happen but remember that they both can't be a couple or get marriage because they have diferent descendants that have to continue the other time lines.

      • meow

        yeah >.> agreed 8S please dont attack me zelnk fans but if Link and Zelda were to have children then the new descendants would be related which means no more romance hints for Link and Zelda 8(

    • Ari

      It looks like Link and Zelda nearly do in Twilight Princess after you beat Beast Ganon. You see them stepping closer to each other, but Ganon interrupts. It's mere speculation because it's a kind of a blink and you miss it kind of thing. I could be wrong.

      • Ari


        • It's pure speculation, so you could be wrong you know.

    • Molly

      WOW! That's EXACLY what I thought! I REALLY think that Zant may be back…
      and that Link may become KingPrince of Hyrule!

  • huggabunny

    Wait… this is the last game?! Either I read that wrong, or thousands of fans are going to be quite sad…

    • linktastic

      No this is not the last zelda game because aonuma said theres going to be at least 7 or 8 more zelda games

    • lolknight


      • lolknight


    • not the final game

      um no this isnt the last game…… they mean final game as in THE FINISHED PROJECT. this game isn't finished yet final game means when they finally finish working on it

    • Molly


  • lolknight

    From what I can see, so far it looks like this could be one of the best Zelda games up to date. In fact, if you think about it, it may lso be the most original one yet: for example we never had a Zelda adventure set in hyrule with an art style that wasn't realistic up to now! My only primary doubt in regards to SS, however, is whether or not it will feature see-through water like the realistic games, or sploshes of beautiful blue paint like the wind waker. HAs anyone thought about that?

  • Dzzy123

    I hope Gerudo, Kokiri, Zora, and Sheikah tribes are in this game.

    We haven't seen Gerudo, and Sheikah for a long time.

    • lolknight

      Same here! Maybe we could do some optional sidequests that involve the Gerudo and Sheikah in a way that would affect the storyline by choosing weather or not to help them and how to help them!
      Open ended gameplay, anyone?

      • Dzzy123

        Yeah, this comes before Ocarina of Time, so it must explain the great war that supposedly killed all the Sheikahs except Impa. I hope Kokiri, Sheikah, Zora, and Gerudo have a lot to do with the story.

        I hope that in this game, these four tribes play a major part, I don't really like saying "Hi," and then leave, and never come back, I want emotions in the game.

        Once you actually think about it the Kokiri might not be in this game, and if they are they have anything to do with the story, (if my theory is correct, and this game is based on The Great War, that is) because it's been stated that the Kokiri were the only race of Hyrule to not play a part in The Great War.

        P.S. I hope Zelda, and Link kiss in the game. I mean I think (I'm not sure) that she gave a kiss on the cheek in one game, (a 2D game) but I want a kiss on the lips just for two seconds. I mean, every time they kill Ganon they don't celebrate.

        P.P.S. I want voice acting, but not for Link. They could make the game just like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption where everybody talked, except the main character, Samus. They could do that with this game, I don't think it would ruin Zelda, and if the voice acting is bad, hopefully Nintendo could give us an option in the options menu to turn voice acting off. Then everyone would get their way!!!

        P.P.P.S. I'm so excited for this game!!!

        • Dude, you're gonna wear the P out of those S's!

  • Firebug

    I know that this question is not abou the game at all but does the game have a wii motion plus accesory already included?

  • lolknight

    After a very long discussion, Myamoto and Anouma have decided that yes, they will boudle the wii motion plus accessory with the game. However, you should also count that
    a) this has been deceided for Japan (unsure for other countries)
    b) It is optional to obtain it with the game (just like they did with the red steel 2 motion plus)
    I hope that has answerd your question in a satisfactory manner, Firebug.
    PS: I REEEAAALLLYYY can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • link 101

    This game seems real cool and it seems it would fit in the timeline ok. BUT SERIOUSLY U PEOPLE THINK THINK THIS IS THE LAST ZELDA GAME. YOUR CRAZY! ZELDA WAS RATED 3RD BEST GAME EVER BY GUINESS WORLD RECORDS EVEN BETTER THAN MARIO, AND U THINK ITS CREATOR IS JUST GONNA STOP RIGHT NOW. NO, ZELDA HAS PRABABLY NOT EVEN REACHED ITS PEAK POUPULARITY YET SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT NONSENSE. by the way final boss should be a new one, ganons been used way to much, the demon king didnt really catch my atension much i dont think they could use the majoras mask much. zant's been killed, i dont care to much for bellum, oracle of seasons and ages took place in diffrent lands, shadow link would be kinda cool, and vaatis been killed to but i geuss ganons came back to life before so he's possable

    p.s. wheres zelda?

    • final as in done

      people are dumb. when they see FINAL GAME they don't realize that
      1. SS isn't finished yet
      2. final game means when the developers finish creating the game and then put it into the market

      • In other words, we won't know till it's out. :'(

    • Molly

      WOW!!!! What was the 1st best?!

    • Molly

      Yes!!! Zelda IS WAAAAAAAY BETTER than MARIO!!!! Do you know why I don't care about him at all?!! In SSBB he tried to kill the Hero Of Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cry!)

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  • mario_master

    hey all those saying the tp art style is better than ss REPLAY THE GAME AGAIN LOOK AT THE DIFFERENT ART STYLES when i rent tp again i noticed two things about the game

    one: every single color in the game was mixed with brown

    two: the game seemed void of life, dead no im not saying there few people im saying it is rather plain

    now play tp and look at the game closely then scrutinize the trailer pics which one seemed better?

    also main thing about tp that does not have it anywhere near the caliber of OoT or MM because it had no replay value was easy as hell and WWWAAAAAAAYYYYY TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!

    • domnatorr32

      Very true

    • Molly

      Even though It's the LONGEST Wii GAME?!!!!!!(at the moment)

  • BlackBird

    Swordlessdungeons and weaponless puzzle solving?
    But that's were the game is all about right?

