It appears some fairy magic has inspired Nintendo to reveal details behind Breath of the Wild’s summer DLC pack, part of the Expansion Pass announced before the game’s launch. In a post on the official Zelda site Nintendo offers the sneak peek with plenty of info on new mechanics and armor sets — while still keeping a few details to themselves, for now.

So, what’s included?

  • The Trial of the Sword: A certain, sacred location will allow you to take on this trial where an onslaught of enemies will challenge Link, who starts the trial without equipment or weapons. After clearing approximately 45 rooms the “true power” of the Master Sword will awaken.
  • Hero’s Path Mode: This new map feature will show you where Link has walked over the past 200 hours of gameplay. Use this to find where you spend the most time… and where you haven’t explored at all! See the feature in action on the official site.
  • Hard Mode: Enemies gradually regain health, and are already powered up by one level from the start of the game. You may even find enemies and treasure chests in the sky.
  • The Travel Medallion: Find the chest containing this medallion, and you can register any current position as a fast travel point. (Only one custom travel point is allowed at a time.)
  • The Korok Mask: Still hunting down the 900(!) Korok seeds spread throughout Hyrule? If the task feels impossible, hunt this mask down. When Link wears it, it will shake when he’s close to a Korok location.
  • New armor: Finally, hints in the overworld will lead you to eight new treasure chests that contain the pieces of two new armor sets — Phantom Armor and Tingle’s Outfit — as well as Majora’s Mask and Midna’s Helmet. The boons, if any, these pieces provide aren’t detailed, so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

What part of this first DLC pack are you anticipating the most? Is it enough to spur a purchase if you haven’t already? Remember there’s still a second pack coming in the winter if this isn’t enough to whet your appetite. (And how can it not be? Just look at those tights!) Share your excitement with us in the comment section!

Source Zelda.com