More DLC content has dropped for Monster Hunter Stories, including the second part of the Zelda collaboration. Still, unfortunately, a Japan only game, the content nevertheless offers those fans who have perhaps imported a copy, or live in the land of the rising sun, a chance for a little Monster Hunter Zeldification.

The DLC content can be accessed via hotspots at 7/11s across Japan until January 11, much the same as the first batch which dropped earlier this year. This time around, players can access a special tournament, dubbed The Legend of Zelda – Triforce Cup. If you’re successful, you will receive a special Epona egg, allowing you to get Link’s faithful steed as Otomon.

There’s also a five star special sub-quest: The Legend of Zelda Hero’s Soul, which will allow you to get Majora’s Mask for Nabirou, and a stamp set for multiplayer chat. Additionally, there’s a non-Zelda seven star sub-quest featuring Monoblos for players to tackle.

Hopefully Nintendo and Capcom will localise the game soon for a Western audience so those of us who can’t read a lick of Japanese will get to play! In the meantime, check out some pictures of the new batch of DLC below.

MHStories2 MHStories3
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