Smash fans rejoice, as 8BitDo have been busy making a wireless receiver compatible with your old wired GameCube controllers. The GBros. Wireless Adapter connects to your Nintendo Switch wirelessly, much like 8BitDo’s other wireless controllers, and has a GameCube controller port on one side to give your old controller wireless functionality. Yes, the controller is still technically wired, but this seems like a much sleeker option than the GameCube controller adapter officially released by Nintendo.

The GBros. Wireless Adapter doesn’t just allow the use of GameCube controllers wirelessly though, as there is also a Wii controller port. This means that the NES and SNES Classic controllers will also work, along with the Wii Classic Controller. The adapter is also compatible with Windows 7 and above, using Bluetooth 4.00.

The adapter will release on December 7, 2018, and is available to preorder now on Amazon.

Source 8BitDo