If you weren’t aware, Nintendo’s been in a bit of hot water lately. Facing a $21 million lawsuit, it has been accused by Anascape (some company in, where else, Texas) of pirating their software and, as such, took Nintendo to court to make a quick buck. Don’t you hate it when people just sue at the slightest chance of making money?

Well, it seems Nintendo lost its case, as Judge Ron Clark, the district judge of the case, ruled in favor of Anascape, and is expected to announce a ban on both the Nintendo WaveBird and Classic controllers soon. Now, Nintendo will of course appeal this ruling, and can still sell the controllers until the appeal is tried, but the fact is that unless they do something they could be forced to pay this Anascape royalty fees for every Wii Classic controller ever made and that will ever be made.

I’m really getting tired of these retarded lawsuits. Anascape is in a different country, doesn’t even have a webpage… How could Nintendo even rip them off? Anyways, a more in-depth article can be found below, so check it out and begin priming your hate mail towards these people for threatening the production of the Wii to make some money.

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  • NocturneLink

    Wow all this just for money. Shame on them I guess >_>.

  • Cody

    Blargh :<

  • MazeMe

    Nintendo should just buy Anascape. They don’t cost that much(I think), and besides that, Sony would have to pay Nintendo for every Playstation controller sold. Microsoft has to pay for the Xbox controllers too, I think.

    Come on, Nintendo, show your balls and do a hostile takeover… or just a barrel roll if the takeover is too much.

  • zfan121

    I hate to sound negitive here. But I have to say that I saw this coming. Seriously people get over it, the fact that Wii and DS and DS lite have been pwning the compitition in GLOBAL sales. So it was only a matter of time before some sad pissed third party (atari, ea, sony ext.)company pulled a stunt like this. True people pull this all the time, remember all those adds about the Wii being “dangerous” when it first came out. They all turned out to be mostly fake. Then Soney pulled the ‘it’s our idea” stunt on their six axis controller, but we all know that the wii has eight axis’s not six. All I’m saying is put shame on them if you want, but just get some popcorn a soda and watch the show.
    Nintendo has never been one to take this kind of crap lying down. At least..court crap anyway. 😆

  • Ferilink

    Waah, but i haven’t even bought my wii yet, and don’t get me started on controllers D: oh man this sucks -w-;

    Okay, I’ll just steal my friend’s controllers :B

    I’m kinda annoyed at this company, but whatever, I did see it coming eventually, I just didn’t foresee the ban.

  • facepalm.jaypeg


  • ZFG

    Just my luck, I need a new wavebird because mine is ****ing up. I hope I can buy another before the ban (or hope the ban doesn’t happen).

  • This person is a jerk. He patented a controler, but never used it to earn a cent. I have to admit it though, it’s pretty smart. Make one or two patents, never use them, wait until a huge company uses the patents without permission, wait until they get rich off them, then sue them for all the money they made off of them and more. It’s pretty brilliant. He technically has the right to do it. But the guy’s a scumbag. He’s the one sueing Nintendo. Anascape is just a fake front he’s using to sound legit. He should feel pretty ashamed.

  • vawn08

    Hold up, people!! If you actually read the article, the ban is on the wavebird and the Wii CLASSIC controler, not the Wii remote!….

    As far as I go, this whole thing isn’t a tragedy as much as it’s just idiotic. This half-brained company is suing over a controller that isn’t even using any abnormal or advanced technology in the first place.

    • We know it’s not the wii mote. We’re talking about Gamecube Wavebirds and the Wii Classic Controler.

      • vawn08

        That’s not the impression I get from some of the comments up there.

  • Ferilink

    I was talking about the classic ones too, i never owned a gamecube so I don’t have any type of controller xD! not the classic not the wii xD

  • zfan121

    *get’s popcorn* ROFL guys this’s what I’m talking about! I meant when the wii first came out. 😆 All those reports about the wii remote being “Dangerous” just cuz the cord snapes a couple times, and did you notice how quickly Nintendo fixed that little quarl? You people seem to start catfights over some silly things.

  • Outlaw

    Who wants to send 10,000,000,000,000 messages to anascape? If they even have a website I doubt they do.!!!

