I remember my first encounter with a Great Fairy and just how magical the whole experience felt. With The Wind Waker being my first Legend of Zelda game, I had no idea that these fairies even existed! I hadn’t a clue of what was to come when I saw a large conch shell rising above the waves, so I investigated immediately. I was ready for a challenge but was instead invited into a gorgeous grotto, sparkling and shining as a mystical choir lured me to a fairy in a shallow pool. She transformed before my very eyes to one of the prettiest and most unique fairies that I’ve ever seen!

Ultipoter has drawn a lovely piece of fan art of one of these fairies and had the same reaction to her as I did. She drew this incarnation of the Great Fairy in a slightly more realistic tone than the game portrays, but she is still as beautiful as ever. The paintbrush textures work so well in the piece, especially in the background where the glowing walls create a calming ambiance. Her facial expression is so gentle as she aids the hero on his quest, it is as if there is no worry of the dangers to come. She knows that Link can save the world.

From the moment I first saw the Great Fairy, I felt a connection between her and Link. One like a kind mother who is watching out for her child as he ventures into the cold, cruel world. This didn’t just go for The Wind Waker, but every game I’ve played after — even the more eccentric iterations of the fairy. To me, though, this will always be the incarnation that represents that the most, and it’s fantastic to see fan art that portrays her nature so perfectly.

Source DeviantArt