  • BlackBird

    I'll better start save money then 😛

  • domnatorr32

    Im SOOO excited to play as the FIRST LINK EVER!!! This game will be kick ass!

  • fangirlmarxli

    @mario_master i found phantom hourglass VERY short but thts just my opinin i guess ;S

  • mario_master

    i never mentioned PH. but i guess your right i own a copy of PH and it is rather short but do remember it is a ds game and they were trying something new

    • Molly

      By the way…I HATE the OCEAN TEMPLE!!!!!!

  • misternumberone

    they say MORE no-sword parts? I object! the forsaken fortress in WW without link's sword was a complete NIGHTMARE and is still my least fav zelda experience EVER.

    • TheMaverickk

      It was only annoying because you couldn't fight back or even run away from the Moblins.

      Getting spotted was annoying… sneaking was annoying… it wasn't "not having the sword" that made it not fun.

      Look at the final battle in Ocarina of Time… Link loses the Master Sword and can't use it… and that was epic!

      • Shadow Darkman

        OoT Link had other weapons to attack Ganon with instead, like the Biggoron's Sword or the Megaton Hammer. TWW Link had nothing else at the time, given it was like the very start of the game.

        tl:dr, OoT Link wasn't disarmed in his weaponless moment. TWW Link was.

  • TwilightHourglass

    Sounds awesome. Can't wait until it's release

  • Zeldarocks

    if you go on facebook then go to the page zeldarocks i post news of zelda boss stradgities puzzles and more!

  • Juji

    I actually have no problem with these graphics Miyamoto prefers using, I like the TP style too but its nice to see Zelda colorful XD I mean this is Nintendo and Nintendo has always had a reputation for being family oriented

  • nakos

    when it comes to euorope guys?

  • nakos

    when the skyward sword come to euorope guys?

  • Ari

    For Skyward Sword it should start with a bunch of farm animals being terrorized by guys like bokoblins causing them to go beserk (like when you abuse cuckoos in previous gmes). Then they are forced in the direction of Link's house with you as one of the cuckoos! (to make it more interactive)Link's house is rattled causing him to investigate. Thus the adventure begins! (give or take the cuckoo idea) please reply

    • total_noob

      You just made me laugh very hard.

      But cuckoos are amazing. I wouldn't mind being one for longer than ten seconds.

    • Molly

      LOLOLOL!!!! That would be FUNNY! That reminded me of when Epona went spazy when the Bokoblins abused her(from TP).

  • Ari

    WHERE THE HECK ARE THE ANIMALS IN THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!! The fields in the games are very open and often only rarely have people or even monsters. The Legend of Zelda needs more populated land, wildlife and actual hordes of monsters! please comment

    • …I think we have ourselves a tree-hugger here.

    • Molly

      There are in TP (if you LOOK AROUND).

  • bertoxulous

    Since when did they decide links gonna hold his sword with his right hand?? thought its always been left >.>

  • White link

    Cant wait till 2011

  • Ari

    There is a vital flaw with the zelda games. Revealed in Oot Gerudos only bare a single male child every century. If so many centuries have passed between the game's stories Ganon would probably not stay so powerful because in all those centuries Ganon would have been replaced several times by new male Gerudo. Yet still he stays quite loyal despite a vain and treacherous attitude. With that it's unlikely much time has passed at all in the games. With that it would point to there being a single Link, Zelda and Ganon. Not once has Nintendo ever pointed to this, but I'm sure if some one put enough effort into it they could come to reason with this unorthodox theory. Pure speculation though. please comment

  • mario_master

    first of all i think the gerudos died off after ganondorf was sealed in OOT because in tp gerudo desert is empty also its ganondorf. ganon was origanally some evil dark beast that fused with ganondorf remember. which is why i think GANON not ganondorf will be the main boss in ss

  • umm157

    I cant honestly judge the gme really. My favorite part of all of this is the returning of several different abilities from different past games. On the downside, … I honestly I think this game reminds me of Mario with the whole swordless thing(Fludless Levels) and the graphics seem more… bright and imaginative(like mario) than the dark and near-real graphics of Twilight Princess.Nevertheless its Zelda, and bound to be equally great as other past titles.

  • 5 things

    okay a couple of things.
    1. ganon/dorf he's more evil than vaati. vaati doesnt have a piece of the triforce so he's useless. hes just some random villain with no triforce powers. vaati better not be n this game unless he;s like what zant was in TP.
    2. who cares if links lefty or not the games would be the exact same right or left.
    3. the graphics are fine. but its hard to tell all your xbox and ps3 friends that zelda is better than the games they play if zeldas graphics are cartoony. no one takes a cartoony game seriously. but i think graphics don't make a game but come on nintendo your getting beat because your too lazy to go HD.
    4. screw the timeline it doesn't exist. seriously nintendo just made zelda games they never even tried to have them in a certain order they just put stuff from previous games so that people feel nostalgia.
    5. this is gonna be a good game

    • ShadowHero31

      Actually you are wrong. Aounuma has stated THERE IS A MASTER TIMELINE, BUT IT IS A CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT.

    • Shadow Darkman

      1. Vaati already got Hijacked By Ganon in FSA. My idea is the events of Skyward Sword influence Ganondorf, either directly or indirectly, to pursue his ambitions in OoT.

      2. Link's always been left-handed. The whiners you saw are just the nostalgia fags being stupid, as usual.

      3. Graphics are as they are so that battles will be easier to work with. Aonuma stated that a while ago.

      4. What ShadowHero31 said. They confirmed there's a master timeline, but only Aonuma, Miyamoto, and the director of the current project are allowed to see it.

    • Those were more than "a couple of things." 8P

  • nanana

    when you hear about swordless dungeons I totally think about mario sunshine. is anyone else thinking that?

  • mario_master

    actually the only reason nintendo didn’t do hd was because it was experimenting with the wii first from the new patents i’ve seen it might be just as good as the PS4 or new X-BOX

  • mario_master

    hey all you people thinking vaati would be a cool boss how the heck would he be in the game pre – OOT if he only appeared for fsa and minish cap and was destroyed in fsa remember

  • mario_master

    WHAT ARE YOU SAYING !!!!! MM was awesome how could it be bad?

