1 Great Fairy Mask

Step 1: Find the Stray Fairy in Clock Town.There is one Stray Fairy lost in Clock Town. You can find the Stray Fairy hovering over the Laundry Pool during the day or in the center of East Clock Town at night.
Step 2: Visit the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock TownBring the Stray Fairy to the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town while playing as Link (not while transformed).
Step 3: Restore the Great Fairy.When you visit the Great Fairy Fountain after finding the Stray Fairy, the Great Fairy will be restored to her original form. She will give you the Great Fairy Mask as a reward.

2 All-Night Mask

Step 1: Stop Sakon from robbing the Old Lady from the Bomb ShopSakon will attempt to rob the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop at 12:30am on the night of the First Day in North Clock Town. If you are in North Clock Town at this time, attack Sakon with the sword to make him drop the stolen goods. The first time you prevent the robbery, you are rewarded with the Blast Mask. There is no reward for saving the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop additional times, but you must prevent the robbery for the All Night Mask to become available (even if you already have the Blast Mask).
Step 2: Purchase the All-Night Mask at the Curiosity Shop.The Curiosity Shop will sell the All-Night Mask for 500 rupees on the night of the Final Day.

3 Blast Mask

Step 1: Prevent Sakon from stealing the Bomb Bags.The Old Lady from the Bomb Shop enters North Clock Town at 11:30 on the night of the first day. Follow her until Sakon steals her bag. Attack Sakon with the sword to make him drop the bag; then, Sakon will leave Clock Town.The Old Lady from the Bomb Shop will reward you the Blast Mask.

4 Bremen Mask

Step 1: Listen to Guru-Guru’s confession.On the night of the First Day or Second Day, speak to Guru-Guru at the Laundry Pool. After you have listened to his story, he will give you the Bremen Mask.

5 Bunny Hood

Step 1: Travel to the Cucco Shack in Romani Ranch.Travel to Romani Ranch between 6:00am and 8:00pm and enter the Cucco Shack: the building decorated with images of Cuccos at the back of the ranch.
Step 2: March with the Cucco chicks.Put on the Bremen Mask and march around the area until 10 Cucco chicks (all of them) are following you. Once all of the Cucco chicks are gathered, they will immediately change into full grown Cuccos as you march.  Thankful that you have granted his last wish, Grog, the man sitting nearby, will reward you with the Bunny Hood.

6 Troupe Leader’s Mask (Circus Leader’s Mask)

Step 1: Help Toto with a sound check at the Milk Bar.Enter the Milk Bar in Clock Town after 10:00pm on the night of the First Day or Second Day. Inside, speak to Toto, the zora standing near the stage. Agree to help him with a sound check as Link and again while wearing the Deku Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask. After you have played each part of the song, Gorman, the man sitting at the bar, will be moved to tears and give you the the Circus Leader’s Mask.

7 Mask of Truth

Step 1: Find all the Gold Skulltula Spirits in the Swamp Spider House.The Mask of Truth is the reward for collecting all 30 Gold Skulltula Spirits in the Swamp Spider House. Please reference our complete Swamp Spider House walkthrough for the locations of all 30 Gold Skulltulas.

8 Don Gero’s Mask

Step 1: Light all the torches in the Goron Shrine.After you have played the Goron Lullaby for the Goron Elder’s Son in the Goron Shrine, light a Deku Stick and quickly run down throughout the shrine and light all of the torches before any of them can burn out. When all of the torches are lit, the chandelier hanging from the roof will begin to spin.
Step 2: Break the ornaments on the chandelier.While wearing the Goron Mask, begin rolling in the Goron Elder’s Son’s room, and roll off the ramp and smash into the pot-like ornaments hanging from the chandelier. It may take several tries, but one of the ornaments contains a rock sirloin.
Step 3: Deliver the rock sirloin to the hungry goron in the Mountain Village.Pick up the rock sirloin, and carry it to the Mountain Village. Near the path leading to Snowhead, there is a cold and hungry goron standing on a cliff wearing a green mask. Throw the rock sirloin to the hungry goron, and he will give you Don Gero’s Mask.

9 Kamaro’s Mask

Step 1: Play the Song of Healing to Kamaro.Exit North Clock Town into Termina Field after 12:00am and before 6:00am. Walk northwest and listen for music near the giant mushroom-shaped stones. Kamaro can be found dancing on top of the giant mushroom-shaped stone that is nearest to Clock Town. Jump on top of the mushroom-shaped stone and play the Song of Healing to receive Kamaro’s Mask.

