After polling the denizens of our Facebook group on what our poll should be, we chose this poll about the next E3. Be sure to rock the vote and tell us your opinion!

The results to our previous poll show some interesting statistics –  it seems that Spirit Tracks has some fairly large support from ZU, and it also seems that quite a large number of us miss watching Thomas the Tank Engine! Hit the jump for the numerical poll results.

1st (43.0%, 673 Votes): It looks like a lot of fun, I’m definitely going to buy it!
(25.0%, 392 Votes): It looks okay, but also looks too similar to Phantom Hourglass.
3rd (25.0%, 386 Votes): A train?? If I was interested in riding a magical train, I would be watching Thomas the Tank Engine!
(8.0%, 121 Votes): It looks too “casual” – I want more of a challenge!
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