Princess Zelda is one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming, despite the fact she has never previously been voiced. Zelda developers wanted to create a new game in the series which moved away from the traditional conventions, and voice acting was one of the biggest changes. Giving voice to such a famous and beloved character must have been a huge undertaking, but Patricia Summersett more than lived up to the expectations. In an interview with GameRant, Summersett explained what she hoped to achieve with the voice acting and what her inspiration for the character.

“she was younger but had the weight of the world on her shoulders”

Patricia Summersett explained that she pictured a “kind of timeless/ageless quality” to Princess Zelda, where her young age didn’t relate to her wisdom or experience. Certainly throughout the memories Zelda is depicted as a very intelligent and insightful character, which is partially down to the fantastic voice acting. Moreover Summersett saw the princess as someone who had “a sort of regal sense to her” which led to Summersett portraying a more wise character. She also acknowledges that the developers already had a clear personality in mind for Zelda, so “it was a negotiation between, I guess, my sensibilities and that of Nintendo’s vision.”

Summersett has previously shown she is a big fan of Zelda by revealing her excitement at receiving a copy of the game. With her understanding of Princess Zelda’s character, she was a great candidate for the voice acting role. It has already been revealed that the Zelda developers believe that an open world should be in every future game for the series. It will be interesting to see if voice acting is a feature they plan to keep too.