One of the most fun aspects of Breath of the Wild is the ability to customize Link’s attire. The options available not only create specific improvements for Link, but can also lead to some awesome fashion choices. Based on this, it seems that Catfashionshow on Redbubble has been inspired by the potential for fashion in Breath of the Wild and has created a scarf based on the game.

The scarf measures 140cm in both width and length and comes in a snazzy blue that is similar to the Champion’s Tunic. Moreover it features the four Divine Beasts and what looks like the Master Sword in the middle.

You can order this product now for £22 (approximately $27.45). You can also order two and get 25 percent off. Be quick though, as at the time of writing there are only 20 left!! I wonder who is buying all of these scarves…

Source Redbubble
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