James: I apologize for the lateness of answering these questions, life and all. Considering the first question on this mailbag is from March of this year. Hopefully, I will get these out on Wednesdays all the time. That is the goal and all. Without further ado, here is the new mailbag.

Otherwise, the Mailbag for July 2, 2008 is contained within:

Matthew writes

What would you think about a 3D remake of a handheld Zelda or “A Link To The Past”.I for one would love to fight the Hyrule Khights in 3D.

James writes

I would say I would love to see them, but I won’t hold my breath on seeing anytime soon. Those brass types at Nintendo love to say they see the future first rather than the past.


“Well, consider this. That was 1982, and that’s really all they had to work with back in that day. While they could pull of puppets, I don’t think it fit the series as well as live action, anime, or CGI could accomplish. Puppetry is good for comedy and what Sesame Street or shows of that nature, but not for Zelda.”-James

Dear James,

have you ever seen the Dark Crystal? here’s a Trailer here

that movie wasn’t made with puppetry because that was the only thing they had. They chose to make it that way. I am sure much of it would be the same as it is if was released in this era of GCI. I know puppetry is good for comedy and such things, but Dark Crystal is deffinatly NOT in the same group as Sesame Street. I am not trying to start an arguement. I just think a Zelda in the same style as the Dark Crystal would be a cool way to transport Zelda to the big screen and be different than the usual video game movie adaptaion

James writes

I have not seen Dark Crystal and I checked out that trailer for a little bit. I don’t think that kind of puppetry would work, maybe if it were updated for present day maybe. You also have to realize that people want more realism nowadays (see the Wind Waker/Twilight Princess debates). They could pull it off, but I think more people would prefer either live acting or CGI.

Chaoskiller22 writes

hey for the creators of this website just wondering where u built this website or did you make it from hand not using a previous website making site.

James writes

All that you need to know is Right Here.

Keaton writes

What do you prefer? The classic Zelda games, or the 3D Zelda games? And why?

James writes

I would probably say both, for different reasons. 2D, because my first Zelda game I played (and beat) was Link’s Awakening. The 3D games are just as great, because they are more expansive and detailed and somewhat more challenging.

ChainofTermina writes

1. Throughout the years I’ve seen many pictures of wind waker Link with orange sleeves. why are there so many pictures of wind waker Link with orange sleeves? and why did nintendo change them to light green, aparently at the the last minute? I kinda think he loks better with orange sleeves, don’t you? even the tv commercial for wind waker, Link had orange sleeves. What’s the dily-o?

2. Are Holodrum and Lybrinia diferent demensions or different parts of the planet that Hyrule is on?

3. I was just wondering, if you guys are gonna do anything for Oot’s 10 year anniversary? Of course, I don’t know what month Oot came out so, that may have already passed. Still if it’s not to late, you should do something. it is this year right? Oot came out 1998, right? it’s 2008, ten years later.us you guys gotta do something, please?

James writes

1. I really don’t know. I have never seen the pictures of the orange sleeves, but it was probably just one of those last minute decisions made by the people behind the scenes. Probably, to match the clothes of the Hero of Time, since that is the reason why Link is dressed the way he is.

2. I believe they are parallel universes to Hyrule, since you see a lot of people from Hyrule and other aspects. But I am not really the expert in that field.

3. It was November of 1998. I mentioned the idea, and will remention it, but we are currently unaware of what we might do. Maybe i’ll write an article that week, I don’t know.

Morpheel Man writes

I actually foung ZU when I was looking for a Zelda podcast! I subsribed to ZCast, but was disappointed when it was for some random forum. But the guys were so darn funny, and it sounded so interesting, that I joined! 🙂

So. Anyway, I have listened to Podcast # 1 about…*Thinks to self*…maybe seven times!!!!! But listening to again and again makes me super impatient for # 2! So when’s it being released? I can’t wait!

I have also pondered over Margar’s line, “There WILL be a next time….”

James writes

I posted you message to the folks, and they appreciated it. Thanks.