  • mario_master

    oh yeah all those freaking zelda won’t be in the game it has been confirmed yes she will

  • I hope there is easter eggs in this game! I'm gay for easter eggs! (not gay). They should have a reference from earlier zelda games. EX: Maybe a mask from Majora's Mask? A character from windwaker. Mario easter egg. Ocarina of time ocarina easter egg? The possibilities are endless!

    • Haeil

      I'm holding out for an impromptu "Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!" : )

      • Shadow Darkman

        Would be voice-acting, and Aonuma already shot that down.

        As for easter eggs, I would appreciate secret nods to previous entries that aren't just RIGHT THERE where you have to be stupid to miss it.

    • Molly

      What the heck are EASTER EGGS?!!!!! Every cheat page I go to ….they say something about Easter Eggs! By the way….. Happy Easter Nintendowned!

      • Katie

        Easter Eggs are kind of like hints or peaks in to future or past games. EX: how ST took place 100 years after Wind Waker, and there was a stained glass picture of Tetra above Zelda's throne.It links WW to ST, kind of attempting to draw a closer related story line.

  • mario_master

    i love easter eggs too my favorite is in MM where the mask salesman has a mario mask on the back

  • mario_master

    hey i just saw iwata asks for skyward sword again and i noticed something.
    first: your wrong on holding the sword to the sky you just need to hold it still.
    also miyamoto and auomua said they are also really focusing on the story

  • roland

    i´m really dissapointed on nintendo; i choose to be fan of ´em because link was the first character on video games left handed , and i felt it for make a diference with common characters , but now tat is not a bussines to be lefty they fall in common that really sucks…..

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  • KingOfHeart

    Going to mention that there's more then eight items in the game?

  • Ghost of Meat

    if this takes place before OoT then Ganon, and or Gannondorf, can't be in it

    • Shadow Darkman

      Maybe he gets a cameo., like he's a secret boss or something.

      Or maybe the events of Skyward Sword play a role in his actions during OoT.

  • Dirkdcpp

    What if the Gerudo and the Dark Interlopers make a pact causing Ganon to learn some of their magic and rise to power?

  • Graupner

    I hope there wouldn't be ganondorf in this game, i'm just tired all ganon things, TP would have been better if Zant would be the final boss in TP, not Ganon.

    • Shadow Darkman

      Problem with that is they confirmed during TP's development that Ganon was definitely going to show up. Zant ended up being the front, much like how Sigma was behind the villains in MegaMan X2-X4 ,Xtreme 1 and 2, and X7.

      Besides, Zant was, to use the TV Tropes term, "Hijacked By Ganon" about halfway through the game, when you find the Mirror Of Twilight broken, just like Vaati in FSA. The Deku Scrubs worship Ganon, and the Knights say that a dark one that was not Vaati cursed them into their evil states.

  • David

    Please no Ganondorf!

  • Steve

    Since it's going to be before OoT Ganondorf should be too young and don't have enough power yet.
    But the hags Koume and Kotake should be at a very good state for a battle,training him.

  • majoras mask fan

    You know since evry one cares so much about the time line. Of zelda games, that just means that the zelda serese is a kick ass seres

  • Majin Kai

    Well, I hope we see Majora and get to fight 'er. That'd be epic.

    I rather enjoy the swordless dungeons, I just hope we get a horde of enemies to fight with/out the sword. I mean, 50 darknuts in one room would be epic 😀

  • bella15

    The "girl" as the Skyward Sword it's not exactly a girl! because in a recent Interview with Aonuma, he said that even thought he considers it as a female figure, he declared that he doesn't consider it as a female person. By far, it seems the entity is genderless!
    I like this idea!
    That's pretty new, hehe most of Link's partners are girls, while a few are boys.

    • Molly

      Well…he is a SHIM!

    • Molly

      I hope that there are some hotteys (Link) in Skyward Sword! OOOhh!

  • Isabela

    I hope Princess Zelda will have a bigger role 🙂 (more bigger than in TP) and hope that Nintendo atleast makes some hints betweens Link and Zelda :3

  • Danny789

    I wonder how Princess Zelda would look like.. (design)
    What kind of role she will have…(I hope it's big role)
    Does Nintendo make a few hints between Link and Zelda?…

    What do you think guys? I wanna hear your opinions! :3

    • Katie

      I hope so too! Zelda had a pretty big role in ST, but it was kind of childish. That's not a bad thing, I just hope it's a situation some waht like that, but where Zelda and Link are closer…that'd be cool:)

  • DragonChi26

    Is anyone else skeptical of the idea of a dungeon that takes your sword away and forces you to perform without it the entire time your in there? It kinda bothers me a little. Like..i don't mind if there is a temporary happenstance where u lose your sword for a few minutes for a scripted fight or something..but for an entire dungeon that will take u at least an hour to get through..i dunno…i don't think i like that.

    • X x7

      I think that they're trying to make it more of a game where you use your items way more frequently. Like I never used the bow and arrows to attack enemies while I was riding around Hyrule Field in any Zelda game, because it wasn't really necessary. Now, if you don't have your sword, you're gonna be FORCED to use those items to attack.

    • Molly

      Someone else said that Link could get a claw (like Byrne'sStaven's). You could use the Wii remote to use it!

  • <|:D

    I'm glad they're going for a new graphics style, personally I found WW to be just okay, and I hated Twilight Princess' graphics, just felt real synthetic, as did the whole game, which is why it was my least favorite of the series.

    Motion controls are also kind of annoying, needs to have regular controls as well.

    Some things bothered me like being able to run up walls and drink while moving, just seemed to be not like Zelda.

  • that guy

    man, i hate the wii, but love zelda.
    Are they going to make it for anything else?

