Hyrule Historiareleased in 2011, became a must-have for any Zelda fan. In its 276 pages the book has information on each game, many characters and items, and even an official timeline of the series. The book acts as a true companion to the franchise, and has launched two sequels: Art & Artifactsand the recent Hyrule Encyclopedia.

All this information could be quite daunting to a younger reader, which is why Hyrule Historia was mainly targeted at teenagers and adults. However a new, paperback version has recently been discovered in a US book fair.

The flexible cover and eye-catching art may be meant to make the book more child-friendly and appealing for a younger reader. Growing up is a huge theme in many Zelda games; it’s hard to imagine any better way to spend a childhood than reading and engaging with Zelda. Hopefully books like this will inspire new fans of the series, ensuring its continuation.

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