  • Change it up


    I seriously want to do "something" to Anascape right now. Why the hell are companies that don't exist always doing this? They should really change the pantent law so that if you patent something and don't renew it every couple of years, you lose the patent.

    Of course, even if the ban does go into effect, you know Nintendo will just make a legally distinct version of the Classic Controller

  • Apple

    … interesting

  • kelogg

    It could be very possible that Nintendo did steal the schematics. Just because they make wonderful love with video games doesnt mean they dont do dirty things.

  • Shield Eater

    Only in America. *sigh*

  • Objective

    You guys do realise Nintendo is a billion dollar company that was fined €149 million a few years ago for their business tactics in Europe, and that was a year after the Gamecube was released (which, if you need reminding, didn’t sell all too well)?

    Now that they’re market leaders in the home console and handheld divisions, they could’ve afforded the $21 million for this no problem. And all of you saying Anascape’s after a fast buck? He owns some of the patents (translation: thought up some of the ideas) that have been used to help make Nintendo and other companies filthy rich! Don’t tell me none of you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing in his position, he deserves some credit!

    And this “Only in America/Texas” talk, I think you’ll find patent infringement is taken pretty seriously the world over. Regardless of whether Nintendo actively ripped off his ideas or merely invented them without knowing they’d already been done, they have people whose job it is to specifically sort these matters out (file patents, check to see if they’re infringing anything, etc.) and I’ve no doubt they knew about it before they went into production.

    Now I do love Nintendo (well, since that sub-par E3, we’ll wait and see), and don’t get me wrong, but you’ve got to take an objective viewpoint every once in a while. Nintendo is ultimately a multi-national company, and they do what multi-national companies are wont to do…

    • Yeah, guys. He made the patents, so he OWNS the ideas. Their technically his, whether he ever made anything with them or not. Since he made the patents, they’re his and he can do whatever he wants with them. Technically Nintendo broke the law, and has to pay. Though it was a little late to sue after years of being on the market(which is pretty scumbagish), he hasn’t done anything to break the law.

    • IndiGo-Go Zora

      yea, i would have done the same thing in his situation. But i’m a total a-hole! Whether or not the law says he can do it or not, doesnt make it right.

      Im sure the guy figured out a long time ago that nintendo was using his technology, so why is this only coming up now? Its simple, nintendo could have paid him like, 50 thousand in royalty fees, and then just changed the controller so it was not infringing. But no, this guy waits til nintendo sold 21 millions worth of copies, then he sues.

      no matter how much it is his right by law, it doesnt make it right to steal from someone just because they “stole” something from you, which you werent even using, and they didn’t even know they were stealing.

      Did you know every doctor in this country lives in constant fear of being sued? Some doctors say that they will run, unnecesary and potentially harmful tests on their patients just to make sure that they dont miss anything that they could get sued for. sueing somebody is not right just because its within the law.

      ps: Does anybody have some way we can contact anascape? >_<

      • Objective

        One point at a time:

        “Im sure the guy figured out a long time ago that nintendo was using his technology, so why is this only coming up now?”
        Because this is how long legal processes take, especially when you’re a small company taking on multi-nationals.

        “no matter how much it is his right by law, it doesnt make it right to steal from someone just because they “stole” something from you”
        What is this guy stealing from Nintendo? He’s just trying to get his fair share of the huge pile of cash Nintendo have made with the help of some of his ideas

        “which you werent even using”
        Well this is why patents exist, so people who don’t have the means to put their ideas into production can sell them to people who do.

        “and they didn’t even know they were stealing.”
        As I explained earlier, I really doubt Nintendo didn’t realise they were infringing this chap’s patents before they went into production. They just thought they’d get away with it.

        I’m not quite sure I follow your doctor analogy. I know we live in a compensation culture and it’s not right, but that’s not the issue here. A multi-national, multi-billion dollar company tried to save a bit of cash by screwing a little guy and got caught. I’m not trying to paint Nintendo to be some big evil baddie, but they are a business and they answer to shareholders who want nothing more than a return on their investment.