    • Link Elf

      Of course not, idiot. Wii is the best console yet. Screw the grafics of the other console. Nothing beats a good interactivity. Wii Motion rulez!


      NO SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WII HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrustMe

    Orchestrated music?…


    • Molly

      YEAH!!!! (PLEEEEASE Demon Train MusicST)

  • Dokugan

    Does anyone else think that the girl who is the sword looks a bit like a Zora from TP? It took me ages to remember what the girl looked like.

    • Link Elf

      No. Not even close. I doesn't even remotely resemble a Zora. If you look closely, you'll see that her clothes under the cabe resemble the Master Sword. The crystal, the "belt" and even the net in her legs look exacly like the Master Sword's ornament, guard and handle respectively.

      • I *don't* even remotely resemble a…

    • Molly

      YES! Actually she looks like a girl version of Prince Ralis!

  • sonics1030

    Let me clear some points:

    1st. The sword itself doesn’t talk. It turns into that girl and then SHE talks to Link.

    2nd. At some point in the game the sword will become the Master Sword and lose it’s ability to turn into that girl and thus won’t talk anymore.

    3rd. Skyward Sword takes place BEFORE OoT, so it’s a prequel to it, not a sequel.

    4th. I doubt they will screw the timeline again. That’s because the story takes place before OoT, so, as long as they don’t forget about the ancient sages who created and Powered the Blade of Evil’s Bane, it’s okay.

    5th. Last, but not least, Ganondorf may or may not appear. Either way, he absolutely must not assume the form or the Arch Demon Ganon, because that form had it’s origin in OoT.

    Concluding, I can’t wait to play this game cause it’s gonna be one heck of a game!

    Ps.: I think it would be pretty interesting to play a swordless dungeon as long as you can use some other item and not just keep runnig and hide. Why don’t they put a glove to punch enemies or a claw to hack and slash? That would be awesome.

  • name

    hmm not sure ,

  • jgg

    Whats up

  • Hey guys–the girl in the Skyward Sword picture is actually the Master Sword! Her name is Adelle, and she's going to take form of the MS and help Link out. Link, by the way, lives in Skyloft, in like a loft in the sky (actually islands, but who's counting, heh-heh!), and jump from the clouds–whoosh! Oh yeah…the game's only for Wii and you have to purchase it and a Wii MotionPlus 'cause Nintendo's trying to survive in this toilet of an economy.

  • Stuck in the yard

    You guys should stop hating on these GOOD comments! This game is fine and is clearly one game I will put on my best for best games list! So please stop putting thumbs down for good comments. Thank you for your time…

  • mario_master

    wow two weeks i’m gone and this thing jumps to 320 comments

  • brandon

    they never seaid the other peaple with link on skyloft were human so what if there occoo and thay made link to go down to hyrule to clense it of evil sense thay are probly the ones that made hylians and thay dont whant evil destroying them

  • brandon

    i herd skyward sword might come out december 2010 i hope thats true

  • Emmeg516

    if this is released sometime in novemeber (hopefully) or decemeber, i SOO want it for christmas 😀

  • Linkette

    it wont be released in 2011, idiots. i pre ordered the game along with sonic colors. its coming out sometime in november. if youre smart, youd know that christmas time is when companies, specifically videogame companies, make the most money. everyone knows the game is done.

    • bastian

      It has been confirmed by the producers of the game that it will not be out until early 2011. They're not finished with it.

    • Bullshiter

      Well look whos the idiot now!

  • Emmeg516

    looks like this game is gonna answer ALOT of our questions about the series. How was the master sword made? who are the "sky people"? what was hyrule before we were introduced to it in "the legend of zelda"? oh boy. this is gonna be a real turn for the series. im pretty damn exicted. i hope its as good as it seems! 😀

  • steve

    I hope they add aspects of Demon souls into the game. The chalenge would be innovation enough

    • Molly

      Speaking of Demons…Malladus?! Cole?!

  • quinn

    i cant wait till skyword sword comes out mostly because of wii motion plus

  • quinn

    when this come out im going to buy it as soon as i can

  • dude

    does anyone know the exact date it comes out???

  • Dee

    God I hate it when people try to come up with a timeline I mean isn't it obvious that there isn't a timeline? They just come up with a random new storyline for every game and occasionally do prequels or sequels.

  • X x7

    Actually, it hasn't been confirmed that there's gonna be orchestrated music. Nobody ever said, "Yes, there will be orchestrated music", they only said something that leads people to believe that it's orchestrated. I can see why you said that though, because it was pretty straightforward that there will be orchestrated music, but I only think that there's a 95% chance of it happening.

    • Molly

      There WILL be! I've heard it on the soundtracks!

  • qwertyguy

    the cel shaded graphics is fine but then they should make the monsters incredibly detailed.

    Hope the final boss is innovative – no more shooting golden arrows or sword beams – maybe the bad guy is ganons father??
    – they should add blood into the game make it slightly different – bring back magic – more variety??!!!

  • Agreed. Orchestrated music is gonna rock with Zelda…Last!

    • Molly

      I LOVE Eragon,Zelda and Lord of th Rings too! I also like American McGee's Alice,God of War and Quake4 and 2!

  • mario_master

    the train i understand that is very annoying after 1st temple

  • bob

    Most of you complaing people do not realise that Zelda isn't just for adults, remember when you were a kid and liked Zelda? You grow up, but the game doesn't. I've been playing Zelda since I was 6 and I remember that I used to pretend to be Link and such. If the motion plus controls were out then I would've loved it twice as much as I already do. Oh and the graphics are beautiful. The graphics are probobly the best in the Zelda series. To get cel-shaded graphics that good is actually harder than realistic graphics, so who's complaining?

    • Molly

      You're not the ONLY one that does that Bob! I dream about Zelda stuff ALL THE TIME! I pretend that I'm Link,Zelda,Cole,And Midna!

