As if a new trailer wasn’t enough, Nintendo has also brought new gameplay footage of Breath of the Wild to The Game Awards tonight, and it has plenty of new goodness in it to satiate a bit of your Zelda hunger.

Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff of the Nintendo Treehouse share nearly four minutes of new footage, showcasing new areas, weapons, and enemies on a quest to find a mysterious shrine. After following a feathered minstrel’s guidance, Bill and Nate guide Link through a wooded area filled with chameleon-like enemies and one grumpy Moblin that protects a shiny statue of Hylia. They have more than a few mishaps along the way before succeeding — only to cut the quest teasingly short before any surprises could be spoiled.

Check out the full footage below, and share your thoughts with us on what we’ve seen tonight! How excited are you?


  • Joshua Gavin


  • Dr.C

    Ritos now too? unless these are early oocoo…
    I really don’t want this game to be in the Adult timeline……
    but other than that its looking great!

    • J Cesar Chavez

      there were hints left in the updated twilight. It seems Ritos could be in the game. These guys look all bird like, I hope they are bringing back the Fokka. A really hard to beat enemy from Zelda II. Also remember there are different time lines. My guess is that this one is parallel to Wind Waker.

      • Dr.C

        hints in updated twilight? that is a very good sign.

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      They really DON’T look like Ritos, to be honest, I’d rather think they have more in common with Loftwings.
      I know it sounds far-fetched, but the airship to which the blue “bird” is flying in the trailer has EXACTLY the shape of a Loftwing… It must mean something!

  • Man…what amazing game….Hype vegeta meter style!

  • Natalie

    I love how Link has his manliness back on this one. He was lame on Skyward sword.

  • battalion_chaos

    Amazing trailer, though it is peculiar that they didn’t mention the the release date as march 2017, but just 2017.
    Seems that the rumored delay does have some truth to it.

    • Matthew

      To be fair to Nintendo, I don’t recall them ever officially stating March as a release date.

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      As they told you already, there’s never been an official confirmation that the delay was to the first quarter of 2017… I fear you’re right, but there’s still hope

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