Discord, an all-in-one text/voice app for online gaming groups, recently replied to a tweet asking about their stance on the app and Nintendo’s newest system, stating that they “hope” that it could happen. While most gamers use Discord on their smartphone/PC/Mac/Tablet, so far we haven’t seen the app directly interacting with a game console. Enter Nintendo Switch.

Considering Nintendo’s plans to release a Switch app for smart devices when their paid online service launches in 2018, it may be more convenient if part of the payments went toward Discord Nitro (a premium service to support the free app). While being downloaded onto the Switch itself it has the potential to connect players who are online in an active group together to immediately play a game without having to plan ahead. This could also lead to a more social way of playing Nintendo, not unlike Miiverse.

Though this would be a great addition in my own opinion, Nintendo may think otherwise. There may be conflicts with having a third party handle communication between players with the hybrid device. Issues like server crashes or hacks are possibilities with any communication system, but needing to worry about them happening on two separate fronts could make things less stable.

There is also the potential problem of mature language, which would have to be monitored on some level. Discord is known for giving users freedom to communicate among themselves, however, those with strong vocabulary may give the wrong words to the wrong person.

Do you think Nintendo is better off on their own, or with the popular communication app?

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