Following the unveiling of pricing and few other features of Nintendo’s online service for Switch (imaginatively titled Nintendo Switch Online), Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu have managed to uncover a few other little tidbits about the service.

Most interestingly is that the Classic Game Selection titles — NES games with added online functionality available for subscribers — are a separate entity to Virtual Console. The sale of the latter is still to be announced on the Switch, so it will be interesting to see if and what form it takes, and how it sits alongside the titles subscribers to Switch Online have access to.

We also learned that Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are tied to individual user accounts, with a charge for each account, rather than the Switch itself. Nintendo did say, however, that details on tying multiple accounts to a single Switch are coming in the future so there may a solution for households who share a system between multiple people.

Lastly, users will subscribe to the service through the eShop, via the usual methods of credit card payment or topping up your eShop credit. There’s still a few questions surrounding Nintendo’s online plans for it’s newest console iteration, but we’re at least starting to get a bigger picture of what form the service will take. Only a few days left until E3, perhaps we’ll get a look at the mobile app and some more Virtual Console information then!

Source GoNintendo