Ever since March 3, many of us have been glued to Breath of the Wild. The latest Zelda release has been incredibly well received, which can be seen through the sales figures and ratings. Obviously the developers have aimed to create a new instalment to the Zelda series which moves away from many of the typical conventions, and allows players to approach the game in a different way.

In a recent feature from GamesRadar, both Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma reveal what they hoped players would see and engage with in Breath of the Wild. 

“there is always some surprise when you reach your destination.”

Hidemaro Fujibayashi explained that this was a key part of the development for Breath of the Wild. Despite the huge vastness of the map, the developers were very keen to ensure that “there is always something to discover whenever you see something suspicious”. This is one of the main reasons why exploration is not only one of the key components to the game, but one of the most entertaining. No matter how deep or how far Link travels, the player never truly feels lost. There are always new and exciting places to visit and interact with.

Fujibayashi suggests that this sense of adventure relates to players “uncovering the elements and secrets that we hid in the world”. Certainly, even with the main story completed, there are hours and hours of fun and exploration left to be had.

“people enjoying this game together with friends is a new experience for the series.”

Eiji Aonuma reflects on how the series has always been led by single-player interaction. However, Aonuma suggests that “if you get together with your friends to play I think that you will find that it is hard to sit and watch quietly”. The developers were keen to create a sense of adventure which is not solely based on one person playing. Relating to Fujibayashi’s views of the map, Aonuma explains that by having people watching and suggesting where to travel next is another way in which Breath of the Wild breaks convention for the franchise. Despite the possibility to play the latest Zelda entry out of the house on the Switch, Aonuma feels strongly that players should “get together to explore this vast world on the big screen with their whole family.”

With so much to see and do within the open world of Breath of the Wild it seems understandable that the developers suggest that more than one person at a time can enjoy this great game. It’s interesting to see how the developers created this game around the notion of players interacting together and even adventuring as a team. Many conventions have been broken in Breath of the Wild, but perhaps this is the most impactful and poignant.