It’s been a while since we’ve added some new tunes to our soundtrack section, hasn’t it? Well then, it’s about time we announced the immediate availability of a new soundtrack, entitled Zelda: The Music. The album is a Japan-exclusive combination of music from all sorts of Zelda games, ranging from the very first Legend of Zelda up to The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures. The soundtrack was generously donated to ZU by Shaelyn, who also translated all the track names for us from Japanese into English. In addition, scans of the entire booklet have been made available, since those were also given to us!

You can download the new soundtrack in ZU’s Zelda Soundtracks section. Alternatively, you can click the album art in the upper left corner of this post to go straight to the new OST. Happy downloading!

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  • ChainofTermina

    (drooling) must…. have it. love… music. love… zelda. must. have. soundtrack!

  • ChainofTermina

    (drooling) must… have it. love… music. love… zelda. must. have. zelda. music. MUST HAVE ZELDA SOUNDTRACK!

  • ChainofTermina

    (returns from soundtrack page) WHOA!! I didn't know all this was here!

  • Cory

    Whenever I try to Download it says my key expired…

    • Shaelyn

      I get this when I download a bunch of songs at once. if you're attempting the same, try downloading one at a time.

  • DarkMajora

    I got this CD at an anime convention last year. Nice to see it has finally been noticed in America. The only problem is the songs only play through once and don't loop so their very short. Track 70 is simply amazing. Zelda music FTW! If I find any more Zelda CDs at any future anime conventions I'll make sure to ask about it.

  • Vijay Rings

    OMG I've got to get this

  • Ooo! I have this! Time to laugh in the face of those who don't! Hahahahahah!!!

  • Aria

    ANYONE LIVING IN TEXAS!! The Movie Trading Co. has this album, just come in and look in the Soundtrack section. Vintage Stock, located in other states, may have copies as well…

    I'm not trying to advertise, I just know they are there

    • Shaelyn

      really! …I actually bought my copy at the State Fair of Texas. I had no idea this album was at stores – I was expecting the anime conventions would have it, and that'd be about it. also has it, btw.

  • veeronic

    hm… thought it was orchestrated remixes of them… a lil dissapointing considering I already have most of those…. lol

  • Kaylee

    I found this at an anime convention this weekend. I didn't see it there last year, and I always check. Also trying to get my hands on the Majora's Mask soundtrack. I already have the download for MM, but I would like the CD itself if I can ever find the darn thing. I always assume that if you can't find it to buy it, then they're not really losing your money if you download it. I just wish they were more available.