It’s hard to remember a time when there weren’t rumors and leaks about the NX — later confirmed as the Nintendo Switch — cropping up on message boards and in YouTube videos. At only a month away from the full reveal, Nintendo is still keeping many of the new console’s secrets close to their chest. Nevertheless some solid evidence about the hardware specifics is coming to light — whether Nintendo wanted it to or not.

Game retailer EB Games capitalized on the Nintendo Switch’s handheld appeal, putting up product pages for two Switch accessories that included a carrying case for the un-docked system and its game cartridges, as well as a 3m-long charging cable. It’s the latter that piqued gamers’ interests, seeming to confirm the rumored USB-C port for the Switch. Such a change from previous hardware would enable faster charging, softening the bite of the Switch’s potential short battery.

Both product pages were removed rather quickly from EB Games’s site, but Nintendo would be hard-pressed to remove every recording of the recent live demonstration on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While the Switch’s late-night showcase drummed up plenty of hype for both it and Breath of the Wild, it also gave us our best look at the console since its reveal trailer. Like many YouTube channels and video game sites, IGN analyzed the footage and — around Jimmy Fallon’s excitement — discovered more evidence to support the USB-C rumors, as well as how the system and its several parts may work together.

Of course nothing is official until it comes from the Big N itself, so it will be with impatience that we await the full reveal when these hardware specs and other rumors will be either confirmed or denied. Do you have something you hope to see confirmed? Is there a game you wish to be revealed for the upcoming console? Let us know what you’re most excited to see!

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