Nintendo’s highly anticipated E3 Spotlight will be taking place tomorrow on June 13. It has been confirmed that the show will only last for 25 minutes and will be headlined by Super Mario Odyssey. But when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on YouTube Live at E3 last night he explained that the spotlight will be more of a “25-minute kickoff” for all the other activities — including more reveals during the first hour of Nintendo’s Treehouse Live.

Reggie said to “expect breaking news” during the first hour of the Treehouse Live stream, which could include new games. He claimed that the spotlight at E3 will be “fast and to the point”, implying the Treehouse may well delve into more information on certain games.

There will also be a big emphasis on the Nintendo 3DS and the New 2DS XL. Reggie proudly noted that the handheld systems will get “lots of love” during both the spotlight and Treehouse Live stream.

It seems Nintendo plan sto cram a lot of new reveals and information into the 25-minute spotlight. But with Reggie’s recent announcements the Treehouse Live also appears to be must-watch material for all fans who want both breaking news and more details on the newly announced games.

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