During my playthrough of Breath of the Wild there have been several Shrine puzzles — not to mention a Divine Beast or two — that I’ve worked my way through using what I felt was “the wrong way”; that is, in a way that the developers hadn’t envisioned the puzzle being solved. I daresay you too, dear reader, have found some cunning exploits using the game’s physics engine. Making use of that physics engine to find new and creative ways of taking down Calamity Ganon is one of the most grin-inducing aspects of the entire experience.

Eiji Aonuma and his team have been just as stunned by the ingenious ways players have found of getting around the latest incarnation of Hyrule. In an interview with Nikkei, Aonuma spoke about some of the ways in which fans have used Magnesis specifically have really surprised the dev team. “When you place a block on a metal trolley, and when you stand on top of it and then pull the trolley [with Magnesis], it will gradually soar up into the sky. When we saw the video that used that method to move mid-air, all the staff became speechless!”

Later in the interview, Aonuma also mentioned how he was initially skeptical of using a team of over 300 people in creating the game, but later found it had plenty of benefits in ensuring the game lived up to the standards people expect of a Zelda game. “When that has grown to a large number exceeding 100 people, anyone would have only thought that it’s ‘impossible’, so I don’t think it’s that surprising. However, if we’re looking at a simple way of thinking such as cost-cutting, it becomes ‘no way [it could happen]’, so at the start of the development I also had a bit of resistance with the viewpoint of a producer. But when we actually tried doing that, it makes quality control smoother, and on the contrary I also actually felt that it connects to cost-cutting, so we decided to go through with this until the end.”

It looks like that was the right decision, if the millions of fans who bought Breath of the Wild are anything to go by. Let’s hope the fan innovation continues to grow upon the release of the DLC packs releasing this year.