In a preview trailer today, Nintendo officially unveiled the NX, or to give it its new proper name, Nintendo Switch.

The three-minute preview trailer didn’t give too much away, but did give us a glimpse as to what the new console looks like, and it appears that the much rumoured hybrid set-up is indeed the case.


In terms of features, we saw how the console has a docking station which apparently plugs into your TV, with the portable screen part of the console slotting into it. By simply lifting the portable screen out of the docking station, the system immediately transitions to portable mode. The docking station has two USB ports and looks big enough to have an additional processor and graphics card, rather than just being a way of charging and displaying to a TV, though this has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. The controller has two removable sections, known as Joy-Con controllers, which slide onto either side of the portable screen, allowing you take the system on the go.

The trailer kicks off with Breath of the Wild running on the new console, being played on a big TV, before being taken on the go with the action continuing on a park bench. We also got a glimpse at a new Giant Bokoblin enemy we haven’t yet seen!

Cartridges, or Game Cards, also appeared to be confirmed, with the card slotting into a section on the top of the portable screen section. This portable screen also comes with a built-in kickstand, allowing you to prop up the screen and remove the controller sections in order to play more comfortably on long journeys.

There was also a ‘Pro Controller’ shown, which Nintendo’s press release describes as ‘optional’ so it’s unlikely, though still slightly unclear, that this will be included in the box straight out of the gate. Spectacularly, the Pro Controller was demonstrated with shots of Skyrim, suggesting Nintendo really is trying to reel in that third party support that was badly missing from the Wii U.

Speaking of software, whilst there was nothing specifically mentioned, we did see numerous titles being played on the console. Perhaps most excitingly, apart from Breath of the Wild, was a first look at a new Mario title. We also saw an NBA game in action and what looked like Mario Kart 8 – albeit with King Boo in the driving seat, suggesting an expanded port or further DLC. That said, the drivers do appear to be holding two items, Double-Dash style at one point, so it could be a brand new Mario Kart, albeit based on 8‘s engine. Both of these games were played by two or more people, with each person taking one of the removable controller sections and holding it sideways, in a similar fashion to the Wii Remote. What’s more, is that multiple Switch consoles can be connected locally for intense multiplayer sessions. Speaking of which, we also saw Splatoon running on the new machine, controlled with the Pro Controller, featuring new items and outfits. Again, we don’t know if this is a brand new iteration or an expanded port, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We are still waiting on word of any more reveals or information, including specs, price and precise release date, but hopefully this trailer marks the start of a more extensive NX — sorry Switch — media blitz in the run up to the console’s launch next year.

If by some miracle you missed the trailer, you can check it out below!