Retailers can often accidentally add an item to their online store which causes a spoiler. Only a few weeks ago, Amazon removed their listings for the Breath of the Wild strategy guides due to the insights they provided on the then-unreleased game. Now, it seems Best Buy have accidentally revealed that three new Amiibo are set to be released in the upcoming months.

The listing does not reveal much detail about the upcoming new Amiibo. However the links did state that they are compatible with Breath of the Wild. This could strongly hint that they are Zelda related, especially when considering that the DLC is set to release in the summer and holiday seasons this year. Moreover it has been leaked that there is data in the game for a Skyward Sword Link, Fierce Deity Link and Twilight Princess Link. The revelation that there are three new Amiibo being released could relate to the data found in the game. With the endless possibilities created in Breath of the Wild, added functions from these Amiibo could really change the way people play the game.

Of course this is a very important and exciting year for Nintendo. The release of the Switch and Breath of the Wild has created a lot of attention for the company. This year’s E3 will probably reveal a lot about the upcoming releases for the Switch, with Nintendo stating they have “big plans” for the conference this year. The new Amiibo could relate to a new game being announced or released, but with the demand recently growing for Zelda, Nintendo may be releasing more Amiibo for Breath of the Wild.

Source Reddit
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