Twitter user @RandomTBush has discovered some underlying scripts in Super Mario Odyssey that suggests there were (or still are) plans for more costumes for Mario to wear. One such costume includes Link’s well-known green cap.

There’s no reason why these can’t be planned for a release in the future, as we recently saw Odyssey get an update to add new costumes in the most recent Nintendo Direct. But for now, we can only assume this is content that was removed from the game, so temper those expectations just a bit.

Odyssey used certain Amiibo figures to unlock costumes, and we can’t be the only ones who were bummed that Link didn’t relinquish his trademark cap. Ness didn’t give up his hat either, nor did Fox and Falco hand over their scouters. Maybe someday we’ll get these costume pieces added with another update, and this data gives us the knowledge that Nintendo at least thought about adding Zelda content.

Source Twitter
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