Hello, everyone! I’m incredibly pleased to announce the the Super Smash Bros. Brawl section of the site is now LIVE! We’re starting off with four pages, and a fifth is coming soon. Use the scrolling games menu at the top of the site to access the SSBB section.

In there, you’ll find the following new pages:

  • Characters
  • Items
  • Stages
  • Custom Stages

The stages page is something that I especially want to show off, because it really displays the power of organization (and sheer prettiness) that the new ZU gave me and the rest of staff. Our own incredible Rew wrote the entire Stages page, and I spent a week or so fixing it up for the site, making and adding images. When you first enter the page, you’ll be taken to a grand master selection page with bunches of pretty images, that will then take you to the stage you want to find information about. The information about the stages is also organized using stuff developed for the new ZU – the SSBB section really is the first section of ZU made from the ground-up for the new site.

The Moves section is on the way, and is going to work just like the Stages section, except you’ll select a character instead of a stage. In addition, the Gallery for Super Smash Bros. Brawl right now is empty; I’ll fill it sometime soon with images that I’ve collected for the pages already up.

But what of the celebratory international ZU Brawl Tournament? A lot of you probably also want to know about the ZU Brawl Tournament I mentioned, but it’ll have to wait a bit! I’m going to come back soon and make a big newspost about it, so stay tuned and such, and enjoy the new Brawl section in the meantime! We’re not “official” like Smash Bros. Dojo, but hopefully you’ll find that our pages give more detailed information than you could ever find there. And if we don’t, then there’s always a way to tell us.