If you weren’t aware, Nintendo’s been in a bit of hot water lately. Facing a $21 million lawsuit, it has been accused by Anascape (some company in, where else, Texas) of pirating their software and, as such, took Nintendo to court to make a quick buck. Don’t you hate it when people just sue at the slightest chance of making money?

Well, it seems Nintendo lost its case, as Judge Ron Clark, the district judge of the case, ruled in favor of Anascape, and is expected to announce a ban on both the Nintendo WaveBird and Classic controllers soon. Now, Nintendo will of course appeal this ruling, and can still sell the controllers until the appeal is tried, but the fact is that unless they do something they could be forced to pay this Anascape royalty fees for every Wii Classic controller ever made and that will ever be made.

I’m really getting tired of these retarded lawsuits. Anascape is in a different country, doesn’t even have a webpage… How could Nintendo even rip them off? Anyways, a more in-depth article can be found below, so check it out and begin priming your hate mail towards these people for threatening the production of the Wii to make some money.

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