My Nintendo continues its ways with a new set of discounts for the month of May. On top of whatever usual things they have running, like Twilight Princess Picross, you can trade in some easy coins for nice discounts!

We’re always down for more Picross!

For 500 Platinum Points you can get a 30% discount off of Twilight Princess HD on your Wii U. That’s still plugged in, right? Jokes aside, that is still a great place to play almost every Zelda game in some form or another.  The full update is here in case you’re looking for something OTHER than Zelda. (Crazy, right?) 

Some other recommended uses of your coins are 30% discounts on Pocket Card Jockey for 3DS and the Wii title Pandora’s Tower for your Wii U. Looking for another Zelda fix? Pick up the Link 3DS theme, Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 (with Link!), or the mini-guide for Breath of the Wild. It’s worth seeing if your points expire soon! You might want to get something silly because they’re going away, so why not?