The Monster Hunter games have garnered a faithful following around the world, and with the upcoming 3DS spin-off Monster Hunter Stories the franchise looks to recapture fans young and old with its charms. That job might be a bit easier than usual this time around thanks to the upcoming collaboration with The Legend of Zelda.

Monster Hunter is no stranger to the Zelda series, having collaborated more than once; most recently in Monster Hunter 4 GenerationsThis time, a re-skin will allow the player’s character to don the familiar green garb, ride with Epona across the world, and travel with a Felyne sporting a familiar mask. Both male and female-oriented costumes are available and they appear to draw from Skyward Sword in their styling.

You can check out the video below to see the new content in action, from riding to fighting. Watching it leaves me with an overwhelming need for a purely RPG Zelda, and maybe this will help fill that void. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Stories has so far been announced only for Japan. Yet we can hope the game will be localized, and with the Zelda content intact.