From its initial announcement, one of the first questions Zelda fans asked was where Breath of the Wild fits in the timeline. The answer? We still don’t know.

Eiji Aonuma had previously reported that Breath of the Wild occured after Ocarina of Time, but didn’t provide more information than that. His reasoning was he didn’t want to constrict the development team with concerns of plotholes or molding the game around the timeline. Above all else, the story was most important. Without the restrictions of previous titles holding them back, the team was free to do what they wanted with the game.

Over half a year has passed since Breath of the Wild was released and Aonuma still doesn’t have a concrete answer on timeline placement. In a recent interview with Jeuxvideo, Aonuma reiterated that story comes first and the game’s placement will be determined later. He stated it would be great if they could find a place for it on the timeline that doesn’t contradict previous titles, but it isn’t a huge concern for him or the team.

The same interview was referenced in an earlier article about why Hero’s Path was held for DLC, among other things, if you’re interested in what else Aonuma discussed.

Based on what you’ve seen in Breath of the Wild, where do you feel it fits within the timeline?

  • ☼ Getsuga ☼

    He needs to just put it in the damn Downfall timeline and be done with it. It’s the only placement that makes sense anyway.

    • Will

      There are no Koroks in the Downfall Timeline. We see two Kokiri Lumberjacks (Kokiri, not having transformed into Koroks) in A Link to the Past. So actually, it would make more sense to be in the Adult Timeline after Spirit Tracks, with the Koroks having succeeded in draining away the Great Sea.

      • ☼ Getsuga ☼

        I don’t think he would have put that much thought into it. I’m thinking more as a scapegoat for him if he’s pressured to put it somewhere.

      • Fang Greyfur

        Maybe, but there is one issue with that, Spirit Tracks doesn’t take place in Old Hyrule that was flooded, they never drain it, Link and Tetra set sail to find new land to “create” new Hyrule… and yet there are locations here from old hyrule… and It can’t fit in the adult timeline, Zora’s Exist…. They didn’t in that timeline

  • Daniel McNotMyRealName

    I’m still happy to champion the unified timeline. Call Hyrule
    Warriors canon, then say that all the timelines merged back into one.

    Problem solved.

  • Sean Pazdera

    So it’s noncanon.

  • Fang Greyfur

    I’d put this in the child timeline or Downfall… there are things that speak for both, The downfall for instance since the world is very hostile, but then again, Goron’s didn’t exist there, neither did Koroks or Kokiri, and we see both races in BOTW, So the only logical place would be the child timeline, sometime between Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventures… but then again, Link have been asleep for 100 years…. after dying, the downfall timeline only happens if Link dies against Ganon in OOT

  • Dark-Link73

    Aonuma doesn’t know because he has made a mess out of the timeline thanks to his Triple Timeline crap. I remember about 15 years ago, a gaming magazine had asked Miyamoto (the actual creator of the game as we all know) about why the LoZ games were being released out of order in the timeline, and Miyamoto said that the timeline (singular, not plural) was locked in a safe. That it was just a sequence of events written in a timeline-esque form and that the team just picked ideas from there to make the games.

    I wish I would’ve saved that article. Aonuma really jacked things up when he became the main director and now producer of the series.

  • Spectre

    That’s because timeline isn’t important to the essence of Zelda. It’s all fanfic.

    • MDH


  • Ulises

    They just don’t care…

  • Guess it’s time for a fourth timeline.