As Zelda fans, we all have our favourite items, characters, and features of the franchise that we hope to see more of when a new iteration comes along. Similarly there’s stuff that some of us hope never sees the light of day in a Zelda game, or any other game, ever again. (cough dowsing cough)

Aonuma is a creator though, and he will of course have his own artistic vision for what he wants to see in his games. That’s not to say, however, that he doesn’t take inspiration from fan feedback. In an interview with Game Informer the long-time series producer spoke about the impact that fan feedback had on his approach when he set out to create Breath of the Wild.

“There was a fan that said he really, really loved Zelda. But while playing Skyward Sword, he missed experiencing this huge world where he could just ride Epona around. During Ocarina of Time, he really loved doing that. And somewhere within myself, I felt the same way.”

Aonuma-san readily acknowledges that there was sometimes “a little bit of a gap between fan feedback and what my strategy was,” but the guy is clearly as much of a Zelda fan as the rest of us. Luckily for him he gets to implement the changes he wants to see, but it’s nice to know that sometimes his vision and ours as fans is one and the same.

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