  • Lucas

    i think that the combat system seems a little challenging buit of course people will eventually get a hold of the wii motion plus
    im excited to see the story line as all zelda games have a stunning plot

  • Molly

    Is there EVER going to be a "Zelda movie?!" They're thinking about making a "Spyro movie" though… I absoloutly LOVE the idea as a Twilight Princess movie! PLEEEEEEEASEE ANYONE answer me with some more MOVIE comments!!!!!Thankyou all that like the"Zelda Movie" idea!

  • Molly

    Midna talks another langauge! What language is she speaking in any way? It is so VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! By the way I couldn't belive it that she's actually the "Twilight Princess!" The REAL Midna looks REALLY different to the SMALL Midna! I honestly did not have ANY idea that she REALLY looked so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Molly

    I wonder who the "Special Friend" is that everyone's talking about? I don't know why but I think that MIDNA might show her face again……Who do you think the"Special Friend" is?!……..

  • Molly

    Why is Zelda called ZELDA?! She's not even the main ZELDA character anyway! Why did they have to create a "Wimpy Zelda Boy(and man)" ?! I don't even know what his NAME is!!!!!!All I know is that he's "The Green Boy"!

    • I'd rather Zelda be named Zelda than Link be…

      • Molly

        Link's a wierd name (as Linebeck says)!

    • erikSD21

      because the creator thinks that the name was epic. wimpy zelda boy? do you mean link. hes not wimpy. you are wimpy if you call him that!

      • Molly

        SORRY! I thought that at first…but now I realize that he's HOT!!!!!(in TP). Who WOULD come up with "Link" as a name anyway?!

  • Cameron

    the realease date is tommorow.Iwent to my local gamestop and figured it out

    • Zeldaboy

      shut up man.

  • ultimatezeldafan53

    does anyone know what the blue ladys name is?!

    • Molly

      I think it's something like Anouma!

      • Molly

        No silly! It's Adelle!

  • Molly

    I REEEALLY hope that the last zelda game is the BEST! PLEEEEEASE with awesome music! (including the Demon Train soundtrack)! I would like it if in the final battle if ALL of the zelda character such as: Midna,Zelda,Tetra,Embrer,Ferrus etc, would make the final battle AMAZING! And imagion Link and Zelda KISSING?!!

    • erikSD21


      • Molly


  • Molly

    I have a little story called "The Dark Sage". Please read if you have some time!

    Link has a dream about Cole in the Dark Realm… Cole has apparently exposed the Twilight from Midna's world by rebuilding the mirror of Twilight. Then he uses Midna's body (instead of Zelda's) as ANOTHER vessel for Malladuse's spirit to inhabbit. Link can't belive his eyes when he sees Midna possesed by Malladus.
    Suddenly he wakes up and discovers that he's in Zelda's castle with her just staring at him. One day they both stroll through Hyrule and…..Demon Train M2 comes with Cole and Midna (Malladus)! Link soon realizes that it wasn't a dream after all. Zelda faints….

    I hope you've enjoyed my mixed up Zelda story. Please let me know if you sucked into thre action!

  • Molly

    Hey everyone! Did you know that I got my ears pierced JUST TO BE LIKE ZELDA?!! Well…I wanted them done anyway! For christmas I want Skyward Sword!!!

  • Molly

    Maby because it's prefibly "The Last Game" there will probably be some Flash Backs. They ALWAYS do it in last movies.

  • Molly

    Does anyone else like Zelda music?! I will list a few that I like: Phantom Hourglass: Boss battles(all).
    Spirit Tracks: Byrne battle,Demon Train, ColeMalladus, Tower Of Spirits Dungeon, Most Stations(Santuaries),Dark Realm, Final Battle, Underwater, FireSand Temples and Boss Music(Frazz).
    Twilight Princess: Blizetta2,Hyrule Field(both),Queen Rutella and Enimies.
    I want to download the soundtracks…but if it's possible..would anyone PLEEEEEEASE download it and post it if possible?!!! It will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!! I'll give you ALL of the zelda info you need! And I'll even type out a GREAT(made up) Zelda story ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Molly

      I forgot to list Morpheel and dragon Boss Music…….

    • Molly

      I don't expect anyone to actually DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!!! Sorry! I was just trying to ask if ANYONE ELSE likes ZELDA MUSIC TOO (please say that I'm not COMPLETELY NUTS)! Just say "Yes" and I'll be happy!

  • Molly

    Do you actually know what Z.E.L.D.A stands for?! Look!


    Did you understand that? I guess not! Because….
    Zap is: kill enimies
    Electric is: with power
    Light is: oppisite of dark
    Divertingly is: strongly
    Advanced is: practice! I'll write it in a sentence to make it CLEARER!

    Link kills enimies. He has special powers. He is chosen by Gods. Of course he's strong. And he has LOTS of practice!

  • Molly

    I've got a COOL cheat for TP! In the Goron Mines,when you're getting sucked up onto the magnetic ceiling equipt your boomerang before Link gets a chance to reach the ceiling….It'll be ALOT FASTER without those clanky boots!(after all it's a good glitch!) Try it out and you'll belive me!

  • Molly

    Can someone PLEASE give me some info about zelda OOT,MC,MM and the WW?! I've never played those games but everyone says how GOOD thet are! Anyone with the time can you please type in some main points and plots? THANKS!!!!!!

  • Molly

    I'm BORED! I've been home from school for 6 days with a flu! I've been helping my Mum play TP and I've been mostly doing this! P.S Don't have to take ANY NOTICE of this! But if you wish to replie PLEASE DO SO! No ones EVER replied to me before!

  • Molly

    Does anyone like American McGee's Alice on PC?! There's a NEW VERSION of it (comming 2011on ps3) called American McGee's Alice Madness Returns.

  • molly

    Just then,me and mum wathched the cutscene(on TP) when Link and Lila became EVIL!!!!! It was C…REEPY! Midna was “Using” him after all…

  • Molly

    My favourite zelda bosses are: Spirit Tracks:Frazz,Skeldrithch and Cole.
    Phantom Hourglass: Dinosaur(Goron Temple),Bellum1 and the 3 Sisters.
    Twilight Princess: Dragon (City In The Sky), Morpheel, Zant and the Goblin monster who rides the big Boar.

