It appears some fairy magic has inspired Nintendo to reveal details behind Breath of the Wild’s summer DLC pack, part of the Expansion Pass announced before the game’s launch. In a post on the official Zelda site Nintendo offers the sneak peek with plenty of info on new mechanics and armor sets — while still keeping a few details to themselves, for now.

So, what’s included?

  • The Trial of the Sword: A certain, sacred location will allow you to take on this trial where an onslaught of enemies will challenge Link, who starts the trial without equipment or weapons. After clearing approximately 45 rooms the “true power” of the Master Sword will awaken.
  • Hero’s Path Mode: This new map feature will show you where Link has walked over the past 200 hours of gameplay. Use this to find where you spend the most time… and where you haven’t explored at all! See the feature in action on the official site.
  • Hard Mode: Enemies gradually regain health, and are already powered up by one level from the start of the game. You may even find enemies and treasure chests in the sky.
  • The Travel Medallion: Find the chest containing this medallion, and you can register any current position as a fast travel point. (Only one custom travel point is allowed at a time.)
  • The Korok Mask: Still hunting down the 900(!) Korok seeds spread throughout Hyrule? If the task feels impossible, hunt this mask down. When Link wears it, it will shake when he’s close to a Korok location.
  • New armor: Finally, hints in the overworld will lead you to eight new treasure chests that contain the pieces of two new armor sets — Phantom Armor and Tingle’s Outfit — as well as Majora’s Mask and Midna’s Helmet. The boons, if any, these pieces provide aren’t detailed, so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

What part of this first DLC pack are you anticipating the most? Is it enough to spur a purchase if you haven’t already? Remember there’s still a second pack coming in the winter if this isn’t enough to whet your appetite. (And how can it not be? Just look at those tights!) Share your excitement with us in the comment section!

Source Zelda.com
  • Ryan

    Ok, I’m man enough to admit that when the DLC was announced I was sceptical. I was wrong. This is a good lot of DLC for a great game.

    • Mudonis

      I still say the Hard Mode and Map feature should be in the base game (even as an update) not paid DLC

      • Jimmy Boy

        agreed, especially considering Ocarina of Time 3D, and Skyward Sword.

  • spacefan1993

    With the exception of the Hard Mode, it all sounds interesting. Usually I don’t play on Hard Mode in any game, and as it is now, BotW is hard enough (right up there with Zelda II in terms of difficulty).

    • Ramon Medina

      This game is way way easier than Zelda 2 (and I’ve beaten Zelda 2).

      • Michael Chingman

        Only thing even slightly hard in Zelda 2 is fighting your shadow self at the end of the game

        • Ramon Medina

          I don’t personally find it inordinately hard, but everyone else seems to. Even so, BotW is much easier, in my opinion. The Lynels are the only difficult fights in the game, and you can get through the game without fighting any.

          • Jimmy Boy

            and they’re not really necessary unless you want their weapons. The weapon breaking aspect is the biggest thing I hate, but the rest… This is an awesome game!

        • Jimmy Boy

          there’s a cheap method of just standing in the far left, crouching, and pounding that “A” button until Shadow Link goes into the sword enough times it kills him, and you never take any damage! The game isn’t hard at all if you play it like an RPG and use those spells- especially fairy that allows you to just fly over the tough levels!

        • GR

          Shadow Link at the end is just a harder Darknut. You basically just use whatever techniques you used to defeat those 100 other Darknuts in the game.

      • spacefan1993

        So have I, and I mostly agree. What I meant to say was that early on, it can be incredibly difficult, especially when facing tough enemies (Iron Knuckles in Zelda II and Lynels in BotW). But if there is one thing about the deaths in BotW, is that they don’t feel as cheap like they were in Zelda II.

        I lost count as to how many times in Zelda II where I was jumping over a pit, only for an enemy to hit me and knocking me back into the pit, causing me to lose a life. I personally think that is Zelda II’s most fatal flaw, and adds to the difficulty in what is already a difficult game.

  • Panik64


  • Michael Chingman

    I can’t wait to get the Korok mask, I think I have like 126 only so far, but have found all the shrines, armor, armor upgrades and quests completed… without these seed thou I’m showing 76% completed

    • Darkstar

      How many side quests are there?

  • Eilene

    I’m guessing Tingle will let you paraglide longer with a full set. The Phantom Armor is probably the same as Knight’s Armor, maybe with higher attack. I hope Majora lets you summon Blood Moons. No clue for Midna though.

    • Ryan

      For Midna, the teleportation animation changes to Twilight Princess and move faster at night?

    • GR

      Phantom Amor probably gives immunity to elemental attacks–won’t get shocked, frozen, burned, etc.

  • Happy Mask Collector

    OMG I’m so excited for Majoras Mask! Though I wish it had a full set of skullkid armor/clothes. Single items tend not to be as useful since the can’t get a set bonus unfortunately… :/

  • Thal

    Off to take a selfie with Majora’s Mask and the blood moon. It’d be even better with the entire Skull Kid costume.

  • J Cesar Chavez

    Tingle’s outfit is an insult! >: S

  • Just masks? or they will have some ….”Power”

  • Azerik

    Oh boy, Jirard is gonna be pissed