Many of us are still exploring the incredible world in Breath of the Wild. With so much to see and do, the opportunities for adventure feel so new and exciting. The open-world aspect is perhaps what has made Breath of the Wild so well received and has helped to reimagine the beloved franchise. In a recent interview with Famitsu, Aonuma has stated that he thinks all future Zelda games should be open world.

“I think that, in the future, open air games will be the standard for Zelda.”

Aonuma’s comments (which have been roughly translated into English) seem to indicate that the open-world style for Breath of the Wild could also be a new direction for the series. It’s hard to imagine how Zelda will improve on Breath of the Wild, but it’s a very exciting revelation that all Zelda fans will be excited about.

Source Estuteru
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