  • Molly

    I've asked Good Game about 5 times asking if they could do a review on Zelda syward sword right…I've been waiting for MONTHS and tonight(the night that I COULDN'T watch it) it was on!!!!(cry,cry) Oh well…

  • Molly

    What's the BIG DEAL about MARIO?!!! It's SOOOOO BABYISH!!!!!(no ofense to those who like it). I saw on a TV show tonight that this Japanese guy said that "He lives For MARIO!" His house is FULL of Mario stuff! I can't BELIEVE it!!!!

  • mario_master

    wow these comments have gotten way off topic. is this not a zelda site? so stay on topic of zelda. and also please no one start a fan war. another thing try and add info about skyward sword. also i agree i think the dark interlopers will be in this game because it is set in the beginning stages of hyrule. also i think the dark interlopers are the sheikah.

  • BitF Adict

    eat a poop jue dum but 🙁 you r a pice of poopielololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    • Molly


  • Molly

    Wow!!!!! That's AMAZING!!!!!!!! HELLO "Game Champion!"

  • Molly

    I've got a soundtrack called "Alter Ego" on my DSi. Even though it has NOTHING to do with "Zelda Skyward Sword" it just suits it because…say that Adelle is Link's Alter Ego. In the cover picture of zss Link's standing backwards and Adelle is right behind his shoulders. Anyway some of the lyrics of the song are: " Behind my shoulders she's trying to tell me things"! It REALLY suits this game (well I think so anyway!)

    • Molly

      Well someone might agree with me for once..oh well 🙂

  • I want a wii so i can ply skyward sword

  • masteroftheobvious

    i'm actually hoping that they put ganon in here. he just seems to be one of the many staple characters in the series. I for one didn't like bellum in phantom hourglass, and i only felt a little better about malladus in spirt tracks. my thought is, why not just have some early, but savage looking incarnation of ganon(at least this would help keep the formula of things intact).

    • Volexen

      Actualy the maludus final boss reminded me of beast ganon exept for the moves

      • Molly

        YEAH!! He IS similar!

  • masteroftheobvious

    i wonder if they're gonna have an all new, freshly built temple of time in which link finally lays down the legendary blade(as mentioned by navi!). I was always knew that somehow Oot wasn't the beginning. After all, how then, could the sword be legendary?

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  • patspence12

    Can't wait for Skyward Sword! I'm just wondering who the Navi of this game will be…

    • Molly

      Hopefully NOT MIDNA!!!

  • guest

    you gotta put ganon in skyward sword! or else it would hardly even be a zelda game at all, right?

  • zeldaluvor

    omg this will be one of the best zelda games of all time! it quite possibly become a legendary game like ocarina of time

    • Molly

      Ocawina of tiiiiiiiiime! 😉

  • Ben


  • ruben

    15 februari is the date when it comes in Holland! 😀
    I still hope the graphics are just a little tuned up!
    cuz kids grown up you know 😛
    but the only problem is that I can't wait 🙁

    • Okami

      Most likely not. No specific release date has been announced by Nintendo yet. The date you have seen is most likely a placeholder date.

  • blobking

    whoa, multiple regular(not red,blue,or purple) links at once, cool,

    • Molly

      HeY!! Link's cool in T.P you know! (oooooh!)!!! 🙂

  • mario_master

    every zelda fan would agree a realistic zelda would be awesome but if it is done like TP i would rather go with cartoonish. a perfect realistic zelda would have to be better than tp but not mass effect 3 graphics.

  • 1Question

    How is this BEFORE Ocarina of time? I am slightly confused, isn't link a kid in Ocarina? (Don't freak out at me, I don't know all that much about Zelda games)

    • AzTno

      Thera are many link not only one, link always reborns when evil arrives… 😀

      • Molly

        It DOES seem like that doesn't it?!

    • Molly

      I'll just give you some helpfull advice…(if you DON'T like "Babyish Games") ….DO NOT PLAY "OCARINA OF TIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      And YES Link IS a wimpy kid in "Tiiiiiiiime!"

      • <3 this game

        hey hey dont make fun, ocarina of time is an all time legend, phantom hourglass and spirit tracks are babyish

  • happyface231

    i cant wait but i looked on line and said well i dk but in like in a loooooong time after 2011 well well just have to wait and see im still am gonna waer my link costume when i get it oh btw HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • axle4222

    1question if you look at ocarina of time you just go to the temple of time pull the sword and dont think nothing of how the sword got there only its there and its mine this is a story on how hyrule was founded and if you look at twilight princess “hylians came from the sky”

  • -Zeldafan1

    i belive its coming out in the spring

  • MaKaR543

    skywardsword will be realesed in febuary in australia

    • Okami

      Na, Nintendo has not announced any specific release date yet. That is most likely a placeholder date you have seen.

  • Linkkid04

    The menu screen looks a lot like Twilight Princess, I'm excited to get it.

  • Volexen

    Hey do you guys ever know if they will make a remake of majoras mask please answer

  • pogo

    hey does any one think the wipp is cool or the sword beam well I think its cool hey who remebers the black link you fight ocairina of time thats fun that game my brother had to help me in but I never actully beat it isent that wierd and reply and say it to meee ya hey hey yal so ya bye

  • MLink96
  • Tim

    Huh… so we can hear characters other than Link talk???

    Wow… That is awesome!

  • Nightmare

    I went to preorder it on the walmart website, and it said should ship by july. any ideas what this means?

    • Molly

      No sorry…:-(

  • Ozl

    Cant wait to play this game!! it is actually the 9th game im going to buy for the wii

  • robbi

    i believe by playing most the games

    that this is the appearence of Malladus for first time , and this is the cause of the evil leaking out for all the games after the time line , and the only way they could fix this was creating the sword of evil bane which minda talks about in twilight princess , this game has to show how the sword is introduced as the master sword (sword of evil bane) and give us a time line before oot to make sence for spirit tracks

    sprit tracks has to be the complete ending of the evil in the game

    • Mamafucker

      Spirt Tracks was in my opinion the worst Zelda game ever.
      I understand your point, but I hope to the Triforce Malladus isn't involved at all.

