“Link…LINK…” Finally it seems Princess Zelda (or Patricia Summersett) has managed to collect the most valuable item of all. 

The latest Zelda entry broke many conventions of the franchise, but perhaps the biggest change was the voice acting. It’s hard to imagine Breath of the Wild without the voices for so many of the supporting cast. Perhaps the most pivotal character to be voiced was Princess Zelda. The fantastic voice acting allowed the Princess to be a more well-rounded character who can evoke many different emotions. Patricia Summersett played her part perfectly.

Seeing Princess Zelda’s voice actor unbox Breath of the Wild for the first time is a really interesting and unique idea. Hopefully Patricia Summersett is as excited as all other Zelda fans! Of course she also feels compelled to lick the cartridge…who wasn’t?

Source Twitter
  • Eric Barlow

    how about no….. terrible, just terrible voice for Zelda!!!

    • TK-31

      How about she has the right to be excited and be happy.

    • Christina Marie

      Doubt you could voice act any better man, geesh

      • Eric Barlow

        its not about acting…. Im sure she’s great at acting. She just isn’t the voice of Zelda for me. Could you be any more dense to my initial comment? I DID say VOICE, not acting….

        • Cameron Dueck

          lol, christina specificly said VOICE acting, not ACTING. you should read the comment before you reply to it.

          • Eric Barlow

            Another dense individual…. Cameron, I did read, obviously. So SORRY i didn’t put VOICE in front of acting. If you can’t understand my meaning, then you yourself, should not reply!

          • Parker Blackwell

            I think it was alright voice for her

    • Maggie Angle

      Matter of opinion, bub.

    • Gmoyajp

      Very terrible voice but oh well at least they gave Zelda a voice.

    • Issus

      overall the voice acting in the game was not that great tbh.

    • Abdul-Azeez Azeez

      It wasn’t terrible it was more meh

  • Aaron Alsept

    Well, I’m pretty sure this is now the fan-favorite iteration of Zelda…so she must have done something right.