  • Nitramtj

    That’s a very good point but are you sure that Nintendo really stole the design from Anascape? Sure Nintendo can brush this off so I don’t feel too sorry for them but it still seems a little rude. (although $149 million is a lot more than $20)

  • Pissed Nintendo Fan

    Hmmm… nintendo may have stole their controller design but what proof do they have! What did this controller look like and what parts, components were used to build this?! Any way if they even do have some, all their doing is like what casinos do best at!

    This company is Retarded! SHAME ON THEM! This hardware is almost never used any more is pretty old already don’t patents ware off if the product isn’t ever used for years! SHAME ON LAW ITSELF!

    Any way this is LEGALIZED STEALING!

    Simple as that! They get these millions of dollars from Nintendo easy and get away Scott free! Man I really F**king hate companies like these just trying rip some high bucks off of other companies to just fuel for their own businesses! Seriously I’d write 1 000 000 000 000 spam or hate e-mails to this Most-hated? Anascape company! I just hope Nintendo can recover from retarded acts like these!

    Boy anascape has lost a sh*t load of respect and customers! Sorry but I have no respect for people trying to back stab others!

    • Objective

      are you a bit slow or something? you’re talking about ripping people off and backstabbing like it’s something nintendo never did! sony and microsoft settled out of court because they knew they were in the wrong.

  • Patents are there for a reason. Whether they use it or not, the one that files it is in full ownership. If I created an idea, reserved it, and a company steals it to gain profit, I’d be mad too.

    I hate suing as well, but oh well. It’s done and it’s illegal. Morality is no place for the law system because of it’s opinionated nature.

    I don’t have either, so it doesn’t effect me. I’m sure Nintendo will come up with a new controller either way and continue to support the classic one, jsut not sell new ones.

  • The Maverickk

    What I always find ridiculous though is how patents can be applied to any idea.

    Say I came up with an idea for a video game controller that used 3 analog stick… and then BAM!! set for life the moment a company chooses to try and create a controller like that.

    I just think it’s funny cause the Anascape people really are just exploiting something that they knew would eventually be implemented by other companies.

    I mean it’s fairly simple to see how technology grows and what direction it’s going in. So I mean anyone with the proper knowledge could come up with a patent for something they know inevitably be created by a company.

    Then when they do, BAM… strike from the corner claiming infringement. it’s easier then creating the controller yourself and trying to sell it…. let someone else do all that work, and then you just claim ownership over their hardwork because of some similarities.

    All the while they didn’t have to risk any of their own money on anything to make their patent a reality.

  • Eilsow

    I think I should clarify something about this. It’s not the controller itself, that was patented, it’s the analog stick. Sony and Microsoft were sued by the same guy, but they settled outside of court. Nintendo decided to take it to court. Nintendo used this guy’s analog stick design without his permission. Now this guy wants his rightfully fair share of the money Nintendo made off of it.

  • Wiida13

    I already have 4 classic controlers. What are they going to do bust into everyones house and look for illegal controllers.

  • Seablue

    Shakes head.

  • Twilit_Midna

    What??!? What was the reason Nintendo was sued?? I was thinking of getting the classic controller, too! And we have a wavebird; What will happen to all the people that still have controllers to be banned? This is totally rediculous!

  • Scatman v2

    Man I was thinking of getting a 2nd Wavebird….MAN!!!!!!

  • Anascape is a patent squatter, nothing more. Nintendos original designs (early designs were being worked on even before the release of the orignal NES, SNES, N64, etc…) were being created before the true patent holder (which is not Anascape but a person from (I believe) Colorado filed.

    The patents themselves are extremely vague.

    It’s like filing a patent for a “heat coil”, waiting 10 years, and then suing everyone who (independently) designs and makes stoves, electric grills, toasters, pizza ovens, electric blankets, heated socks, heated seats, hair dryers, curling irons, etc…

    The patent holder is the one in truth stealing, by creating and holding a very vague patent they are thereby able to go after anyone who may have independently designed something similar (or/and better). The patents and person themselves were unknown before the farce of a lawsuit, no one could have knowingly “stolen” the designs, because virtually no-one knew they even existed. Let alone that Nintendo is based in a different country, even further removing them from the possible knowledge base.

    In truth, Anascape likely stole the design idea, and filed the vague patents with intent to eventually sue Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and similar.

  • scottwalker