In a recent interview with GameReactor, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that a Virtual Reality Zelda game will most likely not happen, but he doesn’t close the door to the possibility either.

When asked about this topic, Aonuma started his answer by tracing back to Twilight Princess’s development period, when the team experimented with a first-person version of the game, stating that “When [Nintendo] did Twilight Princess, [they] did first-person trials. And [Aonuma] absolutely did not like it, it did not look like Zelda as [Aonuma] conceived it, nor as you must conceive it yourself as a fan of the saga.”

So, with this statement in mind, a VR Zelda, which would have to be first-person by default for obvious reasons, does not sit well with Aonuma, as he also stated, “We thought we had to be able to see Link, whether it was during the fighting or the exploration. For us, this is the very essence of Zelda. For the moment I have a hard time imagining a Zelda in VR so as you can probably imagine, this is not a priority nor a short-term project. But I’m not closing the door on that for the future.”

During this same interview, Aonuma revealed that a “Zelda Maker” — a Zelda version of Mario Maker —  has never been considered by Nintendo. However, Aonuma joked that if they ever did one, the interviewer would get exclusivity in playing it first, teasing him for saying that he personally wouldn’t want a “Zelda Maker” because it would make him not leave his house for a long time.

If you wish to read the entire interview, the head on over to GameReactor’s site, where you will be able to read it in its entirety!