10 Mask of Scents

Step 1: Rescue the Deku Princess and return her to the Deku Palace.You must defeat Odolwa in the Woodfall Temple, rescue the Deku Princess and return her to the Deku Palace before you can earn the Mask of Scents. You must complete the entire quest in the same 3 day period.If you have previously defeated Odolwa, you must re-enter the temple and defeat him again (you can teleport to the boss room from the temple entrance) in order to continue.

Step 2: Race the Deku Butler.After returning the Deku Princess to Deku Palace, jump across the lily pads to the left of the Deku Palace to enter the Deku Shrine. Inside, speak to the Deku Butler and follow him through the maze. If you successfully follow the Deku Butler through the entire maze (the Bunny Hood is helpful), he will give you the Mask of Scents.

11 Romani’s Mask

Step 1: Become Romani’s AssistantVisit Romani Ranch on the First Day (you must have a Powder Keg to enter the ranch) and speak to Romani. Agree to be tested as a possible assistant; then, shoot down all the balloons while on horseback. Agree to come back to the ranch at 2:00am to defend the ranch from the Ghosts, whom Romani refers to as “them”.
Step 2: Defend Romani Ranch from the Ghosts.Once the event begins, use the bow and arrow to shoot down every Ghost. If you let a single Ghost enter the barn, you will have to play the Song of Time and start the sidequest from the very beginning. Defend the ranch until 6:00am, and the Ghosts will disappear.
Tips for defending Romani Ranch1. Buy a Map of Romani Ranch from Tingle on Milk Road. The Ghosts will be marked as white dots on the map.
2. Play the Song of Inverted Time before the event begins. This makes the event last longer, but the Ghosts will move slower and give you more time to defeat them.
3. Wear the Bunny Hood to move more quickly during the event.
Step 3: Defend the milk shipment from thieves.Return to Romani Ranch at 6:00pm on the Second Day during the same three day cycle. Speak to Cremia, the woman with the covered wagon, and agree to ride to Clock Town with her. During the ride to Clock Town, protect the milk on the wagon from thieves using your bow and arrow. Your objective is to not allow the thieves to get close to the wagon. When you reach Clock Town, Cremia will give you Romani’s Mask as a reward for defending the milk.

12 Stone Mask

Step 1: Purchase a Red Potion or Blue Potion.Purchase a Red Potion or Blue Potion from the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop in the Southern Swamp. The shop is open from 6am to 6pm on all 3 days, but it is easiest to purchase a potion on the First Day.On the Second Day or Third Day, Kotake will leave the potion shop to search for Koume, who is lost in the Woods of Mystery. If you wait until the Second Day or Third Day, you will have to find and help Koume before Kotake will return to the shop and sell you a potion.

Step 2: Give the potion to Shiro, the invisible soldier.East of Clock Town, jump over the fences leading toward Ikana Canyon while riding Epona. There is circle of stone nearby. Use the Lens of Truth to see Shiro, a soldier, sitting in the middle of the circle of stones. Give him either a Red Potion or a Blue Potion, and he will give you with the Stone Mask.


Shiro’s location has changed in Majora’s Mask 3DShiro can no longer be found outside Ikana Canyon. Instead, he is located at the center of the Pirate Fortress, near the base of the tall watchtower.

13 Fierce Deity’s Mask

Step 1: Collect all the masks.Collect all the masks on this list.
Step 2: Give the masks to the children on the moon.When on the moon, give all your masks to the moon children wearing the remains of the bosses. Then speak with the child wearing Majora’s Mask to receive the Fierce Deity’s Mask.

14 Transformation Masks

RequiredThere are 3 transformation masks obtained during the main quest. All 3 are required to complete various puzzles in each dungeon.
Masks1.Deku Mask
2. Goron Mask
3. Zora Mask

15 Reuniting Kafei and Anju

Sidequestour masks are earned during the extensive “Reuniting Kafei and Anju” sidequest. Please reference our “Reuniting Kafei and Anju” walkthrough for a complete look at how these masks are obtained.
Masks Obtained in Sidequest1. Kafei’s Mask
2. Keaton Mask
3. Postman’s Hat
4. Couple’s Mask

16 Other Masks

RequiredThe majority of the masks you find are optional rewards, but there are 4 non-transformation masks required to complete the game.
Masks1. Captain’s Hat
2. Garo Mask
3. Gibdo
4. Giant’s Mask
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