      • Molly

        I really LIKE Spirit Tracks because it was the FIRST Zelda Game I ever played! I know that you'll probably be thinking :"Poor you for getting the Zelda Influence from THAT game!!!" But it gives me "Special feelings" whenever I play it. It's like say if the first Zelda game YOU ever played was Ocarina Of Tiiiiime then it would feel the same. But you can CERTAINLY think that! (it's a bit "Babyish" though and Twilight Pricess is more suited to my age level "ooooh Linky!", but it's still a fun challenge after all! 🙂

    • Molly

      MALLADUS?!!!! Cool! Did you see Cole or Byrne?!

  • molly

    I’ve been waiting for skyward sword to be realeased for over 6 months!Now I know that it’s going to be released AFTER Ocarina Of Time 3D(7th June 2011). My birthday happens to be in June, so my birthday present is going to be GREAT!!!! But my opinion on Ocarina Of Time releasing BEFORE Skyward Sword doesn’t make ANY sense though,because Skyward Sword is meant to take place BEFORE Ocarina Of Time anyway. Maybe Ocarina will be released BEFORE Skyward sword to be one of the 1st games(hopefully popular) to be launched on the 3DS.

  • Andrew

    I am happy to hear about this new game but ever since I played Spirit Tracks then I am just alot more exited about when the Zelda team make another continuation to Orcarina of Time. Just in case you guys don't know what I mean by that, I mean the games that have always been connected to Ocarina of Time. Like Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, ect. I just hope that Nintendo keeps their promise about bringing Byrne back.

    • Molly

      YEAH!! Byrne really IS a kind,epic,fast sort of character! It WOULD be good if he DOES return as well as Cole,Malladus,Ganondorf,Midna,Linebeck etc return! P.S Do you think that Byrne looks like Shiek?! His hair-style and his bandanner….

  • Molly

    Yesterday I went to the GAME shop..and they said that Skyward sword wouldn't be released untill December!!!!! I was almost CRYING!!! Christmas come QUICK!!!! You don't have to believe me…but I know that(I hope they're NOT correct) it will be released at the END of the YEAR (even though S.Miyamoto wanted to release it "Early in the YEAR")!!!!! …….OHhhh!

  • Lydia

    Yeah, I know that I'm going to get a bunch of hands down for this but I absolutely love what the new graphics look like. *gives Miyamato a high-hive*

  • Molly

    I just saw an AMAZING zelda TP trailer on youtube. I was watching(and listenenning) in awe!!! It would be a SUPER movie trailer!!!Who ever made it deserves credit!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes!!!!! PLEASE go to youtube and type in:tloztp trailer!!! It's AMAZING and you'll be in awe!!!

  • Molly

    The "NEW" Skyward Sword trailer doesn't really look good at the moment(graphics) but I'm sure they'll get better! Besides the graphics it look inviting!

    • Molly

      You think….

  • Pacito Reyes

    They should make a new zelda game that has multiplayer and young link in the game. also they should have twilights graphics.

    • Molly

      Not "Young" Link!!!!!!!!:-(


    DUDE!!! SWORD BEAMS!?!?!?!? WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM! COMM'ERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • cody

    this zelda is the worst zelda game in history the moment they put motion plus only in the game that is when they fucked up cause who the hell wants a motion controlled link that is the dumbest idea in history

  • dark_link121

    no comment usually means……..yes

  • Zeldafan

    Is Zelda in this game?

  • Innernavi

    whoa… sorry just trying to catch my breath! this sounds amazing! I'm really looking forward to the music, and the story!

  • molly

    The animation in the trailer looks a bit “Babyish” at the moment….Hopefully they’ll make the graphics better soon! Make the characters NOT UGLY!!!!!!

  • Molly

    I don't like Ocarina Of Tiiiiiiime because the graphics are TERRIBLE and it is SOOOOO BABYISH! (I'm not trying to be rude though…..) Twilight Princess is much COOLER!!! Even though Spirit Tracks is probably one of the least popular I like it because it was the first Zelda game I ever played,and it just has a special feel to it!(It brings back "Memories".)

  • Alexis

    Ooohh I hope Nintendo doesn't fail us….

  • Molly

    I have COOL posters of Link, Cynder ,Midna,Zelda and American Mcgee's Alice in my room!

  • molly

    Remember how I said that I DON’T like Link?!! Well…. I’ve got posters of him on my walls in my ROOM!!!!!

  • triforceguy1

    I recently got the new edition of ONM, and they tell us October as a release month for Skyward Sword –

  • Molly

    Thumbs UP if you think Link's HOT!

  • Molly

    I don't know why but I think that Spyro (Legend) , American McGee's Alice,God Of War,Deltora Quest (book series Emily Rodda),Narnia,Harry Potter,Bridge To Terrabithia,Spiderwick,Eragon etc are similar to Zelda. I especially like to mix Zelda,Alice and Spyro together to make an interesting story like: Alice being either Midna's or Cynder's other forms. I also pretend that Spyro has something to do with Link. Zelda,Spyro and American McGee's Alice are my top 3 all-time favourite games! I also have the soundtracks to all of these AND posters. Plus I've got EASY strategies to defeat the Centipede(Alice :"Centipede's Sanctum"),Cynder (Spyro) , Ganondorf (Zelda T.P) and other bosses!

  • molly

    I was just studying the picture of Adelle….She kind of looks similar to Midna (in a way).She has the same sort of legs,the mark on her head (I’m talking about Midna’s “True Form”),thier hair-style and something else that I can’t say or it will “ruin” the “surprise”…..

