A new trailer has dropped for the upcoming SNES Classic Edition which showcases the features contained within the little grey box.

Save states, which we saw in the NES Classic Edition allowing players to save their game at any point, are back, and each game offers up four different slots to save to.

More interesting though is the addition of a rewind feature, allowing players to retry tricky sections. The implementation will vary from game to game. For example, in games like Super Mario RPG, players can rewind a couple of minutes, allowing them to maybe rethink their path to avoid a particularly arduous battle. However, in something more action based like Yoshi’s Island (the best game on the device, in case you were wondering) the rewind feature is limited to around 40 seconds. This will come in handy for retrying short segments or picking up an item you may have missed.

The various display modes, whilst absent from the US trailer, are showcased in the UK one too. There’s your standard 4:3 aspect ratio, the option of a CRT filter to give it that properly retro look, and also a pixel perfect mode. Players will also have the choice of a variety of frames with which to, err, frame their game. Kinda reminds me of the GameBoy Player adapter for the GameCube.

Check out the achingly ’90s US trailer below!

You can check out these different filters in action by watching the UK trailer here.

The slick Japanese trailer is also worth a watch as it runs down each of the included games by year of release, though bear in mind there are a few differences in which games are included in that version.

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