EB Games Australia is currently taking pre-orders for an electronic Ocarina of Time, priced at $48.00 + $5.00 shipping. This new toy, releasing in October of this year, has an official Nintendo seal and is exclusive to EB Games and ZiNG Pop Culture. What’s interesting about the ocarina is that there are two extra notes, labeled R and Z. In the original and 3D remake, there have only been five notes, so we’re currently unaware what notes these two new buttons may be.

The ocarina features two different modes:

  • Free play mode, pretty self explanatory, play the ocarina how you would in the classic Ocarina of Time game(s).
  • Song mode, allowing users to “recreate” some of the songs of old. What “recreate” means in this instance is up for debate.

While the ocarina is arguably the most popular musical instrument from the Zelda franchise, it’s certainly not the only one. Which instrument would you like to see next?

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