On the back of the deserved accolade of ‘Ultimate Game of the Year’ award for the glorious Breath of the Wild, Eiji Anouma, Satoru Takizawa, Takuhiro Dohta and Hajime Wakai on behalf of the entire development team have provided a thank you message through the medium of video in a humble expression of gratefulness after landing the impressive Golden Joystick Awards honour.

A grateful Eiji Anouma explained, “We are honoured that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has won this prestigious award. I’d like to deliver a big “thank you” on behalf of the 300+ staff who gave their all to create the game.

“Sadly, our director, Mr Fujibayashi, couldn’t join as he’s busy working on DLC Pack 2 but he also really appreciates the support from fans in the UK.”

Art Director, Satoru Takizawa referred to the change in aesthetics across the series and stated that this award will be used as a motivation to continue challenging itself. Technical Director Takuhiro Dohta was also delighted that Link’s latest adventure was appreciated in the open-world format. 

Hajime Wakai, the Sound Director for the game said, “We created the audio to fit a range of unique moments, whether calm, majestic or mysterious.”

The quadruplet of Zelda-laden talent finished the presentation of the video with a simultaneously exclaimed “Thank you very much”, having won the lauded prize they were nominated for a couple of months ago.

Having subtly reminded fans that the team are still currently developing the promised DLC Pack 2 (through a carefully crafted apology for Fujibayashi’s video absence from Aonuma), our excitement has been reaffirmed. It sounds like The Champions’ Ballad is going to add some juicy content to the game going by Aonuma’s comment of “we hope fans will play it for a long time!” We await further news with stockpiled joy and excitement in the wonder of what lies ahead for Link and Zelda.