During the Nintendo Treehouse Live stream, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was heavily shown on and off throughout, giving us a real good look at what the new game will be like. About midway through day two, we got an interesting look into the new pacing of the game, and a few noteworthy details on the changes to gameplay that have helped to increase that speed.

Those who have been keeping an eye on the tournament and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate segments of Nintendo’s stream will have noticed the increased speed, which was also confirmed my Treehouse staffers. This brings the series even closer to the pacing of Melee, which may excite veterans of the GameCube classic.

Short hops were shown off as well, notably canceling out of attacks during a short hop aerial attack. If you do a short hop, attack, then flick the stick towards the ground, then you will cancel out of your attack and drop straight to the ground very quickly. This allows you to start attacking, blocking, dashing or whatever you want to do after an aerial attack. Also, the un-cancelled aerial attack landing lag has been decreased, as you can witness in the comparison video in the Tweet below.

Aerial attacks aren’t the only thing that has been tweaked, as we got to see some interesting dash changes as well. When you are dashing, you can now change direction and attack straight away, rather than wait for your character’s sliding animation. This was shown off in particular by Sheik, where she was even able to do a quick Smash Attack on the turn around.

There was also talk about speedier characters like Little Mac being about to do short hop combos all the way across a stage, which sounds nasty. We also got to see some Sheik combos, where she would flick a character up into the air, do a short hop attack to cancel drop, allowing her to attack again almost immediately. All of this can be seen on the Nintendo Treehouse Day 2 video below.

Overall, everything in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been sped up, from attacks, jumps and run speeds to the more advanced moves like short hops and dash direction change attacks. This increased speed looks like it will create a more intense experience, and open up more creative combo opportunities.

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