There’s a very key piece of information regarding Breath of the Wild doing the rounds right now, and it’s something that may save some players a massive headache — and perhaps some damage to nearby precious belongings following a fit of rage.

Here it is: the “New Game” option will permanently delete all of your old save files.

While the game does indeed warn you that starting a new game will “overwrite previous save data”, this isn’t very clear on exactly how extreme this is. I’ve played so many games where “overwriting previous data” simply meant deleting my last autosave, or simply removing my progress in a current mission. Not the case here: the game will remove every single save on your system, both manual and automatic.

There is a simple way to get around this, of course. If you want to let someone else play from the beginning, create another account on your Switch system.

With so many Switch owners now showing relatives and friends their new system and letting them have a go to show off the delights of the new Zelda, it’s very important that you not only remember this detail, but maintain some supervision (at least until the player has signed in on an alternative account and got past the main menu). Keep a particularly watchful eye if you let young children play!

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing hours of game progress, especially with such a large, open-world game such as this one. With the game’s open-ended nature, people are shaping their own personal stories and I’d hate for anyone to lose out on that unique experience. Please do spread the word to your fellow Zelda fans!

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