Breath of the Wild hasn’t even been released, and Nintendo is already sharing concept art from the game. A few days ago, this picture of two different Link designs was posted to Zelda‘s official UK Facebook page.

link breath concept

The picture shows two different designs for Link, one more akin to Link’s final version in the game, and another one that is more reminiscent of that concept art for adult Link from The Wind Waker, with more toony eyes and hair, and shorter legs. Could this be another indication that this game happens after the flood recedes, as is speculated by some timeline theorists? I’m just teasing you guys now, but it’s great that we get to see Link’s design stages so early already.

Breath of the Wild is expected to release sometime next year.

  • True Davad

    I just want to point something out in regards to the timeline placement of Breath of the Wild. There is no indication the flood ever recedes. New Hyrule of Spirit Tracks is a new land and there is no later game in that timeline. I don’t think it ever recedes unless something happens to make it do so, and there is no indication of that. It is probably in a different timeline, or before the split, despite the inclusion of Koroks and possibly RIto. I could be wrong of course.
    Minich Cap and Four Swords are before the split and it has toon Graphics. Four Swords Adventure is in a different split in the timeline and it had toon Graphics. Graphics are not required by timeline. So that is not an indication how I see it,
    I am sure It is in the original Hyrule based on landmarks like the destroyed Temple of Time/Sealed Temple, so the flood timeline is the least likely timeline segment, though anything is possible so I won’t say it can’t be that timeline.

    • Moltakfire

      And what if it were placed at the end of the WW, in a split where Ganondorf got his wish and Hyrule was raised up from below the sea?

      • True Davad

        there is no indication of such a split. And then Ganondorf would probably also get his wish to rule Hyrule and all would be lost. So highly unlikely. While anything is possible I’m going with reasonably likely scenarios here.