Reuniting Kafei and Anju

1.1 Agree to begin searching for Kafei

Enter the Mayor’s Residence at 10:00am on the First Day. Speak to Madame Aroma in the Drawing Room and agree to search for her missing son, Kafei. Madame Aroma will give you Kafei’s Mask to help you in your search.

Kafei’s MaskA mask that lets you inquire about the location of a certain missing person named Kafei.

1.2 Speak to Anju and schedule a meeting

Speak to Anju, the woman behind the counter at the Stock Pot Inn, while wearing Kafei’s Mask after 2:18pm on the First Day. Anju will then tell you that she has a clue that will aide in your search. However, she doesn’t want to talk about it right then; instead, she asks you to meet her in the kitchen of the Stock Pot Inn at 11:30pm.

1.3 Attend the secret meeting with Anju

Meet with Anju in the kitchen of the Stock Pot Inn at 11:30pm, as she requested. If you aren’t able to open the front door of the Stock Pot Inn, you can still get inside by using the door on the roof. You need to use the Deku Flower in East Clock Town to reach the roof.

Speak to Anju while wearing Kafei’s Mask. She will tell you that she received a letter from Kafei. Anju has prepared a letter to send to Kafei. She asks that you deposit the letter in a mailbox and then meet Kafei on the Second Day because she is too frightened to do it herself. Agree to her request to receive the Letter to Kafei.

Letter to KafeiA heartfelt letter written by Anju. Drop it in a mailbox before collection time!

1.4 Mail Anju’s letter to Kafei

Deposit the Letter to Kafei in any mailbox in Clock Town before 6:00am on the Second Day.

2.1 Meet Kafei in the Curiosity Shop backroom

If you follow the Postman on the Second Day, you can watch him deliver the Letter to Kafei. He delivers it to a young boy wearing a mask at the Laundry Pool just before 4:00pm. After the Postman delivers the letter, follow the boy inside the door at the Laundry Pool.

Once inside, follow the stairs and speak to the mysterious masked kid. He will mention that Anju wrote about you in her letter, and specifically mentions that you are looking for Kafei. He will then ask you to keep a secret. Agree to keep the secret, and the masked boy will reveal himself to be Kafei!

Kafei will then explain plight: he was turned into a child by “a strange imp wearing a mask”, but is hiding because the mask he made for the wedding ceremony was stolen by some “prancing man with a grinning face”. Kafei will then give you the Pendant of Memories and ask you to deliver it to Anju.

Pendant of MemoriesKafei entrusted you with this cherished momento. See to it that it’s safely delivered to Anju!

Before you leave, speak with Kafei one more time to learn about the building. He is living in the backroom of the Curiosity Shop so that he can spy into the store to see if the thief shows up.

2.2 Deliver the Pendant of Memories to Anju

Quickly travel back to the Stock Pot Inn and give the Pendant of Memories to Anju. If you don’t deliver the Pendant of Memories before 12:00pm on the Third Day, Anju will evacuate Clock Town and you will be unable to proceed. If you deliver the Pendant of Memories in time, Anju will stay in Clock Town and wait for Kafei to return.

3.1 Return to the Curiosity Shop backroom

This event has changed in Majora’s Mask 3DThe door to the Curiosity Shop backroom now opens at 6:00am on the Third Day. This makes it much easier to manage the time needed to complete this quest.


The door to the Curiosity Shop backroom will unlock again at 1:00pm on the Third Day. Enter the backroom and speak to the Man from Curiosity Shop. He will explain that Kafei saw the thief in the Curiosity Shop on the night of the Second Day; a regular customer named Sakon who lives in Ikana Canyon.

The Man from Curiosity Shop will then give you the Keaton Mask and ask that you deliver the Special Delivery to Mama to Madame Aroma, Kafei’s mother.

Keaton MaskThe mask of the ghost foxes. If you wear this, maybe you’ll even get to meet one! Maybe?


Special Delivery to MamaKafei’s note to his mother. A delivery this special calls for top speed!

3.2 Deliver the Special Delivery to Mama

Two possible outcomesThis event has two options, and each leads to a different reward. You must complete the quest a second time to receive both rewards.

Option 1: Have the Postman deliver the letter

Give the Special Delivery to Mama to the PostmanEnter the post office after 3:00pm and speak with the Postman. Give him the Special Delivery to Mama and he will leave the post office and head towards the Milk Bar.
Follow the Postman to the Milk BarFollow the Postman to the Milk Bar. He will arrive at 4:00pm and spend one hour inside. You can follow him inside the Milk Bar to witness the delivery, but it is not required.
Speak to the Postman when he leaves the Milk BarThe Postman will leave the Milk Bar at 5:00pm and walk toward the East Clock Town gate, but he will stop near the gate before leaving. Speak to him to receive his thanks and the Postman’s Hat. He will then run into Termina Field.
Postman’s HatPart of a certain municipal worker’s official uniform. You can look in mailboxes when you wear this.