Lynne writes

I love the winder-waker and Twilight Princess the best! But I am here to see if something is true;

In the game of Twilight Princess, people say there is a difference of Minda’s eye patch thing. They say on the wii version that Minda’s left eye is covered but in the gamecube version they say Minda’s right eye is covered. Which is true, or is it not true at all? And I loved Minda’s desperate hour ^^

James writes

What is the winder-waker? But on your question, both are true. The Wii version is a mirror of Gamecube version. This was a big debate when the game came out, because Link is a lefty, but the mirror made him a righty.

Chain of Termina writes

Do you have to be a member of the site to submite Fan fiction? cause I got some good ideas but have’t really joined the site. so can I submite fan fanfiction anyway? and how do you submite it?

James writes

You did when we had Joomla, I am unsure what we are doing with the fanfiction now.

Blake Meyers writes

Hey guys, I’m planning on making a add for a zelda related anime me and a friend of mine are working on. You know what the hardest thing to do is? (without an emulator) Finding screenshots or in-game videos! I know it might not be possible but could you guys get some in-game vids and put them on the sight. Now I’m not demanding this, but it’d be an awesome feature. It would work like this.
1:A user posts a request of what they’re after.

2:You guys could “try” to get what they need.

3:You could then post it up in a section of the sight so other people could see it, letting the person that requested it (in-game vid, pic, whatever.)before you put it up.

I’m not saying you guys should break copyright laws to fill the requests, that’s just stupid. But sense you guys are tight with Nintendo maybe they’d let you do it. (well..to a point anyway you could limit the number of times a person can request period.) So what do you guys think? It’d be fun, and it’ll pull a lot of people to the sight!

James writes

I believe we are working on posting some videos, but not of older games gameplay. If you want to contact Jason about your request, he may look into it.

Del Kosteniuk writes

link is one of my favourite video game characters and it is cool how he changes in every game. the creators of link must have worked very hard in making him. Just thought i should share about what I thought of him

James writes

Thank you for your thoughts.

zfan121 writes

Well I’ve been thinking an awfull lot about this. What do you guys think about having a fan fic section? Well not a thread but a section exclusively for that topic. A place where you could post your work, talk about what gave you the idea, exct. I mean, it’s not like you have to do it but it wold be a cool idea?

James writes

Well… considering it already exists and runs fluidly says that your idea rocks, you just need to open your eyes.

formula1 writes


THey are making a Zelda mod for the PC and they mentioned a bit about a sort of four swords multiplayer in their forum

James writes

Thank you for mentioning that. That is all.

Blake Meyers writes

Hey, here’s an idea. A lot of fans come here to see zelda pics fan fics, fan art exct. But there’s one important thing missing. Tunes! There’s no zelda song section, you could download and upload your own zelda themed tunes here. That’d be sweet! Come on, do you have any idea how hard it is to find the zelda tune you want even on the net? Even the sites that do have them hardly ever have exactly what you’re looking for. Galada Hotel has some stuff but sense you guys are tight with Nintendo you might be able to get ALL of them if needed right? That’d be pretty cool.

James writes

It’s one of those things we have trouble with. Music takes up space and bandwidth that we have trouble keeping up with. That’s why we don’t have them right now. We might try to put them up again in the future, but we’ll see.

zfan121 writes

Hey guys, there’s this thread about what avatar character are you? I just took the test a while back (Like ten seconds ago) and had an idea. You guys should have a few things like this on the site, not like personality tests like this one. But just tests for genral Zelda facts. Things like “How old is Link in OOT?” or something to that affect. Also, why don’t you guys find the thread and take the test yourself. I got Katara, & I’m a guy. But it is just a personality quiz though, so no big deal. (I’m actually relieved I didn’t get Sokka) I’m actually proud though, there’s not too many people like her in the real world…er uh well NVM that though.(She’s too young for me anyway. :lol:)

James writes

Umm… I think that’s what Quizilla or whatever is for. We are going for more of a serious tone here, while trying to have some fun with it. That’s just silly.