When the birth of a new Super Smash Bros. occurs, you can be sure to look forward to a huge array of music. Bringing all your favorite franchises together, you can count on Smash soundtracks to deliver great music across a range of different games and generations.

On the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate official website, four tracks are already available to listen to.

Brand new main theme

The main theme is new but thankfully it instantly likeable and catchy meaning you won’t have to worry about being disappointed with it if you were a big fan of the previous themes. Click the image below to have a listen.

Brinstar Depths and Vega Stage

Also included is the familiar Brinstar Depths melody, synonymous with the Metroid series, and the Vera Stage music from Street Fighter. Just click on the images below to listen!

Breath of the Wild theme

Finally, to Tingle our excitement, you can be serenaded to the sound of the “Main Theme” from Breath of the Wild until your heart is content, as the fourth and final musical piece on the website. Simply click on the graphic below.

Previews and more to come

While there are only four tracks on the website to listen to at the moment, you can catch a preview of what is to come from the soundtrack through the Super Smash Bros. YouTube channel, which showcases each character in the playlist below.

It’s here that themes such as “Jump Up Superstar!” from Super Mario Odyssey, “Death Mountain” from A Link Between Worlds, the Termina overworld theme from Majora’s Mask and “Saria’s Song” and “Gerudo Valley” from Ocarina of Time come to light from slightly under the radar.

While these mouth-watering tunes bring a nostalgic tear to your eye, we can expect more to come in regards to the soundtrack as more information is released and the full game becomes available on December 7, 2018.

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