Option 2: Deliver the letter yourself

Step 2: Hand deliver the Special Delivery to MamaOn night of the Third Day, enter the Milk Bar and speak to Madame Aroma while wearing Kafei’s Mask. Then, give her the Special Delivery to Mama. She will reward you with a bottle of Chateau Romani.
Bottle of Chateau RomaniChateau Romani will grant you unlimited Magic Power until you play the Song of Time. You can reuse the empty bottle once the milk is gone.

3.3 Infiltrate Sakon’s Hideout

Sakon’s Hideout is at the southern end of Ikana Canyon, but the doorway is impenetrable. The only way to get inside is to wait for Sakon to open the door when he returns home. Kafei is already at Ikana Canyon waiting for Sakon to arrive, but he needs your help to successfully infiltrate Sakon’s Hideout. Sakon will open the Hideout door at 7:00pm on the Third Day; you need to arrive before that time.

Arriving on time can be a little tricky if you have not activated the owl statue in Ikana Village. If you are able to warp to Ikana Village, use the Song of Soaring to quickly arrive at your destination. If not, you’ll have to ride Epona from Clock Town to Ikana Canyon; the Inverted Song of Time is very helpful.

When you reach Sakon’s Hideout, you will find Kafei hiding behind a rock nearby. You need to hide behind the rock with Kafei until Sakon arrives. If Sakon sees you, he will run away and you will be unable to infiltrate the Hideout.

When Sakon opens the Hideout, Kafei will run inside; follow him.

Inside Sakon’s Hideout, Kafei will immediately locate his mask, but he carelessly steps on a switch as he walks forward to grab it. The switch turns on a conveyor belt that slowly moves the mask toward a hole in the back of the Hideout. You have a limited amount of time to reach the other side of the Hideout and retrieve the mask before it falls out of reach.

For this segment, you will alternate between playing as Link and Kafei. As Link, you defeat enemies to open Kafei’s door; as Kafei, you step on switches that change the speed of the conveyor belt and open Link’s door.

Retrieve the Sun Mask

Step 1 (Link): Step on the blue switchAt the start of the event, Kafei asks Link to step on a blue switch so that he can move deep into the Hideout. Step on the switch.
Step 2 (Kafei): Push a block onto the blue switchThe first puzzle is simple; a blue switch is surrounded by large blocks. Push any of the blocks onto the switch to open Link’s door.
Step 3 (Link): Defeat one Deku BabaThe only enemy blocking Link’s path is a single Deku Baba. Quickly defeat it with a sword strike to open Kafei’s door.
Step 4 (Kafei): Step on the blue switchThis room is a maze of colored switches. Stepping on the yellow switches will slow down the conveyor belt moving the mask for a few seconds; stepping on a red switch will speed up the conveyor belt for a few seconds. You need to step on the blue switch in the bottom right corner to open Link’s door, but you can easily step on a yellow switch along the way to give yourself more time.
Step 5 (Link): Defeat two Deku BabasLink’s second challenge is two Deku Babas. Once again, quickly defeat them with sword strikes to open Kafei’s door.
Step 6 (Kafei): Push a block onto the blue switchKafei’s final puzzle is the one most likely to confuse you. You need to push a block onto the blue switch while avoiding the red switch. First, push the left-most block down. Then, pull the center block onto the yellow switch. Last, walk around and push the bottom-center block onto the blue switch to open Link’s door.
Step 7 (Link): Defeat a WolfosLink’s final challenge is a Wolfos. The sword is still the best weapon to use, but defeating the Wolfos will require a little more patience than the Deku Babas. Wolfos’ weak point is their back; so wait for the Wolfos to spin around, then strike! Kafei’s door will open when the Wolfos is defeated; you will likely need to move a block to reach open the door.
Step 8 (Kafei): Step on the blue switchYou must push a block to reach the door Link opened by defeating the Wolfos. Enter the next room and step on the blue switch to open Link’s door.
Step 9 (Link): Step on the blue switchEnter the final room and step on the blue switch to close the hole at the end of the conveyor belt. Kafei will rush over and reclaim his Sun Mask.

After Kafei retrieves his mask, use the Song of Soaring to warp to Clock Town. It will be after midnight on the Third Day; there is very little time left before the Moon falls.

3.4 Witness Kafei and Anju’s reunion

Return to the Stock Pot Inn and enter the Employees-Only Room at the top of the stairs. There, Anju will wait for Kafei to arrive.

At 4:00am, Kafei will enter East Clock Town and run into the Stock Pot Inn. He will rush into the Employees-Only room and be reunited with Anju.

Kafei and Anju then exchange vows; Anju’s Moon Mask and Kafei’s Sun Mask will combine to create the Couple’s Mask.

Couple’s MaskA mask symbolizing a loving couple’s joyous matrimony. Wear it to soften people’s hearts.

With less than an hour until the Moon crashes into Clock Town, our quest to reunite these two lovers comes to an end. Play the Song of Time to warp back to the Dawn of the First Day.

“We shall greet the morning…together.”

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