After confirming Breath of the Wild‘s timeline placement in the recent Game Informer interview, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma goes on to discuss Zelda and her range of emotions in the new title.

I think what struck me most in the Nintendo Switch Presentation trailer was not only hearing Zelda’s spoken voice, but how distraught she seemed when we saw her sobbing in Link’s arms. I think it’s fair to say that we’d never seen the character quite like this before.

Aonuma knows this is a big deal, and chose this scene for the trailer to surprise us. “I don’t want to get too deep into it, but I do want you to know that Zelda does have a lot of emotions and expressions, and for the trailer we chose one that was very extreme.”

He goes on to promise there will be many more emotional scenes in store. “Once you start playing Breath of the Wild, I want you to explore and see these different sides of Zelda, different emotions that she evokes.”

Aonuma also teases that Zelda may display anger depending on your actions. “Especially if [the player is] heading toward the goal a little too quickly, then maybe they may miss these things – like Zelda getting mad at you. But if you walk around in the world and if you encounter different environments and elements, then these are things you will probably experience.”

I’m very excited to see a more humanised version of the character this time around!