Prototype versions of games are typically kept secret and not released. However, a game collector known as Bowser22 on the Assembler Games forums has recently suggested that he may have discovered the prototype version of Wind Waker through an eBay purchase!

Bowser22 has released two screenshots of this version. The title page for the game clearly shows how the name is in a different color and also has “confidential” included. Apparently this version also came with the debug console enabled.

It’s still unclear as to whether this is a real prototype or not. Bowser22 claims that he received this game through an eBay transition in which they not only used money, but traded some other items too. The transaction also included four NPDP carts, as well as an NR reader and memory card emulator.

Hopefully more details will emerge on this supposed prototype soon. We will be sure to cover any new information so keep tuned to Zelda Universe!

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