Masahiro Sakurai recently sat down with Denfamico Gamer for an interview that discusses his gaming habits and his extensive and meticulously organized video game collection. Masked Man of Source Gaming has begun translating the interview to English, and they have published the first part of that interview.

As a game collector myself, I found the most interesting portions of the interview to be the extensive details of how Sakurai frets over the organization and storage of his collection of thousands of video games. Curiously, despite his near-obsessive organization, he does not seem to keep track of what games he owns or how many games he has in his collection.

The interview also discusses his gaming habits, his interest in comics, and even asks whether or not he is getting enough sleep.

The lengthy interview is still only partially translated, but it is an interesting read nonetheless. Source Gaming is working on translating the rest of the interview; I am much looking forward to seeing it complete!