If you were shopping on Amazon this past weekend while still buzzing from all of the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild announcements, you may have come across the official Piggyback Collector’s Edition Guide for the game. In a bizarre move, however, it appears the product is no longer available from the retailer.

The UK and US product pages now return 404 errors, and the book doesn’t appear to be currently available anywhere else. It is speculated that Nintendo are holding off on pre-orders for the time being, as the book’s description contained some spoilers.

The spoilers in question weren’t anything major — only things like side-quests details and the number of shrines in the game — though I’ll refrain from posting the description here. If you are interested though, Nintendo Everything managed to copy the description for your viewing pleasure.

As a “collector’s edition bonus,” the book includes a “Premium hardcover, large-size map poster and dedicated 16-page retrospective celebrating thirty years of Zelda games.”

I can only assume the product will reappear closer to the game’s release on March 3. We’ll keep you updated if we spot it in the Wild (ha!). In the meantime, feast your eyes on the beautiful covers (again, courtesy of Nintendo Everything).


  • LocoAmerican2017

    Hi guys, i preorder the collectors edition, and amazon us just now sent me an email telling me that i will release on March 18, which is also the day they will send it to me. Just to let you know.

  • BC

    I’ve received something similar for something switch related, but then a week later received update again as March 3rd. Could be a possible delay in the guide or just Amazon updating improperly.

  • disqus_u5ZjuTEcPW

    Hey! Does anyone know if Prima will release a Guide that matches all the other collector’s edition guides similar to these https://www.amazon.ca/Legend-Zelda-Boxed-Set/dp/0804161380/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1489264181&sr=8-3&keywords=zelda+guide

    any info helps, thanks!

    • disqus_u5ZjuTEcPW


    • C F

      Dont think its in the cards as even the sun & moon guide is the in-house version that pkmn company/Nintendo licenses to prima/brady meaning their partnership has fizzled out