Nintendo have been experimental with their news section of the Nintendo Switch. Not just an app of articles to read through and keep you updated, these pieces of Nintendo goodness are also interactive at times, similar to that of SpotPass on the 3DS.

Recently, there have been boomerangs to snatch and meat to grill. Boiled eggs were possible through a recent news piece using a hot spring on a mountain, thanks to what we can only assume are birds beyond the clouds sending eggs plummeting from the heavens above (suddenly Skyward Sword makes sense), and a beautiful emblazoned shield to happily improvise as a snowboard as Link is forced by the player to experience death-defying downhill speeds from mountain tops, performing tricks on demand.

Nintendo have just provided more “Tips from the Wild” to help us learn the way of surviving the wilderness of vast Hyrule, this time focusing on stamina to help scale those mountains with a little more ease with mushroom and crab being sent down from above.

‘Tips from the Wild’, considerably better than the tip of the Master Sword through your gorgeous green tunic.

Cook these ingredients together and Link could be sitting down to a satisfying mushroom and crab stamina-boosting meal. Any wonder those mountains feel less tiring.

Claim yours by going to the “News” section on your Nintendo Switch, reading the article and starting the game from the option at the very bottom. Just make sure you’re not on a mountain peak or those ingredients will be going tumbling down faster than Epona with a Swift Carrot.