  • Molly

    Besides The Legend Of Spyro and American McGee's Alice! 🙂 Don't worry! I ALWAYS go on about these games beacause they mean ALOT to me! AND Zelda!!!;-)

  • Molly


  • Molly


  • Molly

    Twilight Princess ABSOLOUTLY…..Ocarina Of Time NO WAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!:-( I don't understand why SO MANY people LOVE IT???!!!!!


    i dont think anyone should complain until theve played the game ! zeldas never dissapointed me before and ss is being brought to us from the guy that made MINISH CAP!!!!! and i trust that this games gunna rock the world1

  • molly

    Do you think that this is STRANGE???!

    Well….in the Spirit Tracks instruction booklet it has a list of the main characters….
    It says that Byrne is Staven! That’s strange….!’

  • Robin

    it would be cool if myamoto made an zelda game where we could hear Link's voice!
    but it would be dangerous! cuz it could loose so many fans 😛

  • Molly

    Hey! Have you noticed that “Hero Of Time” annicials are: H.O.T?!!! HOT!!! Well he is in TP anyway!:-)

  • ricky

    i don't know why people r complaining about graphics miyamoto has never dissapointed and he won't start today

  • hunter104

    i want to know the charaters

  • MoonBeast

    Nintendo must be experiencing technical difficulties, there hasn't been any sign of the release date coming. the stream of info from iwata has reached an all time low from any game. so…. frustrating

  • Molly

    I REEEEEEAlly hope that Link turns into a DRAGON!!!! He’ll be AWSOME like Spyro and Cynder!:-)

  • DoctorYou

    This section of the site needs some updating! …although I expect you guys will do that after E3. 😉

  • SurfinDeku

    Orchestrated music, skysword has a good thing going for it. Just mention everquest and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Molly

    I REEEALLY hope that the Hero Of Time (H.O.T) is HOT like in T.P!!!!!!! 🙂 <3!!!!!!!


  • Molly

    The 'Game Shop' owner told me today that Skyward Sword was being…'CANCELLED' on WII!!!! 🙁 Hopefully this ISN'T TRUE!!! Anyway, there's going to be a 'NEW' Nintendo console that is 'apparently BETTER than the PS3 and X-Box360 COMBINED!!!!
    Skyward Sword better NOT be released on that! S. Miyamoto specificly said that it was going to use the 'WII' Motion Plus….!
    AND to be a 'Wii Exclusive!' ……. Even though (luckily) you can play (apparently) original wii games etc on the NEW CONSLOE!!! 🙁

  • Molly

    Even though I LOVE Zelda Music….It sounds as though The Legend Of Spyro's music is in 'better quality(for now)'. Because REAL choirs and orchestrors perform them! Also starring Rebecca Kneubuhl and Gabriele Mann! 🙂

    Also, American McGee's Alice music is NOT orchestrated,but real choirs DO perform as well as the use of: Music Boxes,Violins,LOTS of CREEEPY sound's still good! This was created by Chris Vernna!!!!

  • Does molly have a life?

    • Molly

      LOL! 🙂

    • zzz


  • Molly

    Hey! I saw a magazine article that was talking about that Link (T.P) is the 'HOTTEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVEEEER!!!!!!!' 🙂 Yayyyyy!!!! <3

    • Silver-Lynx4


  • Zelda man

    it comes out november 2

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  • <3 this game

    if im correct, i found somewhere on this website that this is a time and story before ocarina of time. If this is true, ganon is to be locked away or is in the prison within the temple of time. SO it may be a possibility that he could make an apperance in this game…any thoughts?

  • Sounds promising, I can't wait!

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  • TheIonParticle

    Sword beams not since ALttP, huh? Anyone remember Minish cap? You had sword beams then. And another thing, wasn't the master sword created by the sages to combat Ganon when he got the Triforce of Power? So… If the Skyward Sword is the Master Sword does that mean the sages existed before Skyward Sword and every other Zelda game took place? Hmm…
    If Nintendo can pull this off, it's gonna a-freaking-mazing!

  • TheIonParticle

    Sword beams not since ALttP, huh? Anyone remember Minish cap? You had sword beams then. And another thing, wasn't the master sword created by the sages to combat Ganon when he got the Triforce of Power? So… If the Skyward Sword is the Master Sword does that mean the sages existed before Skyward Sword and every other Zelda game took place? Hmm…
    If Nintendo can pull this off, it's gonna a-freaking-mazing!

    Lol, my computer was back a day, so it posted wrong.

  • Agent Spaghetti

    Please update this. This used to be my go-to place to check out what was new for Skyward Sword, but now this is horribly outdated. Someone update this, please.

  • Justin

    I am dying of anticipation. I just can't wait for this game…. Gahhhhhhh. It will be the best one yet… I just know it.

  • Mike

    The idea of impressionistic art style alone is a selling piont for me personally. In a way I do kinda hope they do release it on the new console, could you imagine a Zelda game in 1080. T.P. blew me away when I saw it for the first time. I freakin can’t wait to see Skyward Sword. I can agree that graphics don’t make the game, but why not have the best of both worlds. Nothing makes me want to play a video game more than a Zelda game. Why should it be anything less than the top of the line. Oh yah and having real orchestrated music, sweeeet. Running and potions without stoping, sweeeeet. Ohhhh my sweet elvish Princess Zelda, its been too long!!! I’m comin’ to save you baby LOL

  • SKYWARD SWORD!!!!!!!

    SKYWARD SWORD!!!!!!!! or just look at my name.

  • A Stink To The Past

    It's about time you update this article.

  • MrsLinkMrZelda

    ganon is not there

  • blah

    There is voice acting in skyward sword. Zelda Sings!!!

  • the magic ilixer

    yayho only ten more days till relese and i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :b

  • Stag

    I have the game and its amazing. I already commented on a Youtube Video about how i think it ties in most with Twilight princess. I honestly do believe its a prequal before TP not before OoT.

    Btw the antagonizer is awesome >:D lol.

    The "Skyward Sword's" Name is Fi, the girl in the background of the concept art.

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