Zelda Fans have been dreaming of the release of an official Zelda artbook showing the concept artwork and more-in-depth information behind the games throughout the series, and it now is about to become reality.

The 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda website has released information of an encyclopaedia called Hyrule Historia, which is a stunning 274 pages of official Zelda material that contains a lot of never-before-seen concept artwork for the games, from the development of a stylized Link in Skyward Sword, to the many wolf forms in Twilight Princess as well as other miscellaneous sketches representing the earlier games.

Examples of some of the pages within after the jump!


Not only does it contain official artwork, but the book itself covers events such as “The Origin Story” introduced in Skyward Sword within the first section of the book, and “A Complete History of Hyrule” in the second section. The rest is filled with 25 years of Zelda artwork – including 32 pages of Akira Himekawa’s Zelda manga art. Early reports suggest that this book includes the complete history of Hyrule – a timeline included – which would spell the end of Theorizing as we know it.

Our ZUBC members discussed the possibility of something like this being released for Zelda’s 25th anniversary 9 months ago in this Roundtable, 32 minutes in and they are very happy to see this being realised. The book will be released on the 21/12/2011 at the price of 3,255 Yen (which is roughly US $40) though unfortunately there is no current information whether or not the book will be translated, or released outside of Japan.

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