During today’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, it was announced that there will be a new version of Hyrule Warriors heading to the Nintendo Switch in Spring of 2018. This new Definitive Edition brings every map, character, and mission from both Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U and 3DS systems. Plus it will bring together all the DLC from both versions.

There will also be new outfits based on Link and Zelda’s costumes in Breath of the Wild. But the main selling point for the Definitive Edition will be the opportunity to play on the go, which Nintendo have made a big selling point for the Switch.

Twenty-nine characters will be playable within the game, which will be displayed in 1080p HD graphics in TV mode. Will you be getting this new Definitive Version?

  • Ben Reed

    i dont know why i like hyrule warriors so much but i think i will definitely buy this one.

  • Cynius

    I got to buy the game on 3DS 3 times, and to get just the exact same game just in HD I’m saying I’m not getting it for a 4th time, Botw Link should be a new character who uses various weapons and the sheikah Slate to fight, not just a skin, there is not even new history, I think the port should had come in 2017, 2018 should be the date to get a sequel or new content (Vaati and Beedle, and maybe champions from botw, Four Sword for Toon Link) I don’t really care that much about characters, but I care about game modes, this kind of game needs a custom mode, where you set everything for a battle and maybe even make 2nd Player be on the other side.
    Is Hyrule Warriors the next Skyrim?

    • Matthew Adams

      Don’t know why you’d get it for the 3ds. It looked and played like trash unless you have the New 3ds.

      • Cynius

        I bought a New 3DS to play it but anyhow it is “trash” because they wanted to, not because 3DS couldn’t. 3DS version was an extended edition of Wii U but cheaper (not even previous DLC were charged) also it came with Linkle’s Compass. Graphics could have been better but then Wii U version would have worse sells, and I think the game fits more the portable experience, on Switch it will be the perfect edition, a maybe for those who played on Wii U but for 3DS users it doesn’t make much more aportation than Multiplayer (which could have been added on 3DS as well, no framerate problems at all because there would be two consoles, something they could do on Switch rather than just split screen and low the game.) and 3D Fairies which look way worse and creepy.

  • Zeldaboyz

    Heck yeah!!!!!! I can’t play Hyrule Warriors legends on 3ds because I’m legally blind, and this now is great, I can play everything on switch with big screen. I’m so excited. And I hope they will get new DLC, that features new maps and characters, it will be awesome, plus unlimited usage of amiibo, for example they have limited it to 5 per day. We have 22 Zelda amiibo. It will be cool if they will let us use all 22 amiibo for varied reasons, weapons, materials for upgrades, etc.