As if a new trailer wasn’t enough, Nintendo has also brought new gameplay footage of Breath of the Wild to The Game Awards tonight, and it has plenty of new goodness in it to satiate a bit of your Zelda hunger.

Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff of the Nintendo Treehouse share nearly four minutes of new footage, showcasing new areas, weapons, and enemies on a quest to find a mysterious shrine. After following a feathered minstrel’s guidance, Bill and Nate guide Link through a wooded area filled with chameleon-like enemies and one grumpy Moblin that protects a shiny statue of Hylia. They have more than a few mishaps along the way before succeeding — only to cut the quest teasingly short before any surprises could be spoiled.

Check out the full footage below, and share your thoughts with us on what we’ve seen tonight! How excited are you?