Satirical site The Onion has released a video detailing a new controller for Switch that is designed to take a beating. The “Durapro Controller” purportedly has a titanium reinforced hull, specifically designed to withstand being smashed against a coffee table a hundred times, or surviving a toss across the room.

I’m seriously disappointed this is only a fake (albeit hilarious) video. The Durapro would be perfect for the amount of times I get blue-shelled and punted off the circuit on the final corner of the final lap in Mario Kart. Many a time I’ve been seriously tempted to launch my controller against the wall. The anger and hate that gets spewed forth would have me carted off to a room with nice padded walls if anyone heard it. Thinking about it, I may be the reason Nintendo is so averse to native voice chat…

You can check out the video for yourself below. (For those of a nervous disposition, there are some sweary bits — you’ve been warned!)


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