One of the stand-out aspects of Breath of the Wild is the gorgeous art direction. It’s almost the perfect blend of the realism of Twilight Princess and the cartoonish charm of Wind Waker. But an intrepid explorer of Hyrule over on reddit by the name of Rangers_of_the_North has located a glitch that removes the cartoon shaders from both Link and his equipment, giving him a strikingly different look. The more realistic shadows give Link an almost doll-like quality, which is both fascinating and, at least to me, slightly creepy!

The glitch can be activated fairly easily by trekking over to the Bridge of Hylia and climbing up into a broken concave section of the bridge above the left side of the gate. Check it out in the images below!

It’s hard to say whether this will be patched in later software updates or not, since it doesn’t detract or somehow break the flow of the natural progression of the game, as other glitches have done in the past. Either way, we better enjoy it as longs as we can!

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